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By Friday Samuel Ahiaba



Chris Bawa and Effe had picked interest in each other, and soon they developed a very strong feeling for each other. Loving one another very much and as their love blossomed to its peak they couldn’t wait any longer but got wedded as one couple after which they therefore began to live happily with much love, good understanding and cooperation was seen rooming their love lives.
Until one fateful day, when Effe was going to buy some food stuff in the market since the remaining food stuff in the house wouldn’t last a week.
However, on her way to the market she caught her husband cheating on her with another woman. Yes she’d caught Chris kissing another woman (Elayne).
What happened next? Stay tuned and tighten up your seat belt as you watch the next episodes unfold the unforeseen stupefied actions.


Episode One

It is no doubt Effe was very beautiful to the core. Her fresh looks is even beyond comprehension, and that which caused her folks to jealous her pretty image. Even with her beauty she could not have imagine her husband cheating on her. Although, Effe could have fought for her husband the moment she caught him cheating on her but she didn’t do any stupid thing even though she was so disappointed in him. She had however managed to control her emotions instead as she just walked along to the market to purchase what she had intend to buy in the market. Although she makes sure that he knew she had caught him cheating on her before walking along. And this by so doing got the husband into the state of melancholy as he was forced to dismiss Elayne the same woman whom Effe had caught him with. Even though it was just an intense kiss he was been caught for, yet Chris was so afraid of returning to his wife at home for the fear of what might befall him and the reason not far-fetched to the event that took place some few minutes ago. So, Chris however thought he should call Ken Kedem his closest friend to help him sought for a solution to his present predicament.
Although Chris Bawa and Ken Kedem they have been a good friends right from their high school days. It was fortunate that they ended up getting admissions into the same university in Central City; it was as a result they’d grown fondly of each other. They’d shared their good and tough times together which makes their friendship grown wiled to what it is today. Both friends who have now become a university graduates with a mouth watering job to take care of their needs. Even as they have their jobs in different companies that still doesn’t affect their friendship at all. Their closeness has gained Ken Kedem the ticket to be the best man at Chris’ wedding last two years ago. More reason Chris now has no fear or whatsoever to open up to Ken since they’d been sharing secrets together even before he got wedded to his wife Effe.


What did you want me to do for you in this case? Ken straightly asked his friend who has just finished explaining what conspired between Elayne, himself and his wife Effe as he was so curious to know his own stand in the issue on ground.
You know my wife could put up a fight when I get home, Chris said fidgeting in his sitting position as he continued. Of course I don’t want to do anything stupid. Besides, your presence matters to me a lot. I just want you to come with me to my house so that if perhaps something bad comes up you could help to mellow the situation down, please Ken. Chris begged his friend in self pity as he sat down dejected and confused about the whole thing. Ken who couldn’t but succumbed to the plea of his friend decided to go with Chris to his house but not after he had scolded him like a baby for the infidelity he has just showed Effe his wife.

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  1. Your Message…Love and patience
    are very crucial key for a lasting
    and happy relationship of a
    couple…… De infedility of chris
    would have cost him his
    relationship with his wife, but
    tenks de gud and full patience wife
    and ever loving wife, bringing back
    love nd harmony in de their
    marriage. Nd God blessed her with
    wonderful kids……..this is definitely
    a life lesson, a smooth prose
    coming from a brilliant mind.

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