Billionaire’s Baby Mama – Finale

(One Night Changed Everything)

Chapter 72
Two months later
Babe’s POV
Thr bright ray of sun from the window filled the room, disturbing my perfect sleep. I flickered my eyes open, yawning loudly. “Gosh, who pulled up the drapes” I thought, sitting up, to give my body a good stretch.

Well, I’m currently back in the mansion. Luciano wouldn’t rest a day asking me to come back. I’m yet to resume my modeling job; I don’t know why, but I have suddenly taken interest in it, and it suit me best. I want to heal properly from the scars of the operation done and also ween my daughter to a certain stage before going for it.

I walked out of bed towards her crib but couldn’t find her in it. Perhaps Sam had taken her out; she might be the one to have pulled the drapes too. I went back to bed to relax more, and just then the door to my room opened revealing a smiling Sam.

“Good morning to the morning sunshine” she exclaimed. I rolled my eyes and chuckled
“Morning Sam…but my husband should be the one calling me that” I voiced out, not noticing my words. She squinted, giving that weird smirk

“Husband, wow…so you have finally agreed to marry boss” she winked. I blushed. “Wait, I didn’t say that…harg” I gasped.

“No you did…you said husband” she resorted. I chuckled, waving it off. “Fine…that was just a slip of tongue’

“Don’t worry, he’s gonna propose to you soon…and you don’t dare say No…come on, you won’t even say no. So up, let’s go have your bath” she muttered, I scoffed

“Nahh..I ain’t bathing yet” “No you are..I have made your bath already” she replied. I pouted, shaking my head.

“Come on Babe…you are wasting time staying on that bed” “And this is my body, if I don’t wanna bath you ain’t gonna force me”

“No you would..cos it’s boss order…now get up and go in there” she came to drag me off the bed. Gosh, what sort of a maid is this?

Dressing up in the dress Luciano got for me, I did my make up, assisted by Sam, looking dashing. According to her, she said Luciano wanted us to go somewhere. I love surprises, but I can’t say if he has a surprise for me
I walked out to the living room, expecting to see him but met his driver. “Good morning ma’am, boss asked me to bring you” he noted. I bit my lips sadly, he didn’t even let me see his face this morning. Neither did I wake up to a good morning kiss.

He drove me to an uncertain place were I saw Luciano’s car, parked by the roadside. With the aid of the guard with me, I alight the vehicle. With his hands tucked in his pocket, and a sunshade covering his eyes, he walked closer to me with a broad smile.

“And why is my damsel looking so beautiful this morning” he asked, giving a curt bow, as he placed a peck on the back of my palm.

I smiled at first, but frown afterward. “You left without giving me a good morning kiss this morning” I pouted. He chuckled.

“Sorry sweetheart, but your sleepy head wouldn’t let you wake up when I did. Perhaps you felt the kiss in your dream” he noted. Did he actually enter my room this morning? I didn’t notice his presence.

“So what do you have for me, Mr. Surprises” I asked, as we walked to his car. “Well Milady, you will have to wait for it to come. Come on, let’s not keep the surprise waiting” he voiced out, opening the door for me. Such a gentleman. “So you really have a surprise?” I asked. He shrugged

We drove out of that area, into the city. He still wouldn’t tell me where he is taking me to. “Ok really curious here” I whined. He smiled.
“You should be dear…but also be patient”

We got to a certain location, where he parked the car, turning off the ignition. I frown. This place doesn’t look familiar, neither does it look like a place for surprises.

“Is this the place?” I asked, uncannily. He shook his head. “But we are almost there, just need to do something really important right now. I need your cooperation.” He noted. “Okay…?”

“I need to use this on you” he pulled out a long black piece of clothing.
“Don’t tell me you wanna blindfold me with that” I asked. “What if I want to”

Ok now we are back on the road, with my eyes blindfolded. Only God knows what Luciano is up to, but he assured me that we would be at the location soon. Not long afterward, the vehicle stopped.

He pecked my cheek “we are there Babe, but you will need me to guide you darling”

We stepped out of the vehicle as he led me by hand into a place I’m yet to see. “Are we there yet” I asked. He stopped holding me, and pulled off the blindfolds.

I opened my eyes to see darkness, I couldn’t see anything at first, not until the light was turned on, revealing a perfectly decorated place with rose flowers of all kind. The fancy lights aided the beauty, alongside colourful balloons. I gasped, covering my mouth. This is beautiful

“Look up” Luciano whispered into my ear from behind. I raised my eyes up to look at the huge balloons. There are letters inscription on it.

“MARRY ME, BABE” It stated. I almost lost my breath, as my heartbeat increased. He is not asking me if I would marry him, he wants me to marry him. I turned swiftly to face him, seeing him on his knees. Tears filled my eyes as I allowed it to fall freely.

“Don’t say no sweetheart” he muttered, holding out a box of ring. My heart went into my throat staring at it. This should be the happiest day in my life. Without speaking a word, I stretched out my finger to him, as he gracefully slip the ring into it.

“Yes I will…” I noted amid tears.

He stood to his feet pulling me into a hug, I broke it and went for his lips. The kiss didn’t take long but it was perfect, out of true love. He stared at me with love in his eyes.

“You have to wait for other surprises” he stated. “What surprise…” I was yet to complete my statement when the other lights came up, illuminating the whole place. This time, the whole hall came into view. And not just that, but with people shining their teeth at me with smiles on their faces, holding balloons, cakes, presents…oh my gawd what is today? I asked, only to be replied

“Happy birthday Babe” They all screamed. I think I’m gonna cry again. My mum came closer, alongside Helen, and Morris..can’t believe he came back or is it for my birthday?

“Happy birthday sweetheart…” Mum muttered, hugging me; she gave me a peck. “Happy birthday to the newest couple in town…I’m waiting for wedding bells” Helen stated.

I kept receiving wishes from other people I rarely know, mostly from my former work place, the company.

“Happy Birthday dear” Morris said, coming closer to hug me. I sniffed in
“Thank you so much…and I’m sorry..I ”

“Shh, this is your happy day..a pretty lady shouldn’t cry. And lest I forget, lemme introduce to my girlfriend..Tessa” he signaled to the lady, who came forward. Huh, wait a sec, isn’t this Luciano’s secretary?” I thought with a slight scowl on my face, we ain’t in good she noticed

“Erm…hi” she smiled brightly at me. I returned it sarcastically.
“I know you don’t like me at all..cos I’m such a bad tempered person..but the truth is, I was only jealous of you, which I shouldn’t be. Please forgive me for all I have done to you..I’m sorry” she voiced out genuinely.

I almost laughed. Is this the almighty Tessa. “It’s fine…thanks”

She returned it with a smile. “Happy birthday..and congratulations on your engagement” she added, leaving me to speak with Morris. I arched my brows
“She’s actually nice…I had to come back to her, not the company..I’m sorry, but I wanna start up something myself, and Luciano understands” he added. I nodded. “She’s cool” I shrugged, not saying more.

“He chuckled. “Don’t worry, you will get to like her once you know her better.”

“Hope I ain’t late” I heard a voice from behind. Sam rushed in, holding my baby. I could see other maids around too. When did they all arrive here.

“So you knew about this surprise?” I asked her. She tried feigning ignorance. “No” she shrugged, but the fact that she is a bad liar sold her out.

The party began, I wished I had dressed well for it, but my trust my dear sweetheart, he got everything arranged. I had to go change into an expensive dress in one of the rooms, got my makeup done by a good makeup artist, before joining others in the party room. How the hell did I forget that today is my birthday, how time flies.
I laughed out, running out towards the shore as Luciano came behind. The party ended about an hour ago, as we changed back into our normal wears, and headed for his cottage at the beach. He wanted us to be alone for some days, more like a little vacation.

We relaxed on the shore, calming our breath. We’ve been playing with the water for a while now. “That was fun” I exclaimed, gasping for breath.

“Yea…” He replied, we stayed that way for a while before he called me.
“Babe” he called out, I turned to look at him. “Yes”

“Thank you….” He stated. I squinted “For what?” “For agreeing to be my wife… you don’t know how happy I am right now. I might not know much rizz lines or love poems to say, but just know that I love you so much”

I stared at him dreamily. “I love you too Baby…” I noted, looking down at his lips; he got the message, placing a soft kiss on my lips. I reciprocated, kissing him with passion. He cupped my cheeks, caressing my shoulder. I could feeling the vibration that touch cause between my legs, the butterflies in my stomach wouldn’t stop until I get what I have always wanted.

I broke the kiss, looking intently into his eyes. “I want you Lucian..” I voiced out, not recognizing my own voice. It’s filled with lust

“You’re sure” he responded in same voice. I nodded, slamming my lips on his again. We kissed roughly this time, my legs shook.

“Then we will have to go inside” he winked, picking me up in a bridal style. I screamed out, at the force he used in picking me up. “Don’t be sad if you can’t lift a leg tomorrow” he smirked. I bit my lips, ready for whatever he has down’s gonna be huge right..haha, naughty me. But come on, everyone loves huge stuff.. isn’t it.

In life one should just hope for the best, and strive to get that best. I thought I was just gonna be a baby mama to that billionaire bas***d, but life has it’s turns. I’m no more the Billionaire’s Baby Mama, I’m now a fiancee to a responsible man who doesn’t have the billionaire title alone, but a philanthropist, a lover, a father and a soon to be husband.
The End


  1. Wow finally
    I didn’t even want it to end😔😂
    Thanks author
    I will miss my lovely babe

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