Billionaire’s Baby Mama – Episode 71

(One Night Changed Everything)

Chapter 71
Babe’s POV
Sipping from her glass of drink, Sam spoke up after a while of silence. “So you are breaking up with him for real” she asked, referring to Luciano. I sighed, staring at the drink in my hand.

“I can’t say for sure..we haven’t talked since the last time we saw at the hospital.” I replied. It’s been two weeks now since I woke up from coma, I spent a week at the hospital before being discharged. Mum’s surgery had been done, and thankfully it came out successful. I can’t explain how happy I am right now. My little girl is now looking plumpy, sometimes I can’t believe I’m the mother of such a cutie. The only thing bringing sadness to my heart is the bridge holding Luciano and I from each other. I should have just given him listening ears.

“He loves you so much Babe. See, I know I’m just a maid and you are my boss’ girlfriend, but just view me as a friend telling you what I feel is right.” She noted, gulping in. I sighed again.

“Ever since you went into coma, boss hasn’t rested a day without seeing you first in the hospital. And he makes sure he brings Angel along whenever she isn’t in school. I watched him watch over you whenever I bring food. Sometimes he cries alone in his study, hoping that you would just wake up. He didn’t forget about your child; right there in the incubator, he talks to her…even if the child doesn’t hear him or respond in any form.” She chuckled bitterly.

“I haven’t seen him looking so worn out ever before, not even when his ex wife left him. He was down, yes, but he almost went into depression for you. I’m not trying to make you see reasons to forgive him for whatever he has done but this is the truth Babe…you ain’t treating him fairly by staying away. Even Angel misses your presence at the mansion, I too.

You are suppose not to allow anything come in between you both, there are lots of girls out there ready to take your position, you are meant for each other.” She advice . I nodded, remembering the day he left the hospital. He really looked dejected and frustrated, I should have know better.
“Who are you?” I had muttered. He paused, looking intently at me. “Don’t tell me you’ve lost you memory again?” He asked softly, having this panicked look. I turned to face the other side.

“You’ve hurt me so bad to recognize you” I added. He bits his lips bitterly, letting out a sigh.

“I will call the doctor now” he muttered, ignoring my statement. The doctor came to check me, while he watched from a distance. “Sam would be here to give you something to eat…I err…will just leave you to rest okay?” He noted. He didn’t show any sign of being pissed, even if he is, he managed to conceal it. I feel like the guilty one here.

As he made his way to the door, he paused, looking back at me “When you are ready to listen to me, then you let me know. This is not the right time for me to start proving right…I love you” he stated, walking out
“I feel like he didn’t cheat on me on purpose, but I watched the video and..” I sniffed in, Sam pat my shoulder.

“It’s ok, I know how hurt you are, but you still need to hear him out, he might not be at fault. And whereas, Laura got arrested already.”

“Who is Laura” I asked “Boss ex-wife. According to your description, I think she is the one in the video”

“Why did she get arrested” “I overheard she was charged for assault…I don’t know exactly”

“So you mean she assaulted Luciano, not otherwise? I asked. She shrugged. “I feel so”

I sighed, trying to remember how the video looked like. She was the one pleasuring him, he didn’t even leave the bed or move in sexual ways. But I was blinded by jealousy to have noticed.

I was still in my reminiscing moment when a car zoomed into the compound, if I’m not mistaking, that should be Luciano’s car. But what is he doing here by this hour of the day, he works during this time. I thought

“I’m sorry…I texted him…that you wish to speak to him” Sam muttered. What? I shriek

“I didn’t ask you to do that” I frown. She pressed her lips in an apologetic way. “If you don’t settle your course now, when would you do so. I will leave you both to your privacy” she said, standing up to leave.

“Thanks for giving me audience ma’am” she smiled, walking out, just as Luciano was stepping in. They met at the door, she bowed in greetings before walking away.

He walked in fully, closing the door. The only word in the room is silence, as we both stood watching each other.

“You wanted to see me…” He voiced out. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. “I er…” I gulped in, thinking of what to reply him. I started feeling somewhat uneasy, the feeling was so strong, my heartbeat increased as his stares pierced into my skin.

“Sam sent the message” I replied truthfully. He nodded. “I saw it, and came immediately” Gosh he isn’t getting the point.

“Did you really do it… really cheat on me with your ex wife” I asked, looking at him in the eyes, which took a lot of courage from me.

“I would never do such to you Babe. Yes, we had sex..I mean…gosh I don’t wanna use the word rape…it sounds, awful. She drugged me, everything was framed Babe. I have the full footage if you wanna see…” He whispered

“’m not seeing that unholy scene” I cut in, clamping my hands together. He shrugged. The way he stares at me is weird, his eyes beholds pain and love.

“I’m sorry…I should have trusted you…I just, I was broken that day hearing of my mum’s ailment and when I tried calling you…I heard her voice and…”

“I know…I was so weak to do anything to her, she has her way. She wanted us apart Babe, but I don’t. I love you so much and you know that I would do anything to keep us together, as family” he expressed. I was moved to tears.

“Hey…don’t cry” he muttered softly, coming closer. His hand moved up to my face, as his thumb cleaned off the tears on my cheek.

“I feel like a bad person, I judged you wrongly and…” I hiccuped. He pulled me into a hug, placing a kiss on my neck. This act alone sends shivers down my spine, I want more of that..more of his touch.

“Hey…look at me” he voiced out, pulling out of the hug, to cup my jaw in his hand. We stared deeply into each other’s eyes, not wanting to break contact.

“I promise you Babe, I would never do anything to hurt you, trust me. I will always be there for you” he noted, allowing that perfect smile creep up my face.

“And I promise to trust you with all I have. I might not be the world’s classy girl for a popular billionaire like you, not like I have much to offer, but with the little I can offer, I will give best. I love you Luciano with the whole of my heart” I cooed. He smiled broadly, claiming my lips. I smiled in the kiss, enjoying the warmth of his lips on mine, it’s taste, and how manly it feels.
My love for him will never cease, not now, not ever.


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