THE BET – Semi Finale Episode 33 & 34

Trapped in Love

(Trapped in love…)

THEME: Strong desire


By, Mide L.


“June it’s me” Ryder reminded her

“So what if it’s you? Don’t I have the right to send out people I don’t wanna see?” She asked rolling her eyes

” So you don’t wanna see me? ”

” Yes now that you know that , please leave” she said

“Look into my eyes and tell me to leave and I promise to leave you alone” Ryder dared her and June looked away

” You can’t even tell me that ”

” So because I didn’t look into your eyes means I didn’t mean what I was saying, you are such a joker” June said

” I’m so sorry June, please find a way in your heart to forgive me” He pleaded

” You made a fool outta me Ryder,here I was thinking you’ve changed and you liked me but I guess I was wrong”

” I know you will find this hard to believe but I think I fell in love with you during the times I spent with you” Ryder said sincerely and June eyes widened

” And you really think I’m gonna believe that? I’m not a fool Ryder”

” I’m not lying, believe me”

” Just go ,you won your bet on me because I fell for you but I’m grateful you didn’t have your way with me” June said

” June I don’t regret the times I spent with you because it was worth it, because of the bet, I changed and experienced what is called love”

” Good for you” June said coldly

” I’m serious,I’m always thinking about you and always wanna be with you,I didn’t realize that I loved you all this while until Finn made me realize it and I ended the stupid bet as he will call it. I’m in love with you June” he said and June remained silent and just when she was about to say something her mum came in before facing Ryder

“You are the guy that brought my daughter to the hospital?” Mrs Miller asked

” Yes ma’am,I’m Ryder Garcia”he replied and Mrs Miller face turned sour when she heard the name

“You are the Garcia’s son,hmmm..”

“Is anything wrong ma?”Ryder asked innocently

” Nothing,you can go now” she dismissed him and Ryder gently went out of the ward but don’t without glancing back to see June

“June listen to me carefully,I don’t want to see you ever with that boy again” Mrs Miller warned

“But why if I may ask? You’ve told me this before and I remember I asked you why but you didn’t give me any good reason,what’s up with you and the Garcia’s?” June asked her mum

” It’s a mutual thing between the two family, don’t worry yourself”

” I’m not convinced mum,I need to know why”

” You are so stubborn, alright I will tell you. Many years ago,your dad and Mr Garcia once owned a company together since they were best friends but then Mr Garcia wasn’t truthful to your dad,he cheated your dad in lots of ways,he will give your dad small percentage of the shares while he takes the bigger one but your father never complained for once and as if it wasn’t enough Mr Garcia sold the company without your father’s consent and that really got your father angry and he decided to cut ties with him. Mr Garcia isn’t a good person but a fraudster!” Mrs Miller explained to her

” So that’s why dad doesn’t want to see me with Ryder?”

” Yes he doesn’t want to have any thing to do with that family and you going out with his son is out of it”

” But mum Ryder is innocent in all this”

” But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a betrayer son” Mrs Miller pointed out and she nodded

” I understand you mum”

” Thanks my love so how’s your health now?”

” It’s better mum”

” That’s good,i told the maid to prepare your favorite so she will be here any minute” Mrs Miller said

” Okay mum” June said and went back to thinking of what Ryder told her earlier and she let out a smile unknowingly

Don can be seen sitting comfortably in his spacious living room reading a newspaper with his leg crossed on each other when a lady came in and it turned out to be Monica!

“Hello brother” she announced her presence and he looked up

“You finally find the way home,done with your revenge?” He asked

” Yeah I did but she survived it, damnit!”

“Guess it was a waste of your time since you didn’t succeed with your plan”

” You have to help me this time around brother,she must die!” Monica said desperately

” And why are you so bent on ending her life?”

“Because she’s behind the death of Vicky,the person I ever loved” she replied

” Okay i will help you out, Happy?” He asked

” Thanks a million bro”

Jenny came out of the class with Dex heading to the school cafeteria for their lunch break. Once there,they ordered for what they want

“Jenny don’t you think we should talk about last night” Dex said after they got their order and Jenny shifted uncomfortably on her seat

“What about last night?” She asked knowingly

“Common Jenny,you know what I’m talking about. We almost kissed last night but your mum stopped the stuff from happening because she called you”

” Oh… It’s actually nothing serious” Jenny said casually

” It’s serious for me because I almost had my first kiss” Dex said and Jenny quickly dropped the chicken in her hand

“What?! You have never kissed?!” She half yelled

“Stop shouting, everyone’s watching and yes I have never kissed”

” That’s shocking,what are you waiting for?” She asked and he avoided her eye contact

” I’m waiting for the right one”

“Thank God we didn’t succeed in the kissing,the lips you are keeping for your future girlfriend” Jenny said and he smiled

” Jenny I will love to tell you something,I just want to let you know how I feel about you” he began and Jenny listened to him attentively

“Do you know that I have always had a crush on you,since when i and my dad started living in your house. Anytime you tell me about your boyfriend I can’t help but feel jealous and anytime you break up with them I’m always happy,I really like you Jenny and I wanted you to know that” he said

” Finally! I’ve been waiting tirelessly to hear you tell me that you like me because I also feel the same way for you,you are the only guy that made my heart beat” she said with a smile

” I’m flattered” he said blushing and Jenny leaned forward to plant a kiss on his lips earning attention from others at the cafeteria

🗣️Can’t believe they kissed!

🗣️Jenny and Dex?

🗣️Are they a thing now?

“Guys meet the owner of my heart” Jenny said referring to Dex


“And that will be all for today, good day!” The lecturer said before leaving the class and it became noisy yet again

“Jessie wait!” Finn called when Jessie stood up to go home and he ran to meet her

“Hello Finn”

“How are you Jessie?”

“I’m good, any problem?”

” Of course not, I just want to try my luck again. Will you go out on a date with me?” He asked pouting and Jessie smiled at that

” Sure why not,who will refuse such a cute person like you” Jessie said

” Wow you finally agreed to go, I’ve been asking you this for a while now and you never agreed to it”

‘Because that’s not me idiot’ Jessie said inwardly

” At least I’ve agreed to go on the date with you , where am I supposed to meet you with you and what time?” Jessie asked

” No don’t worry yourself,I will come to pick you home myself by 7 on unfailingly” Finn said and she nodded

” So are you going on home now?”

“No to the hospital to visit June”

” Let me come with you”

” Okay let’s go” she said and they both left the class

Ryder got home and the first person he saw was Mae sitting like she owns the house

“What are you doing here?”

“I came to visit you”

“You aren’t welcome here so leave now. I’m sure you are the one that told June about the bet because how does she knows?”

” Yes I told her and I don’t regret it,I want her to know that you don’t love her so she won’t be feeling like a Queen she’s not”

” Who told you I don’t love her, you are terribly mistaken”

” You love her?” Ryder was about to replywhen his phone rang,it was a call from Finn so he picked immediately

📞Hey Finn

📞Come to the hospital now!

📞What happened

📞 There’s a problem and it’s about June ( Finn said and ended the call)

“Holy sh*t!” Ryder picked up his car key before storming out of the house leaving Mae looking confused

Ryder got to the hospital as fast as he could and he met everyone there already looking troubled

“Please tell me what happened?” He asked impatiently

“June is missing” Jessie said

” Missing? How did that happened?”

“Before you came we watched the CCTV footage of what actually happened,a lady entered into her ward , sprayed a sedative spray on her and she took June away without anyone noticing, imagine that!” Finn exclaimed

” OMG! So no clue of where she might be so far?”

” Not at all but the cops have swung into action” Jessie said

” We can’t just stay here and do nothing,we have to know where June is!” Ryder said

” I have someone I suspect and her name is Monica,she was the one that poisoned June”

” How did you know that?”

” She told me,she said she came here to revenge on June because she caused the death of Vicky who’s the love of her life”

” What?! How come you didn’t mention anything to any of us?” Ryder asked

” She has been impersonating me for days now to the extent of doing surgery to look exactly like me,she even locked me up in my own house!”

” Now I get it! It wasn’t you I was asking out for a date all these while” Finn said realization dawning on him

” Exactly,so what should we do now?”

“We have to inform the cops about it”

” Please…let me go” June pleaded with her captures but neither of them was listening to her

“Shut your mouth or I’mma shut it up for you!” Monica yelled at her and June kept quiet,she’s currently tied down to metal chair with a rope

“What did I do something?”

“I’ve told you that I want you dead, you need to and join Vicky in hell” Monica said and June started crying

Don came in holding a pistol and he handed it to Monica,June shivered when she saw it

“I want you to say your last prayer June Miller” Monica was about pulling the trigger when the door wide open revealing a figure at the door…



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