THE BET – Episode 31 & 32

Trapped in Love

(Trapped in love…)

THEME: Strong desire


By, Mide L.


Ryder and Jessie can be seen pacing to and fro in the hospital hallway patiently waiting for the doctor’s report

“I hope she’s fine” he muttered hopefully

Jessie looked up and she saw June’s parents coming from the end of the hallway towards them

“June’s parents are here” Jessie said and Ryder looked up too as they approached them

“How’s my daughter?” Mrs Miller asked jessie immediately not bothering to look at Ryder

“She’s currently in the ICU, we are waiting for the doctor’s report” Jessie replied

” ICU! Is it that serious? ” Mrs Miller exclaimed

” I think so”

” Dear calm down, I’m sure June will be okay” Mr Miller said patting her shoulders

” I can’t possibly calm down when I know my daughter isn’t fine right now, I know what I went through before I get birth to her and you know that” Mrs Miller said and her husband sighed

“Aren’t you Ryder Garcia?” Mrs Miller asked finally looking at him,Ryder was about answering when the doctor came out wearing a white coat and a holding a clipboard , everyone’s attention was diverted to him

“Please how is my daughter?” Mrs Miller immediately asked

“Her condition is critical right now,apart from the fact that she has heart disease we also discovered something in her system which is poison,slow poison actually” he explained and everyone eyes widened

” Slow poison!! But how?”

” I don’t know about that but what I know is that the slow poison has complicated a lot of things and she needs serious medical emergency” the doctor said

” Holy father,who the hell gave my friend slow poison?” Jessie wondered

” But don’t worry me and my other colleagues will see to it that she’s okay and again your daughter doesn’t come to the hospital for check ups anymore and that add to it but don’t you worry something will be done about her condition,excuse me” the doctor said and left them

” Hope you heard what the doctor said? Our daughter is going to be fine” Mr Miller assured his wife and she nodded gently as they sat down on the visitors seat

” But how come slow poison is in June’s system?” Ryder asked Jessie

“I’m confused myself ,June can’t possibly wanna ki*ll herself right?” Jessie asked

” This is serious”

” I’m so sorry this happened to you” Rose said to her sister as she helped her treat her wound

“It’s fine,that Don of a man is fuckin dangerous! How did you meet him?” Emma found herself asking

” At where I work,I really curse the day I met him because he’s a monster” Rose said almost tearing up

” It’s okay sis,we shall get pass this”Emma said as she hugged her sister warmly

“Wait here while I get you something from the store for your leg” Rose said getting up

” But Don instructed us not to step foot out of the house” Emma said

” He isn’t here right now” Rose said and she left the room to the sitting room to inform her parents

“Mum,dad I need to go to the store to get something for Emma’s wound” she announced

” Don’t go anywhere, remember what Don said right?” Her mum asked her

” I do remember but I really need to get to the store”

” Just be careful okay?” Her dad said to her,she nodded before walking out of the house.

Rose came out of the store after getting what she came to buy when someone called out her name…

“Rose!” She turned to see Ace walking up to her with a smile

“What are you doing here Ace?” Rose asked

“I was just passing by when I saw you coming out of this store, what did you came to buy? ” He asked looking curious

” That’s none of your business, I have a home to get to ASAP” Rose said walking off a d Ace blocked her by going in front of her

” Not that fast”

“What again?” She rolled her eyes

“Just give me few minutes of your time, we can go to that coffee shop over there to chill out” Ace suggested pointing at a coffee shop not far from them and Rose thought about it

“Okay fine” she agreed

“Yes!” He said smiling sheepishly like he just won a jackpot. While they walked to the coffee shop, something unexpected happened… A gunshot was heard and the next thing Rose saw was that Ace fell to the ground, blood stained on his clothes, he just got shot at his chest!

“Ace!” Rose shouted out his name in alarm, going to meet struggling Ace by his side, blood was coming out of his mouth as he tried to breath, by now the whole place is in pandemonium at what just happened and people surrounded them

“Ace,Ace, Ace!!” Rose shook him violently when he didn’t make any movement again

“Call the ambulance!” Rose yelled at the onlookers

🗣️I think he’s dead!

🗣️Poor guy😥

🗣️Such a pity

🗣️He was shot at the chest,who will survive that?

“No!!!” Rose yelled out crying heavily

Jessie went back home after leaving the hospital minutes ago

She opened it and to her surprise she found her door unlocked and she frowned.

“Maybe I forgot to lock it ” She said brushing the thoughts away as she entered inside,she turned on the lights and she almost screamed seeing someone sitting on the couch staring right at her

“Jesus Christ! Monica what the hell are you doing here?” Jessie said placing her hands on her chest as her heavy breathing slowed down

“Sorry if I scared you”

“You haven’t answered my question,what are you doing here?” Jessie asked with her hands on her waists

” I forgot something so I came back to take it” Monica said picking up her bag

” Okay you can go now” Jessie said coldly and Monica chuckled

“Wow so you no longer fear me, that’s bad” Monica said faking a sad face and Jessie rolled her eyes

“Can you please leave now,I’m sick and tired of you already”

” Sure I will but on one condition. Do not tell anyone that I’m the one that gave your stupid friend the slow poison” Monica said and Jessie’s eyes widened

” What?!! So you are actually the person?” Jessie asked pointing her fingers at her

” Remember I told you that I came back for revenge,so yes I came to to exert revenge on June” Monica said

” But why?”

“She knows what she did,just don’t tell on me”

“Why won’t I do that? You can’t try to ki*ll my best friend and go scot-free”Jessie said

” Tell on me and you will be dead,I promise you that” Monica threatened before walking out of the apartment

“What the hell!”

Rose couldn’t stop crying after she heard that Ace gave up the ghost, she’s blaming herself for his death right now because she surely knows Don is behind this,she wished she didn’t leave the house if not he would still be alive

She’s currently in the same hospital June is right now so Ryder and Finn are currently with her with a sorrowful look

“How did the sh*t happened?” Ryder asked

” It happened so fast, we were just going to a coffee shop when he was shot at the chest, it was a horrible sight believe me” Rose explained sniffing in

” Can’t believe our best friend is gone” Finn said with a teary eyes

“His killer must be put behind bars, I heard that the cops have started their investigation ” Ryder said and Rose kept quiet since she fully knows who is behind it

“So how is June doing?” Rose said changing the topic

” She’s still in ICU, I heard that her surgery will be done tomorrow. Let’s just pray for her” Ryder said

Rose got back home and as expected she met Don at their house which her parents and sister kneeling in front of him

“Where are you coming from?” He asked in his usual cold voice

” Where I’m coming from is none of your business monster! I know you are the one that killed Ace” Rose accused and Don let out a laugh

” Wow you figured that out, smart girl”

“You are so evil”

” Don’t tell me you just knew that? Didn’t I warned you not to step foot out of this house until I say so? Well, that’s your consequences for disobeying me” Don said remorselessly

” You killed an innocent person!”

” And I don’t fuckin care! You left the house so you could see your beloved and I decided to teach you a lesson” he said

” Why are you doing this to my family? What have we done to you?” Rose wailed

“Nothing but I’m sure enjoying this” he said smiling like a maniac

” The cops are investigating on this matter, just wait and see because you will be put behind bars soon”

” If you say anything to the cops, I’m killing all your family and I mean it” Don said icily and Rose could feel a shiver run into her spine at the thought of that

“Welcome Master” Lily greeted as Ryder entered the house looking so drained and tired

“Did you heard about what happened?” Ryder asked her and she nodded her head sadly

” Ace is dead, my best friend is dead!” He half yelled as he kicked the chair angrily

“Calm down Master, no one is happy to hear about the news, I was devastated after hearing what happened and I was like will my unborn child grow up without a father? ” Lily said before she could stop herself and Ryder turned to her immediately

“What did you just say? Is Ace the father of your unborn child?” He asked and Lily avoided his eye contact before saying…

” Yes and I’m so sorry for pushing the pregnancy towards you” Lily said

“Thank God! You don’t know how that made me feel right now but why were you saying I was the owner ?”

” Be.. because I liked you and Ace wasn’t ready to be a father”

” Well, Ace left a seed in you before he left the world” Ryder muttered

” Please don’t tell your parents about this, they won’t spare me if they find out that I lied to them” Lily pleaded

” It’s okay I won’t tell my parents,I will act as a father to Ace’s unborn child,it’s not a problem” Ryder said and Lily hugged him happily

Jenny left her room with her phone in her hand as she made her way to Dex’s room,she opened the door and she met him at his study table looking so serious

“Serious student” Jenny said as she closed the door behind him and Dex looked up

“Hey Jenny”

“You are doing the English assignment right?” She asked him and he nodded

” I knew it,well I’m done with me. Yunno today is just so bad, can’t believe Ace is gone,he was my favorite out of my brother’s friends” Jenny said with a sad face

” It’s really sad ,I hope the killer is brought to book” Dex said

” Me too. I love your full red lips” Jenny said changing the topic completely and staring at Dex’s lips

“Thank you” he smiled

“Can I feel it on my hands?” She asked and Dex found himself nodding,Jenny walked up to him and once there, instead of touching his lips she leaned towards him and when their lips was about to meet,Jenny heard her name being called downstairs

“I gotta answer mum’s call” Jenny said awkwardly before she ran out

June’s surgery just ended and it was successful,she’s now fine now and she’s currently at her ward resting

Ryder waited for everyone to come out of the ward so he could see her alone. After minutes of waiting, Ryder entered into the ward and he let out a smile seeing June perfectly okay

“Hello June” he greeted and June turned to him with a frown

“Get out!”




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