THE BET – Episode 25 & 26

Trapped in Love

(Trapped in love…)

THEME: Strong desire


By, Mide L.

(𝗘𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗯𝗲𝘁)

“You are a bad boy Ryder,a very bad boy” Finn teased him and he chuckled

” How are things with Jessie?”

” Believe me when I say that girl is playing hard to get” Finn said frustratingly

” I’m sure she will come around, just keep doing you”

“A wise word from Ryder Garcia,I will hold on to that my friend” Finn winked at him

” You can say that again, should we hit town later this night?” Ryder asked looking bored

” Let’s do that,I will invite Ace to join us”

“Guess what Finn?”


“My maid is pregnant” Ryder said

” So someone impregnated your maid under your nose or should I say under your roof”

” The funniest part is that she’s claiming I’m the owner of the pregnancy,can you imagine?”

” That’s absurd,the Ryder’s I know is always careful in cases like this” Finn said

” Thank God you know me well,I vividly remember that I didn’t release inside her so why is she pushing the pregnancy to me?”

” Why did you have a maid in the first place? You can see that I and Ace are doing well without one”

” I needed someone to take care of the house and to take care of me” Ryder said

” And now you have to take care of her baby, congratulations to you in advance”

” Congratulations for what?”

” You are gonna be a father soon”

” You are crazy Finn,it’s not your fault” Ryder toll his eyes

” Oh I forgot to tell you this”

” What’s that?”

” I want to do a pool party tomorrow at my house” Finn said

” Finally something fun to do,I can’t wait to have fun with the girls tomorrow”He smirked and Finn chuckled

” I’m sure Queen June won’t like that”

“Why did you bring her up again? I’m trying to stop thinking about her and now you brought her up again?!” He almost yelled

” You can’t escape this Ryder, you are in love!”

“Seems you doing know me,I can never be in love”

“Stop denying it and face reality bro,the moment you made that bet was the worse decision of your life because the foolish you ended falling in love!”

” You won’t be the one to tell me if am in love or not, it’s too soon for this”

” Love can happen anytime, anywhere. Infact you can fall in love with someone in few days and some fall in love at first sight. Okay take me an example,I see Jessie everyday at college and I have never had any romantic feelings for her because I only see her as a normal person that goes to the same college as I but then it suddenly changed,I became attracted to her romantically after that mask party where I danced with her,I never imagined it but then love happened”

” That’s your problem bro”

” You are just too stubborn, accept the damn fact that you are in love with June Miller!” Finn yelled at him

” I’m not in love with anyone ,love isn’t in my dictionary”

“The more you try to deny ,the more it keeps growing. Stop denying the fact or you are gonna blame yourself at the end,mark my words”

” But Finn,if I like someone I will know”

“Maybe you haven’t been paying attention to yourself and you are just being busy with the stupid bet”

“Maybe I should just end the bet so I won’t be attached to her anymore,the only reason I’m close to her is actually because of the bet but that’s gonna stop right now” Ryder said

” You are gonna end it?” Finn asked for clarity

” Yes and that’s because of 2 reasons,one is because I don’t want to get more attached to her and secondly,she has heart disease and it won’t be good if I break her heart knowing of her condition so it won’t worsen” Ryder explained

” I’m proud of you man, glad to know you care about her condition for you to end the bet” Finn said patting his shoulders

” Do I still owe you and Ace the Benz car?”

” No worry it’s fine,you ended the bet not failed the bet” Finn said and smiled at him

Jessie entered her room holding a tray containing a plate of food and glass of water. She opened another door beside the closet and a girl that looked just exactly like Jessie was seated on the floor looking so miserable,her hair scattered and looking messy,her dress looking so tattered

“Look here! I brought you something to eat” Jessie said getting the girl attention and she looked up

“Why are you doing this to me? Why did you lock me up in my own house? Why are you impersonating me?” The girl cried out and Jessie laughed

” Keep quiet! When I’m done with what ever I’m doing,I will let you go but for now,it’s a no!”

” What exactly are you planning to do? Hope you aren’t planning to harm people close to me?” The girl asked

” I don’t have an answer to your question,eat your phone before it gets cold!” She dropped the food beside her before locking the door on the girl

“I Monica, won’t rest until I have my revenge” Jessie said and she laughed hysterically

“Rose!” Rose heard her name being called and she got up from bed, her eyes since heavy with sleep

“I’m coming!” She answered, dragging her legs all the way to the sitting room and to her surprise she saw Ace

“Ace? What are you doing here?”

“I came to see you or isn’t that good?” He asked looking so innocent and she smiled

” It is,thanks for visiting” She said

“Mr Ace,do you want to date my sister?” Emma, Rose’s kid sister asked batting her eyelashes innocently

“Of course not!” Rose quickly objected

“Mum,dad I will be outside with Ace” Rose said and her parents nodded. They both went outside and stood by Ace’s car

“So how are you ?” He asked taking off his shades

“I’m cool”

“Tomorrow is Monday,have your packed your stuffs to return back to hotel today?”

” I’m not coming to school yet” Rose replied

” Why?”

” I have things to do at home,but don’t worry you will see me on Tuesday”

” Okay that’s fair,I was bored at home so I decide to come visit you”

” I appreciate”

” Will you mind if I take you out?”he offered

” That will be so nice, there’s nothing I’m doing at home anyway” Rose said flashing a smile at him and that was when a car pulled over, Rose immediately recognized it as Don’s car and her heart skipped a bit

“You need to go now” Rose said and Ace raised an eyebrow

” Anything wrong?”

“No but you need to go now,trust me Ace” Rose pleaded

Don came out of the car looking so dangerous,a frown was visible on his face as he walked to them

“Hello Rose and who is he?”He asked wrapping his arms around her waist and Ace looked at it frowning

“He’s course mate,we attend the same College”

“So why is he here?” He asked again

” He came to visit me, nothing serious”

“Gentleman you can leave now,I’m her boyfriend by the way” Don introduced stretching his hand for an handshake but Ace didn’t accept it,the next thing he did was enter his car and drove off

“This will be the second time I’m seeing you with this guy,now I have to teach you a lesson to stay away from him”

” Please” Rose pleaded but he didn’t listen as he dragged her inside of the house

“Mr Don,is there anything wrong?” Rose’s mum asked

” Your daughter brought a man to this house and you are cool with it?! Are you planning to marry her off to that man? Am I not trying enough for you guys?” Don asked angrily twisting Rose’s wrist and she cried out

“Everyone should kneel before me right now!!!” He ordered and he they quickly went on their knees

” You think me buying you guys things is for free? You must be joking! I won’t allow your daughter to betray me” Don said and Rose couldn’t stop tearing up

Don unbuckled his belt and he lashed Rose with it

“Ahh!!!” Rose screamed out in pain while her parents looked at the scene with tears in their eyes

Ryder,Finn and Ace can be seen in the club right now, having the life of their time

“More drinks please!” Ryder ordered and it was quickly brought to their table,a girl is currently sitting on Ryder’s lap rubbing his chest and Ace is busy kissing a girl,Finn is the only one alone

“I guess I’m the only same person in here” Finn said looking at people around him,some are dancing while some are busy making out

“Ryder?” Someone called and Ryder looked up to see Mae standing before him,she wore a strapless bra on a short skirt,her belly button also add to her hotness

“Hey Mae” he called drunkenly

“Get lost!”Mae said pushing off the slut on Ryder’s laps,the slut gave her the middle finger before she left to party

“Ace get a room” Mae said to him

“You are so right,come on b***h let’s go” He said to the girl with him and they left

” Am I just noticing this? You look so beautiful” Ryder said and Mae couldn’t stop blushing

“I’m outside in the car” Finn said before leaving them alone

” Finally you are noticing my beauty,You can see now that June isn’t that pretty” Mae said and Ryder smiled

” Come on Ryder and let’s party!” Mae said dragging him to the dancing floor

While they were dancing together,Ryder saw June came in and then Damon came after her. He gulped hard as he stared at her, she’s screaming classy and sexy right now. She saw a sleeveless white dress that hung unto her body in the right places,it was barely covering up her thighs

June eyes met with him and they couldn’t stop staring at each other but Ryder was the first to look away

“Common baby,let’s get us a drink” Damon said taking her hand as they walked to the counter

“2 shots of wine please” he said and it was quickly given to him, June wasn’t concentrating at all as she kept looking at Ryder dancing with Mae

“Baby are you okay?”Damon asked gaining her attention

“Of course” June said briskly collecting the shots of wine from him

” Let’s dance sweetie or should we stay here?”

“I’m not in the mood to dance right now,let’s seat for a while” June said

Mae noticed the presence of June in the clubhouse and she frowned visibly

“Ryder how is the bet you made concerning June going?” Mae asked wrapping her arms around his neck

” I ended it already”

“Why will you do that? June need to be taught a lesson for rejecting a whole Ryder”

” So you won’t be close to her anymore?” Mae wanted to know

” The bet was the only thing that made me close to her in the first place”

” Too bad”

” Why too bad?”

” I’m sure she poor girl must have fallen for you,she keeps looking here”Mae said and Ryder looked at the her direction and truly June is watching him

“Why don’t you continue being friends with her?”

” I don’t want to get too attached to her,let’s forget about her please” Ryder said trying to shake off the thoughts from his head

“Let’s spice things up a little” Mae said and before Ryder could get what she mean,she kissed him on the lips…


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