THE BET – Episode 27 & 28

Trapped in Love

(Trapped in love…)😋
THEME: Strong desire
By, Mide L.
             (𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗣𝗥𝗘𝗚𝗡𝗔𝗡𝗖𝗬)
June eyes widened immediately she saw them kiss, she could feel her anger boiling right now
“Excuse me” June said almost inaudibly and she ran out of the clubhouse before Damon could stop her. Once there, she burst into hot tears as she placed her hands on her chest before squatting down
“Why does it hurts…so much?” She as herself as she remembered the kissing scene and more tears stream down her face
Finn who has been watching from inside the car was about coming out to ask what’s wrong when Damon came out and he stayed back
“June what happened and why the hell are you crying?” Damon asked alarmed to see her in that state, June quickly cleaned up her tears
“It’s nothing” she said then sniffed
“Nothing? And you are crying” Damon said dragging her up to her feet
” I think I have a slight headache” June said touching her forehand weakly
” I told you that coming here was a bad idea but you didn’t listen now see , let me take you to the hospital to get you checked” he offered
” No please, just take me home” she said going to the car while Damon followed her from behind
Back inside,Ryder was the one to break the kiss after June left the clubhouse
“Why did you do that?”
“I wanted to make her jealous and it worked,you see the way she ran out right?” Mae said and she laughed but Ryder wasn’t having it
” I need to go” he said and Mae frowned
“Why when we just started to have fun?”
“This isn’t the time Mae,let’s see later” he winked at her before leaving to join Finn in the car
“Are you done inside and where is Ace?” Finn asked and Ryder entered the car
” Let’s just go,Ace is with a girl right now and will find his way home,he’s not a kid” Ryder said
” What happened inside?” Finn asked curiously
” What do you mean?” Ryder asked and Finn started up the car
“I saw June minutes ago rushing out of the club and she suddenly started crying,do you have any idea why?” Finn asked as he drove out of the area
“She cried?” Ryder asked with wide eyes
“Profusely,I was like WTF! What actually happened inside?”
” I only saw her rushing out after Mae kissed me,but I don’t think that’s why she’s crying” Ryder said shaking off the thoughts away
” Making she’s not feeling too well,I saw her touching her chest earlier,you should check up on her” Finn suggested and Ryder groaned
” You are making this so hard for me Finn,I’m trying to avoid her”
” That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check up on her,i will drop you over at her house” Finn finalized taking the next turn
June arrived home after Damon dropped her few minutes ago and he left,she quickly went in to freshen up and after that she used her drugs before coming back downstairs holding a novel looking so dull
June laid her back on the couch reading the
 novel , suddenly she dropped the novel in annoyance as the kiss kept replaying on her head
“Arrrghh!!!” She yelled out of frustration and she breathe out heavily
” Why is it affecting me this much? I don’t fuckin care if he kisses a girl or not”she tried convince her self but who was she kidding?
“Something is definitely wrong with me” She sighed and that was when she heard her doorbell ring
“Who can that be?” She muttered as went to the door,she opens it and her eyes widened seeing Ryder at the door
“What are you doing here?” She asked icily, folding her arms
“Sorry for disturbing you, I will just take my leave” Ryder said and he turned to leave when…
” Come in” June said grumpily and Ryder smirked before entering and June closed the door behind him before joining
“How are you doing?” He asked pocketing his hands into his pockets
“Now you are concerned about how I’m doing,you should have asked me at the club but instead you acted like you didn’t know me” June rolled her eyes at him
” You were with your boyfriend,I didn’t want to disturb you guys” he said
” A simple ‘Hi’ would have been better,well I can’t blame you when Mae was just all over you till the point of you guys kissing” June said then hissed and Ryder chuckled
“So you are angry at me because of that,wow!” He clapped his hands in amusement
” It’s not funny,I even cried!!!” June said before she could stop herself,she quickly covered up her face in embarrassment
“Wait you cried before of that? I thought it was because of something else,June you are so unbelievable” Ryder said taking her hands off her face slowly
” It really hurt me seeing that,I couldn’t help but to cry out my heart. I don’t know what’s happening to me Ryder” June said and she sat down
while Ryder remained standing
“June” he called and she looked up in expectation
“Goodnight” was what he said next and June frowned
“And here I was thinking you were gonna tell me something”
” What were you expecting me from?” He asked raising an eyebrow
” Umm… nothing, goodnight too” she forced a smile and he nodded heading to the door but he suddenly turned back
” You are perfectly fine right?”
“Yeah sure,used my medications immediately I got home”
” That’s just what I want to hear, princess” He smiled at her making his one sided dimple to come out before leaving through the door
“I think I’m in love” She muttered staring at the pendant he gifted her and she smiled
She stood up so she can go lock the door when she suddenly felt dizzy and she was forced to sit down so the dizziness will pass.
“Why am I feeling dizzy? I thought I used my medicines not quite long” She wondered as the dizziness ended
” Hello there!” Jessie announced her  presence and June went to hug her
” Happy to see you bestest ever”
“Why is your door not locked, what if I was an arm robber” Jessie asked going to take a seat
” I was gonna lock it after Ryder left but I got dizzy”
” Oh Ryder was here? Are you that close now that he’s visiting you at your house? “
” I need to tell you something, I’m so happy you are here so I can pour out my feelings to you” June said
” I’m all hears”
” I’m in love with Ryder and please don’t give me those judging looks” June said looking at the floor
“I will never judge when I’m not perfect either, so you are in love with a Playboy? “
” He’s no longer a playboy, he’s now a sweet boy” June said smiling
” Where about your boyfriend, Damon?” Jessie asked
“I don’t know Jessie, I don’t think I look Damon anymore, I don’t feel that spark between us anymore and he also think he’s up to something” June said frustrated already
” So what are you going to do now? “
“I think I should end things with Damon, what do you think? “
” Do whatever you want baby, do whatever makes you happy, tell him before everything gets messy” Jessie said and June nodded understandingly
“Thanks so much,I knew I could count on you”
“That’s why we are best friends”
” I really admire your new hair color,it suits you” June said and Jessie smiled at her
” I just felt the need to do that,by the way how is your house?”
” I’m doing pretty good,but recently I don’t feel so good but I don’t think it’s something serious” June waved it off and Jessie smiled secretly before masking up a pity face
“You will be okay baby. By the way I visited your family hospital today and the doctor that normally treats you called me and handed me this drug,it said you should add to the drugs you use for effective effect” Jessie said handing the drug to her
” Thank you,what were you doing at the hospital though?”
” I had fever in the morning but it’s fine now”
” Thanks a lot”
” You are welcome. I think you should use it now”
” No I will take it tomorrow ” June said and Jessie frowned, looking at her hatefully.
Damon can be seen in his room making a call and he couldn’t stop smiling
“Give me time baby…yes I need time… I’m almost done with what I came here to do…I miss you too okay?…very soon… goodnight too” he ended the call and he ran his hands through his hair before sighing
“I need to act fast then” he said getting up, suddenly he heard a sound coming from Jessie apartment and he frowned
“I thought Jessie just left just now or is someone also in the house?” He wondered
” Well not my business” he said and he entered into the bathroom
Jenna can be seen coming out of her room already dressed for school,she looks really beautiful right now
“My daughter is looking so kinky right now” Mrs Garcia complimented and Jenna smiled proudly
” As it should be” She flips her hair and her mother chuckled
“You should go now,the driver has been waiting for you”
” Where’s Dex mum?” She asked looking around
” Why are you asking of him?” Her mum asked frowning
” Isn’t he going to school today?”
” His dad who drives him to school isn’t around right now”
” So what? Can’t he come with me to school in my car,we go to the same school anyway” Jenny said
” Okay” Mrs Garcia said and left while Jenna went to meet Dex in his room and she met him dressed already
“Good morning Dex”
“Morning Jenna,what are you still doing at home?”
“I’m waiting for you so we can go to school together”
” What?! No I will take a public bus to school” he quickly said
” Stop being stubborn,my mum approved of it already” Jenna said and Dex’s eyes widened
” You mean it?”
” Yeah so let’s go”
Jenna and Dex got to school and they came out of the car and as usual attention was turned to Jenna as she walked in with Dex by her side
🗣️Not Jenna looking so hot right now
🗣️She’s just so cute
🗣️Dex came with her today
🗣️I so wish I and Jenna can just date
Jenna and Dex finally got to class, Mark was the first to approach her
“Good morning Jenna”
“Why are you greeting me? I thought I ended things with you already” Jenna said loudly and the class gasped
🗣️Wow they broke up already
🗣️ Trust Jenna anyway
“But I still love you Jenna” he went down on his knees
” Wait you wanna propose to me? I’m saying no in advance” Jenna said and the whole class laughed
” Please” he pleaded
“She said she’s no longer interested,stop forcing things” Dex said and that earned him a punch from Mark and his lips bursted
“Dex!!! I hate you Mark for this” Jenna said taking Dex out of the class with her
Ryder left home after he got a call from his parents to come home, luckily he doesn’t have any lecture this morning
He arrived at his parents house, nodding his head as the workers greeted him happily
He got inside and met his parents seated ,their face expressionlessly
“Hello son” Mr Garcia greeted at him
“Dad,mom” he greeted as he pecked his mum
“Sit we wanna speak with you” Mr Garcia said and Ryder sat down
” Jenna has gone to school right?” He asked and his mom nodded
” Yeah she’s at school now,back to our discussion”
“We noticed something and we don’t like it,you have been moving around with that Miller’s daughter,June or whatever” Mrs Garcia said calling June’s name like it’s disgusting and Ryder frowned at that
“What do you mean?”
“Avoid June from now on,that’s all” his dad said
” Why ? I don’t understand”
” You don’t need to understand,just do as we said and everything will be fine”
” This is crazy,you called me here to tell me this sh*t?”
” We have another reason for calling you here. Lily,your maid said she’s pregnant and that you are the owner” his dad said
” She’s lying dad,I’m not the one”
“Did you sleep with her or not?”
” I did but..”
” Case closed then. We are not saying you are going to marry her, God forbid my son marry a maid but we are only interested in the child” His mum said
” I’m in trouble” Ryder said placing his hands on his head…

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  1. In real trouble Ryder
    This fake Jessie will not succeed in whatever evil plans she has against June
    I'm not surprised that Damon had hidden agenda against the Millers

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