THE BET – Episode 23 & 24

Trapped in Love

(Trapped in love…)

THEME: Strong desire


By, Mide L.


Ryder got home after leaving June’s house minutes ago, before he left he made sure she took her medications in his presence

“Welcome Master” Lily greeted and he nodded before sitting on the couch facing the TV

“I saw you on screen today, you looked so cute” She gushed and Ryder smirked

“I’ve always been cute you know” He said proudly

“For sure I have a cute boss, any other Ryder is a counterfeit” Lily said and he chuckled

” Are you really dating that girl you came home with?” Lily asked anxiously

” No why did you asked?”

Lily heaved a sigh of relief ” I thought she’s your girlfriend,I’m grateful she’s not because I can’t afford to lose you”

” What do you mean?”

” There’s something that I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now but I didn’t have the courage to tell you” Lily said fiddling with her fingers

” What is it?”

“I’m pregnant for you” Lily dropped the bombshell and Ryder couldn’t help but laugh

” You must be joking”

“I’m serious Master, remember you were the one that disflowered me on this same couch” Lily said pointing at where he’s sitting

“I’m not a fool Lily”

“I’m saying the truth”

“I know what I’m talking about Lily,I’m definitely not the owner of the pregnancy” Ryder said confidently

” Why are you denying what’s yours?” Lily said

” Get out of my sight now!” He ordered and Lily immediately left

” Fool!”


The door bell rang and Ace stood up going to check who’s at the door

He opened it and was surprised to see Lily

“What are you doing here this late hour?” He questioned

” Can I come in please” She said and Ace opened the door wider so she could enter,he locked the door afterwards before facing her

“Did Ryder send you out of the house?” He asked and she shook her head

” Then what?”

” I’m pregnant” she told him

“Wait what? Just that once we did and you are pregnant already?”

” Yes,I wanted to push it to Ryder maybe he will accept me into his life but he didn’t believe me”

” Keep pushing it to him then,I’m not ready to be a father”

” But how can we make him to accept it”

“I know just want to do but first let’s quickly do a quickie” he winked at her and she got it immediately

Finn is seen coming out of the supermarket with a shopping bag going towards his car when he sighted Jessie

“Jessie!” He shouted out her name and she turned to look at him before rolling her eyes. Finn walked up to her

“What are you doing here?”

“What’s your business with what I’m gonna do here?” She snapped at him

” Easy on me girl,I was just asking”

“It’s a stupid question to ask then”

” Jessie I’m still bent on taking you on a date” he said and she hissed loudly

” Finn just leave me alone,I’m not interested”

” I can see that you are playing hard to get but I will not give up on you” he said

” You wish”

” Can I drive you home? ”

” I never asked you to take me home so kindly leave me alone”

” Suit yourself then” he said and left her going towards his car

June woke up the next morning ,she stood up from the bed, pulled down her nightie on her body and entered the bathroom to freshen up

Once done there,she came out and that was when she heard the door bell ring from downstairs

“I wonder who that is?” She wondered as she wrapped a white towel around her body and went downstairs to open the door

She opened the door and she met Ryder whose eyes widened seeing her in that state

“Ryder what are you doing here early this morning?”

“Came to see you,are you always been this hot every morning?”

” You are such a pervert anyway come in” she said and he entered while she locked the door

” I think you should go wear something before I do something crazy” he said

“Not comfortable seeing me in a towel? ” June teased him

“Don’t make me loose my little control please” he pleaded in a way June finds funny

” Whatever anyway I will be back” June said and went up to her room

She came back wearing a sleeveless white gown reaching her thighs and Ryder couldn’t help but stare

“You are just too hot,ki*ll me already”

“I’m hot as a heater right?”

“Yes baby,taken your medications already?” He asked and June shook her head

” Why will you miss that?” He scolded

“I wasn’t planning on taking it before you came,I need to eat first before I take it”

” Okay I will prepare you something to eat now?”

” You want to cook for me?”

” Yeah and you are gonna love it” he said and she smiled

” I can’t wait then” June jammed her hands together in excitement as Ryder entered the kitchen

“I loved it!” June complimented after they finished eating what Ryder prepared

” I told you that you will love it,I’m a great cook” he said

” I’m proud of you but you can’t beat me in cooking though”

” Then I will shock you, don’t joke with chef Ryder”

” Chef Ryder indeed!” She mocked

” Have you talked to your boyfriend yet?”

” I haven’t,I’m such a useless girlfriend right?” She closed her eyes tight

” How are you a useless girlfriend?”

” I haven’t called him since yesterday after the sh00t,can you believe?”

“Why can’t he also call you?”

” He might be busy”

” It’s you guys problem anyway,I think I should go now because I have places to visit today”

” Okay then ,we are going to catch up later” June said walking him to the door

” Not even a goodbye hug?”

“Okay a friendly hug then” she said and just when they they were about to hug , a car drove in and Damon came out of the car with shades on and he frowned seeing Ryder

“Good morning boify” June greeted going to hug him and he reciprocated

“Bye June” Ryder said entering his car while Damon and June went in

“We need to talk seriously June” Damon said once they entered inside

” What about? ”

” About you and Ryder of course, you both are acting like couples, he’s always in the house almost all the time!” He yelled at her

” He’s just my friend”

“I know but it’s getting pretty annoying these days, you are always with him most of the times!”

” I’m sorry about that”

” Have you ever visited me in my house before? But I’m sure you have gone to his house before” He said and June kept quiet since what he’s saying is nothing but the truth

“If you don’t love me anymore then tell me coz it seems like Ryder is taking over your heart”

” No no I still love you”

” But you’ve changed a lot June” he said sadly

” I am so sorry Damon”

” Sorry won’t solve anything June because you have really changed, the June I know can’t do without calling me twice a day but now I rarely get calls from you” he said and June couldn’t help but feel guilty

” You also changed Damon, you rarely call me too and you don’t have my time again, Ryder is the person that gives me attention and he even ensures that I don’t miss my medications”

” I guess I’m at fault too and I’m sorry, I guess we both need to adjust and act like real couples”

” I will love that” June said

” Permit me to take you out today”

” I’m all yours” June said and he leaned in and pulled her into a deep kiss

“I really missed kissing you, it’s just a pity that Ryder has taste this lips of mine” he said jealously and she chuckled

” Sorry about that”

“That’s tense now, come on baby” he said before sweeping her off her feet

Ryder got to Finn’s house and he met him in the kitchen coming

“Someone’s cooking?” Ryder teased as he joined him in the kitchen

“Yes as you can see it’s pasta,will you eat?”

“Ate already at June’s place” he replied

” Wow now you are eating at her house,that’s progress”

” We are getting pretty close lately”

” So you are still bent on this bet stuff?”

“I’m in it already,I must finish what I started. I’m sure you know Vicky?” Ryder asked

” Yeah your dead cousin” Finn replied

” He’s one of reasons why I’m doing this bet stuff”

” How is he connected to your bet?”

” According to what I read,he committed suicide because he got rejected by June in high school”

” What?! How come you know of this?”

” I came across his diary in our house and I decided to read it. He said in his diary that he had a huge crush on his fellow classmate which is June,he asked her out one day but she humiliated him to the extent that he shed tears and because of humiliation he decided to end his life. I really felt bad after reading that” Ryder said

” That’s really bad,so June has been rejecting boys from highschool”

” So I heard. The one that I will never let go is her rejecting me” Ryder said

” Your dead cousin is really foolish to ki*ll himself because she rejected him”

“Maybe the humiliation was too much for him to handle”

” That doesn’t mean he should ki*ll himself”

” I can’t wait for me to win the bet, I’m getting too attached to her these days and I don’t like it”

” Why?”

” I crave seeing her everyday,I always wanna be with her and I hate it, other girls doesn’t even freak me anymore and that’s more reason to get down with the bet immediately before it gets out of hand”



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