Hidden pleasure – Episode 59

[Strictly professional 💰]

✍️By authoress Mfoniso

Settings: Spanish / African Romance

Tags ☠️: Office romance, love, Hot, Erotic, friendship, billionaire, Fake girlfriend.

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“I can’t believe my sis is all grown up and getting married,” Zuri said emotionally and I chuckled.

” I’m already Married,” I said smirking and she burst out laughing.

” And pregnant too, time flies
you know,” she said as the girls went around doing my makeup.

“you look so beautiful, ” Avy said emotionally as she rubbed my arm.

” Thanks,” I said, smiling.

” Ayomi …may no one cast an evil eye on you. See how beautiful you look ” Aunt Sarifat said grinning from ear to ear.

I nearly chuckled at her choice of outfit. I mean it’s an English wedding and my aunt is fully clad in her Yoruba traditional attire.

” Today is for you dear, I bless you with the blessings of an aunt ” she said and I bowed in respect.

” Ma’am Imani this is for you ” one of the workers said and walked in with a card for me.

I blushed at the teasing looks the girls gave to me. Taking the flashy card, I opened it and read from the card.

*To the beautiful woman who has, coloured my life with her love. We were supposed to keep things strictly professional before we fell madly in love with each other.
I love you my heaven. See you at the altar Mrs Leonardo Delgado *

My eyes stung with tears as I smiled emotionally.

” Awwwwwwwwn he’s so sweet ” Avy cooed from behind me.

” My brother had always been a sweet kid,” Scarlett said coming in with Penelope behind her.

They were already clad in their outfits for the occasion.

” You are looking gorgeous girl,” Penny said excitedly.

” Can’t wait to make you a part of the familia?” she said her Spanish accent very visible in her words.

” Thanks, Penny,” I said with a smile on my face.

” You’re always welcome.” She said smiling.

” Where is the wedding planner? Penny asked and I turned to her.

” Tegs? I asked and she chuckled.

” Yeah, the Nigerian girl. I thought she was your friend. She asked and I gave a nod.

” She’s my best friend,” I said and she smirked.

” Penelope ” Scalertt said warning and she chuckled.

” It’s nothing, babe, I was just curious. Break a leg with the wedding ” she said giving me a flying kiss.

” God forbid, what kind of prayer is that? Aunt Sarifat said in horror.

” It means good luck aunt ” I said and Everyone laughed.

” Can I come in girls? Mom asked from the door.

” Iya,” I said smiling.

She walked in and everyone walked out of the room, giving us a chance to talk.

” Ayomi ” she called as tears rolled out of her eyes.

” Iya…” I said and she held my hand.

” It feels like yesterday when I would give you different reasons as to why a girl should get married. I feel so emotional. Now I know I’m never going to be ready to give my baby out in marriage. ” She said Emotional.

” Mom…” I trailed.

” You’re a light that has shined in the lives of everyone around you. I want you to be happy in your relationship with Leonardo” Mom said and I gave a nod as we smiled happily.

” Eh, enough with the tears Mom. Tears are contagious. Thank God she hasn’t ruined her makeup with the tears ” Omari said walking into my room.

” It’s waterproof makeup ” I said and we all Laughed.

I’m finally gonna tie the knot with the man of my dreams.

” Guys it’s time for the wedding” Tega said coming into my room.

” I’m proud of you, I’m glad I’m gonna be here on your big day,” Tega said and I pulled her into my arms.

” Open up Tegs, it’s high time you heal ‘” I whispered and she stiffened in my arms.

” That’s the best gift you could give to me ” I said and she bit her lower lip.

” Girls ” Mom called from the other side.


” He is already looking like a Married man ” Pierre said and everyone burst out laughing.

” What’s bad about that? I asked teasingly.

” I didn’t think Lee would get married before I do, he used to be scared of women ” Vincenzo teased and the guys burst out laughing.

” you’re the only one who doesn’t have plans of getting married, I’m married,” Erduardo said and they burst out laughing.

The teasing continued for some time before Mom knocked on the door.

” Come in ” I said smiling as she stepped into my room.

She looked gorgeous in her royal blue dress.

” Figlio,” she said Sweetly.

” Madre ” I muttered under my breath and she walked into my arms in a hug.

The guys gave nods and decided to give us time to talk as they all used the exit.

” I’m glad you and Imani are gonna tie the knot today. It has been my biggest wish to watch you get married” she said and hugged me.

” Be a good man, husband and father Leonardo” she said emotionally and I gave a nod, understanding her inner turmoil.

She might act like she hates my dad Sebastiano, but deep down she still loves him.

He lost it all when he let go of his mom for the mafia. She wiped the tears in her eyes and hugged me.

” Can I come in ” we heard his voice and that was the last person I was expecting to see.

My Dad was at the door, with both hands tucked in the pocket of his smart formal pants.

” Good morning Padre ” I said and he gave a nod.

” Dear ” he called Mom, who walked passed him without saying a word.

” I thought you wouldn’t make it to the wedding ” I said and he walked over to where I stood.

” You will only get married once Leonardo, one doesn’t know the day, he or she will meet his or her end. I should be here, saving the memories of my life ” he said and I gave a nod.

” You make me wonder Leon ” he said and I raised my eyebrows at him making him chuckle.

” What it feels like to not hurt people, what it feels like to stay with the one you love. What it feels like to have true companionship ” he said and pinched the bridge of his nose.

” Padre ” I called softly.

” I won’t stay till the end of the wedding. Leonardo,” he called softly.

” Padre,” I said under my breath.

” Try your best to make things work .admit your wrongs and reright them. Don’t let your love marriage hit the rocks ” he said and did some odd reason the words stuck.

” Let’s get going, we do not want to be late for your wedding,” he said as he made his way to the door.

” Padre ” I called and he stopped.

I rushed into his arms and hugged him emotionally.

The hurt, pain, anger and betrayal I felt back then, came out that moment.

He might not be the best father in the world. But he cares, and for the first time in my life, I felt it.

We moved to the Church where the wedding profession began.

I was nervous and my hands were already sweaty.

Mom smiled at me from the congregation
and I relaxed a bit.

Imani came in, and as her dad walked her to the alter, my heart skipped a beat.

It’s like I fell in love with her all over again.

My mind travels through all our memories together, her clumsiness when we first met.

” Sweet baby Jesus ”

” Is this a TikTok trend? This is a TikTok trend ”

” I can’t be your fake girlfriend sir ”

” I love you, Leon ”

I sent my fingers to my eyes as my eyes stung with tears.

She looked emotional too, by the time she got to where I stood patiently.

I extended a hand to her as we made our way to the priest.

The crowd cheered excitedly.

“Today we have gathered here to witness the joining together of two souls …” The priest began the sermon.

Our eyes met and she bit her lower lip to control her tears.

Our wedding was not a full Spanish culture wedding, we had it modernized here and there.

” You may now exchange your vows,” the priest said with a smile on his face.

” Imani,” I said softly as I stared into her beautiful eyes which held a lifetime promise of togetherness.

” My haven, my peace….the love of my life. The woman who completes me. Today in the presence of God and these people, I promise to support you, to listen to you with an open heart. I promise to be your partner in growth. I promise to love and understand you. Today I give you my heart and life, and to be by your side till death do us part .” I said and put the wedding band on her fingers.

The crowd cheered excitedly as she sniffed back tears.

” Sweet ” she called in between her tears My eyes stung with tears immediately after I heard her shaky voice.

” I ….” She opened her mouth to talk and tears gushed out of her eyes.

” It’s okay mi amor” I whispered while rubbing her arms.

” I always thought it would be difficult to find someone, who could understand my craziness and my temper … and the fact that I had a lot of insecurities ..as to why I shouldn’t date But you proved me wrong Leonardo…you are the sweetest gift God gave me.

” In this journey of life, I promise you true companionship. The road might not be easy, but together we will ride. I promise to laugh with you and cry with you. I promise to understand your anger and sadness, I promise to grow with you as we walk this journey from beginning to end .” She said and tears rolled out of my eyes as she wore me the ring.

” I love you Lee” she muttered under her breath.

” I love you, sweetheart”

” You may now kiss the bride ” the priest said and the crowd cheered excitedly as our lips met in a mind-blowing kiss.

” Kiss ”


“Kiss” the crowd chant in unison.

” You may now kiss the groom ” the priest said and Imani Laughed against my lips as we kissed.

Happiness true happiness is all I felt at this moment. I don’t know what life has in store for us or what the future might hold, but I have Imani, and we have our baby on the way what more can I ask from life?

I have my own family and that’s all that matters.

My eyes moved over to the crowd then back in the eyes of my lover.

” Ssshhhh just kiss me again ” she whispered and I chuckled against her lips as we shared another kiss.

The End

I am sorry guys for delaying this story.
But am back now and the story just got more interesting.
A little info into.Tega’s past, her struggle , hidden pains and also the new struggle with Pierre.


  1. Then this is not the end
    Congratulations to Leonardo and Imani

    Please, let the season 2 start unfolding, and don't starve us of the update

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