Hidden Pleasure Episode 58


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✍️By authoress mfoniso

Settings: Spanish / African Romance

Tags ☠️:Office romance, love, Hot, Erotic, friendship, billionaire, Fake girlfriend.

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” I already called the Designer, she’s supposed to come here on time with Penny,” I said and Pierre turned his attention to me.

” Penny? Is she coming over too? He asked in surprise.

” Why do you sound so surprised? I asked and he pinched the bridge of his nose.

” It’s nothing ” he said biting his lower lip.

” Ah, it’s something. Have you forgotten he used to have something with Penelope when we were much younger? They were fvck bodies …” Adonis said teasingly.

” Why are we talking about Pennyy and I? We are here for the wedding. That’s what we are supposed to talk about Mr groom ” Pierre said frowning.

I knew for a fact that he was just trying to dodge the topic at hand.

” I can’t believe you’ll be getting married soon. I thought you’d die a single man ” Adonis said and they burst out laughing.

”The both of you are still single. At least I’m getting married, why am I the one being teased? I asked in amusement.

” You are tying the knot already man, if we don’t tease you now, when are we supposed to tease you? Pierre asked as he leaned on the armchair.

” When are you guys planning to get serious with life I asked and Adonis Laughed.

” I’ll get married at 40, ” Adonis said without thinking twice.

” Wow, you’re even planning to get married? Pierre asked in shock.

” You’re not planning to get married? Adonis and I asked in unison.

” What would I be doing in that marriage? Pierre asked calmly.

” What would I be doing in mine when I enter into it? I asked and he rolled his eyes.

” When am I meeting the wedding planner again? He asked scrolling through his phone.

” Pierre” I called and he chuckled.

” She has refused to set up another meeting with me. I don’t understand her …” He said and I bit my lower lip.

” You were rude to Tegs. When you’re ready to talk to her, start with apologizing first ” he said and my jaws dropped.

“Seriously? He asked in surprise.

” You heard right Pierre,” I said and he sighed.

” Mr Delgado ” I heard a female voice and turned.

” Oh the Designer is here already” I said and stood up.

” Cousin,” Penelope said as the guard helped her bring her luggage inside the house.

She walked over to me as we hugged and exchanged cheek kisses.

” Hey, Adonis. Sugar ” she waved at Pierre.

” Penny,” he said softly and I gave him a look, warning him with my eyes not to hook up with my cousin again.

“I’ll be upstairs Hermano {brother} ” she said and went upstairs.

” Why does she look ten times hotter now? Pierre asked and I smacked his head.

” Ouch …what kind of abuse is that? Are you gonna date your sister or what? He asked frowning.

‘ you’re too destroyed to date anyone’s sister ” I said and Adonis burst into laughter.

” That’s harsh man ” he said frowning as I got up on my feet.

The weeks moved on with our wedding preparations going on smoothly.

Imani and I haven’t gotten the chance to see each other and I miss my woman.

We began our wedding rituals for the South African wedding from the beginning of the week.

It began with the proposal letter exchange. The tradition was held for the wedding.

My family was to send the letter about our intention to marry their daughter and Imani’s family was to reply to the letter confirming if they wanted the marriage to be held at the set date or not.

During the second engagement ceremony which is known as the labola engagement, both her aunties had to create a scene.

Vincenzo’s Dad had attended the wedding in place of Dad who couldn’t travel over for our safety.

The lobola engagement is a traditional event where the groom pays the bride’s price to the family of the bride.

Something confusing to mom, she didn’t get why we had to pay to marry Imani.

She believed she was too precious to be bought, it was funny and cute when she got emotional about buying Imani.

We had to explain that it was just tradition.

The payment symbolizes the union between both of us and our families, as we exchange gifts.

I learnt a lot about their tradition during the wedding. Imani looked extremely beautiful when I saw her walk out of our engagement ceremony.

After the engagement ceremony, we spent three other days going about with the traditional marriage.

The white wedding was scheduled to be held on Saturday, funny Mom didn’t let Imani move in with me even if we are legally married traditionally.

She believed we should have the white wedding first.

Two days after our wedding, there was a major argument in my place, between Aunt Nandi and her aunt Sarifat about Imani’s decision to have a Spanish wedding.

“I decided to have a Spanish wedding I see no reason why y’all have a problem with it ” Imani bursted angrily.

” My problem is the black wedding dress tradition. Ayomide ” her mom said from the opposite end.

” That’s not a problem Imani dear, since your mom is not comfortable with the colour of the traditional dress. You can wear white, it’s quite common nowadays “Mom said smiling.

” Besides your wedding might not follow all the normal Spanish wedding protocols, since you’re both from different races. I think you can change some stuff “Scarlett suggested from the other end.

” This argument should be taking place at my brother’s place, not in the groom’s place! ” Aunt Nandi said frowning.

” The groom or bride’s place is not the bone of contentment here,” Sarifat said irritated.

” I wasn’t talking to you in the first place ” she fired at Sarifat.

” You see that agenda you came with to this wedding,na ogun go ki*ll you! ” Aunt Sarifat said pointing at Aunt Nandi.

” You dirty thing from the slumps .! ” Aunt Nandi spat angrily.

” That’s enough! Stop it okay? Another noise from both of you and you will be bounced out of my wedding functions I swear! Imani burst Angrily.

” Mi Reina {my queen ” I called her softly and rubbed her back.

Her head felt light and she staggered a bit. I pulled her close to me.

” Lee ” she muttered under her breath.

” Are you okay? I asked in concern.

” Hmmn ” she mumbled softly and I heard Zuri scream from behind.

” What’s wrong, ” her mom asked rushing over to us.

” Blood ” Her friend Avy said and just like that the whole house turned upside down.

” My baby,” Imani said in Yannick as tears rolled out her eyes.

” Calm down baby, everything is gonna be alright ‘” I assured her as we rushed her to the hospital.

” You should calm down, everything is going to be alright,” Adonis said softly as he patted my shoulder.

” How am I supposed to stay calm when Imani was bleeding a while ago? What if something happened to our baby? I asked in fear.

The doctor came out after a while and I rushed over to him.

” How is my fiancee? I asked Yannick.

” She’s fine sir, the patient was just spotting which is normal for most pregnant women during the early stage of pregnancy, it can happen due to stress and in most cases, it leads to miscarriage.

” The patient should be careful, so this doesn’t repeat itself” he advised.

” Thank you Doctor” I said and Mom rushed over to me.

” How is she son? She asked and I gave a nod.

” She’s out of danger ”

” And the baby? Her mom asked. I noticed she was already crying out of worry.

” Both mother and child are fine Iya” I said and she sighed in relief.

” Wait, so y’all are gonna pretend like Imani being pregnant before the wedding is not a problem? Aunt Nandi asked in disgust.

” With all due respect ma’am. Do not talk about my fiance like that, she is not a bad person, I got her pregnant and we are getting married, she is a well-mannered and nice girl, I love and appreciate her. Your opinion or anyone else’s does not count. ” I said out of anger.

” Ah, do you even hear what this Spanish guy just said to me? She asked Angrily.

” I will appreciate it if you do not attend our wedding ma’am. You’re not the kind of energy we need during our Union ” I added much to her dismay.

” Lee…” Scarlet tried to stop me.

” I’m sorry but the Same goes for you ma’am Sarifat, if you cause a scene, you’ll be asked out of the wedding! I burst Angrily.

” Imani and I are grown enough to make our own decisions, we know what we want. It’s our decision if we want to be intimate before marriage or after marriage. If she’s pregnant due to the countless times we did it. It’s our responsibility. Not the business of any of you or the societies. ” I burst angrily.

” Leonardo that’s enough “Pierre said holding my arm.

” I don’t want to see that woman during the wedding I’m fvcking serious, she’s stressing my woman out. ” I said calmly and Mom rubbed her forehead at my outburst.

” I am sorry for my behaviour. It is uncalled for, but I just could not bring myself to ignore Nandi and her rubbish “Aunt Sarifat said and I turned to her.

” What do you mean by my rubbish? You can’t stand there and say trash about me ”

” Ajeh!, That’s what you are. You fly in the daytime but your wings would catch fire today! ” Sarifat said and just like that, they got into another fight.


” Are you okay? Leon asked as he kissed my forehead and then lips.

“Hmm, I’m sorry for scaring you,” I said rubbing his hands.

” It’s okay, I’m glad we brought you here on time, I can’t imagine what would have happened if we were late,” he said and I smiled.

” We are in this together Imani. Always remember that ” he said and I gave a nod as my eyes stung with tears.

This man is just the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me.

I stayed in bed throughout the following day before our friends threw us a joint party at one of the biggest clubs in the city.

Dad was furious at his sister for her insensitivity and cruel words.

Erduardo was quite late but made it right in time for the party.

Surprisingly he was wearing his wedding band.

” Eddy,” I said Sweetly as he pulled me in her hug.

” Hope you’re good Imani? He asked in concern.

” I’m fine married man, How is your wife? ” I asked and he chuckled.

” Camila is fine ” he said pinching the bridge of his nose.

I decided not to push it too much.

I watched as Penny twerked on Pierre crazily.

One thing I noticed about Penelope and Pierre was the fact that they had something in the past.

I mean the way he’s comfortable around her and the way she sits on his lap and all, it’s so confusing.

One minute he’s here with Tegs and then…I just don’t get it.

” Heyyyyyy bride to be ” Tega said hugging me from behind.

” Are you okay? I asked with concern.

” Yeah, I’m fine, why do you think I’m not? She asked and I looked at her suspiciously.

” Where’s Avy by the way? She changed the topic.

” I saw her with Adonis a while ago, those two seem pretty close She should be careful. Lee’s friends do not have to settle down on their lists just yet. I don’t want my girls getting hurt ‘” I said and she laughed.

” She’s a big girl I’m sure she can take care of herself ” Tegs said and I smiled.

The heart doesn’t listen sometimes, after all, we can all take care of ourselves.

But sometimes, the heart wants what it wants.



  1. Those two needed to be put in their rightful place.
    They should not come and cause katakata in my girl's wedding

  2. I knew it from the onset that there was definitely going to be some drama. I'm happy Leon was man enough to put them in their rightful places!!!

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