Hidden pleasure episode 57


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✍️By authoress Mfoniso

Settings: Spanish / African romance

Tags :
Hot, Erotic, friendship, billionaire
Fake girlfriend.

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” Leon ! ”

” Lee ” I heard Imani’s voice as she moved around the room in Yannick.

” Mi cielo {my heaven } I called from under the bed.

” Wait, you’re in here,” she said and bent down to check where my voice was coming from.

” Jesus,” she said and burst out laughing.

” How are we gonna get me out of this house now? Your brief aunt has a mission to stop this wedding or something. What’s her problem? I asked with a frown on my face.

” C’mon, I’m sorry for everything. I did not intend for you to get into this mess. But how did you fit under this bed? She asked in surprise. I noticed she bit her lip to control the Laughter that threatened to escape her mouth.

” It’s not funny,” I said as I tucked both hands in the pocket of my sweatpants.

” I’m sorry ” she said kissing gesturing for me to bend my head.

I bent to her level and she kissed my forehead.

My heart warmed up at her sweetness.

She sneaked me out of her parent’s house from the back door and immediately we got out of the gate, I heaved a sigh of relief.

” I’m sorry sweet,” She said smiling.

” It’s okay. I need to be home, I’ll see you at the airport” I said and kissed her goodbye.

Immediately I got to my place, I noticed Mom and Scarlett standing outside with teasing looks.

” Hey lover boy ” she said teasingly.

” Please don’t tease me, I’m tired and sleepy ”

” I guess Imani didn’t let boo boo sleep last night,” Scarlett said teasingly.

” You’re crazy, “I said as they laughed crazily.

” We already got everything ready. When are we leaving? Mom asked excitedly.

” When her mom calls us, ” I said and went upstairs to freshen up and get changed.

The thought of her Dad seeing me in her room made chills run down my spine.

I would’ve been done for. How would I have explained without any evidence?

*Let’s meet up at the airport *

I got down the stairs with my bag for the trip, Mom and Scarlett joined me downstairs and the guards took our stuff to the car.

Immediately we got to the airport, Imani rushed over to me and engulfed me in a hug.

Mom and her mother decided it was the best time to hug each other.

” I have missed you Yumi,” Mom said excitedly.

” Yemi ” her mom corrected her whilst laughing.

We board the flight and she lays her head on my lap.

” Are you comfortable babe? I whispered and she opened her eyes lazily.

” It’s a trip that will take us almost 5-6 hours I should sleep ” she said and I gave a nod.

Throughout the trip, Imani woke up in between to eat, which was the cutest thing as I made sure she felt comfortable throughout the trip.

” She’s such a foodie ” Her mom said watching her sleep in my arms.

” She must be so tired ” I said playing with a strand of her hair.

” You must love her a lot,” her mom said emotionally and I smiled.

” Imani has taught me what true happiness means and it has been a pleasure ” I said and her mom gave a nod.

” Agreeing to come to know her maternal people proves just how much you love her Leonardo. I know my daughter is in good hands ” she said and I gave a nod as my heart warmed up.

We landed in Nigeria quite late. The reservations we made for cars pulled up to the Murtala Mohammed airport to pick us up.

Iya Imani stayed in front of the car, leading us towards their family house.

Her sister Zuri joined us for the trip.

I was nervous about our trip to Nigeria, but throughout the trip, her people made it fun for us.

I met another of her aunts called Sarifat, I couldn’t help but wonder how someone could be so slim.

She had some native marks on her face which Imani explained was called tribal marks.

She was very energetic and seemed to have something against her other aunt Nandi.

Immediately she met us, her first question was if Nandi would attend the wedding.

Please don’t tell me, they’re gonna use our wedding as the best time to fight.

Mom and Scarlett seem to be enjoying the trip.

They had a serious argument about the venue for the traditional marriage and after a lot of persuading, it was decided that the Nigerian wedding would take place at the venue where the other weddings would take place.

Aunt Sarifat did not agree initially, but she seemed to be more understanding than Aunt Nandi who hated us for no reason.

We spent three days in Nigeria before returning to Capetown.

” Nandi should not say nonsense in that wedding or else, I will decorate her face. I don’t tolerate nonsense” I remembered her saying one time during our stay in Nigeria.

The wedding is gonna be really dramatic.


” Imani you have been tasting different cakes since you got here and you have not made up your mind on what you want for the wedding ” Tega said in horror as she checked her watch.

” But I want all of them ” I said and I don’t know why I felt like crying at this point.

” Don’t tell me she wants to cry now ” Avy said in surprise.

” Please don’t cry, I’m not Leonardo, please! ” Tega said in frustration.

” Why do you sound so frustrated “I asked and she rubbed her forehead.

” We have been here for hours Imani we barely have time before the wedding” she said rubbing her head tiredly.

” It’s not my fault that I like all of them, ” I said and Tega Laughed.

“Ma’am I think I know the perfect cake for you ” the Caterer said excitedly.

” Really? I asked in relief.

” I’ll be right back,” she said and left in a hurry, only to come back with a plate.

I tasted it and closed my eyes relishing the burst of different types of flavours in my mouth.

” Wow this is Yummy,” I said smiling.

” You like it right? Tega asked typing something on her pad.

” I’m sorry for stressing you out like this Tegs ” I said hugging her sideways as we strolled out of the place together.

” It’s okay I’m good ” she muttered under her breath.

” When is the chef going to be available? She asked trying her best not to freak out.

” Pierre? I asked fighting the smile on my lips.

” Whatever his name is,” she said frowning.

” Am I missing something? “Avyrll asked teasingly.

” I don’t want to talk anything ” Tega said and I chuckled.

” Why does this sound funny to the both of you? She asked frowning.

” I’ve never seen you hate anyone this much, ” I said and she sighed.

” The guy didn’t stand you up, so how will you understand? In my own opinion Mr pepper sauce is rude arrogant and …..and…..” She trailed in frustration.

” Pierre ” I corrected her.

” Pinguin linguine whatever his name is, I don’t care” she spat while fuming angrily.

” I’m sorry Tegs ” I said and she gave a nod.

I left the girls Quiet early and When I got to my dad’s, I was shocked to see Aunt Sarifat at our house.

” Good evening Aunt,” I said trying to hide my surprise.

” Imani dear, my beautiful niece, come here. You are glowing like the bride-to-be that you are ” Aunt said grinning from ear to ear and I blushed red.

” Ah, sarifat you are here? ” Mom asked in equal surprise.

” Why won’t I come I? If Navidi is here, why shouldn’t I come? Aunt Sarifat asked frowning.


I smell war.

” The name is Nandi! I don’t understand why they let people like you escape the mental asylum in Nigeria ” Aunt Nandi said Angrily.

Oh Jesus

” Holy ghost fire! ” Aunt screamed Making everybody flinch.

” Why is she screaming? Aunt asked.

” Even the bible says there is no peace for the wicked. You and your wicked plans for this wedding will not come to pass. We have been waiting for Ayomide’s wedding and this canopy must be set in this compound. Even if the groom is red or white, it’s not your business you are only a guest. ” Aunt Sarifat said Angrily.

” So I am the wicked? Aunt Nandi asked Angrily.

” Is there any other wicked person around here? Aunt Sarifat asked.

” It’s okay Auntie” I said calmly.

” Don’t talk when your elders are talking Ayomide?” Aunt Sarifat said.

” Imani. Her name is Imani, she did not ask for a Nigerian name ” Aunt Nandi said angrily.

” Ayomide is her name ”

” Imani is her name ”

” Something is wrong with your head ”

” Just like it is wrong with your head too. You look like a stick of spaghetti, I shouldn’t waste my time talking to you. ” Aunt Nandi said Angrily.

” Ah ah ah Oluwa oh! Navidi! Did you just call me a stick of spaghetti? ”

” Go to Lagos and ask! I am not someone you should be tempted by. Do you think you can insult me? You that is as brief as a briefcase ” Aunt Said and Mom and I burst into laughter.

I couldn’t control it anymore.

Aunt Nandi rushed Aunt Sarifat and a fight broke out in our sitting room.

Dad and Omari came in just in time to separate the both of them.

A lot of drama awaited me before Leon and I got married.

The next morning I received a call from my man.

” Hey sweet'” I said Sweetly.

” Pierre and Adonis have arrived. Eddy can’t make it till the wedding ” he said and I smiled excitedly.

Now the real fun is about to begin. I can’t wait to tie the knot with my ma. Thinking of it makes me Emotional.



  1. ahhhhhh
    chaiiii…..my ribs are about to break oooo
    this two aunts are gonna make the wedding soooo lively
    thanks for the update author
    more inspirations
    love you the best

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