Hidden pleasure Episode 55


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✍️By authoress mfoniso

Settings:Spanish / African romance

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Hot, Erotic, friendship, billionaire
Fake girlfriend.

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” You have spoilt all your children mandla .” I heard her voice as she argued with Dad.

I shouldn’t have snapped at her like that, but it’s not my fault.

That woman annoys the living daylights out of me.

My phone rang immediately I got into my room.

” Hey,” I said and dropped my bag on the table in front of me.

” How was it? ” He asked from the other end.

” I talked back at her, she was being too annoying,” I said and I can imagine him shaking his head in disapproval.

“She’s still your aunt mi Cielo,” he said calmly.

” You said it yourself, my aunt. She should start acting like one ” I said and he laughed.

” So, are you sleeping over at your parents ? he asked curiously.

“Yeah. I have my things here, don’t worry you can call me up when your mom and Scarlett arrive.” I said and he laughed.

” You’re already planning the things you wanna do when you see them ” He teased me.

” Mind your business, my soon-to-be in-laws are my priority ” I said and he burst out laughing from the other end.

” I’m supposed to be your priority, mi Riena { my queen } ” He said making me shake my head in amusement.

” I’ll call you later Lee. Remember to eat something, and please don’t stay awake acting like you are married to your laptop ” I said and he chuckled deeply.

” Love you sweet,” I said softly and I can imagine his face stretching with a smile.

” Call me before going to bed. ” He said and I gave a nod before agreeing to it.

” What did you do to your aunt Nandi? She’s causing a scene downstairs ” Mom said coming into my room.

” It’s hard to not talk back at her when she acts like that ” I said trying to stop myself from getting angry.

” You should learn to avoid your aunt. We don’t want her having issues with your Dad and starting any drama during the wedding functions ” Mom said and I gave a nod in obedience.

Aunt Nandi has never liked my mom and she wasted no time in proving that point.

According to her, Dad was better than Mom in every aspect and should have gotten married to someone of high social status.

She had caused a lot of trouble at the beginning of my parent’s marriage before she got used to the fact that Mom had come to stay.

I ignored Aunt Nandi throughout the day and even refused to come downstairs for dinner.

I ate in my room and spent the evening on a video call with my Fiancee

The next morning I received a text from Leonardo, telling me his mom and sister had arrived.

I changed into comfortable clothes and his driver came to pick me up from my parents.

” Mom I’m going over to Leon’s. His mom and sister have arrived ” I said and she gasped.

” So what are you wearing? Do you want to go over to your in-laws dressed like that? Mom asked going all, African mother on me.

” His mom and sister already know me, Mom. It’s not like it’s their first time seeing me ” I said biting my lower lip to stop myself from laughing.

” Even if it’s not their first time seeing you. You and Leon are about to get married, besides you’re going to be a mother soon. All these spaghetti dresses ” she said and I checked out my dress.

Mom would always complain about what Zuri and I wear, she likes girls dressing decently.

But I like wearing what I like, besides my guy is already comfortable with me.

” Besides tell your soon-to-be in-laws that I will be hosting them in our house tomorrow. Before we go to Nigeria the day after “Mom said and went into the kitchen, leaving no room for argument.

I chuckled softly and made my way outside.

” Good afternoon Miss Imani” the driver greeted in respect and I smiled at him.

” Good morning Josh,” I said and sat down in the back seat.

I scrolled through my phone as he drove towards Leon’s place.

*I’m back in town, we should meet to talk about the wedding later *

*Sure, let’s meet later I’m on my way to Leon’s * I texted back and smiled.

I loved how supportive the girls were at this point. Especially Tega.

She put her Attention into this and it’s just so sweet.

” Hey Love ” Leon called sweetly as he pulled me into his arms.

” One day and you’re already acting as if, I stayed there for a hundred days ” I teased and he chuckled.

” Hey, love birds. Pregnancy looks good on you sweetheart ” Scarlett said sweetly as she pulled me in her arms.

” Madre, Imani is here ” she called and I heard her mother’s cheerful scream as she rushed towards us.

“Honey,” she said and I blushed.

” Thank you so much dear, finally we are gonna have you as part of our family. Officially my daughter in-law ” she said making my cheeks heat up in a blush.

Leon and I are not married yet and she’s already referring to me as her daughter-in-law.

“It’s good to see you,” I said whilst hugging her sweetly.

” Scar and I will be joining you in Nigeria, to meet your mother’s side of the family before the wedding begins” she said excitedly.

I gasped in shock. I knew Scarlet was interested in travelling with us to Nigeria, but I didn’t expect his mom to be interested too.

We talked for a while about random stuff, the wedding and then had lunch together.

” I would have stayed longer but I need to catch up with a few friends,” I said and Scar smiled.

” Can I join you, Imani, please?” she said Sweetly.

” Sure ”

” We’re going to meet Avy and Tega, Sweet,” I said to Leonardo and he kissed my forehead.

” Text me once you’re done ” he said and I gave a nod.

Scarlet and I left for Avy’s place together.

” Ashewooooo !” Avy hailed loudly and stopped shouting immediately her eyes met Scarlett.

She choked on her words and started coughing badly.

” Devil runneth when no man pursueth him, let the children of God say hallelujah ” Tega said drinking from her glass of wine as she dropped her laptop on the table.

Avy glared at the both of us whilst Scarlet seemed to be enjoying the banters.

I noticed Tega was wearing nothing but a see-through polo that exposed her pretty breasts and white panties.

Her fluffy diamond-laid slippers and her reading glasses on.

” Hey I’m Tegs and this is Avy,” She said gesturing towards Averyl.

” This idiot’s best friend ” Avy added.

” So am the idiot? I asked in shock.

” Another idiot dey for here? { Is there any other idiot here } ” Tega asked in pidgin.

” Our potential sister-in-la, come and have a sit. What would you like to have? Avy asked imitating Tega’s Nigerian accent.

” I do not blame the both of you, ” I said as they laughed at my expense.

” You that was scared of knacking ” Tega teased.

” Don’t bring that up?” I said blushing.

” What’s knacking? Scar asked in confusion.

” You don’t know what knacking is? Avy asked in amusement.

” It’s new ” Scar said and my cheeks heated in embarrassment.

” Knacking is Tatatatar ” Tega said making slapping sounds with her hands and the girls burst out laughing.

” You girls are definitely friendship goals ,I so wanna join this trio ” She said laughing.

” So what are your plans for the wedding ? She asked interested.

Just like that we started talking about my wedding.

The next day mom went all over the place, preparing for the Delgado’s arrival.

” I still think I should cook my signature pepper soup Imani .what’s dinner without pepper soup ? She asked frowning.

” And have your in-laws run away . Remember what happened to your potential son in-law ? Zuri teased her , reminding us about the first time leonardo tried pepper soup .

Mom nearly killed my boyfriend for me .

” Mom ,the inlaws belong to Imani ,you should breath before you faint ” Omari said and his wife laughed .

” Become a mother who’s daughter is about to get married and you’d get how I feel .” Mom said nervously.

” Leon’s family are nothing like you think they are . They’re down to earth and will make you feel extremely comfortable .” I said and Zuri burst into laughter.

” What’s funny? I asked turning in her direction.

” God when? I laugh in Nigeria ” she said dramatically.

” You should move to Nigeria ” I said teasingly and she glared at me.

” Remember when Zuri was so in love with her Nigerian boyfriend from freshman year? Omari asked and Zuri threw a cushion at him from where she sat.

He caught it in between his hands as he laughed.

” Zuri, how many men did you date ni? Mom asked her Yoruba accent very obvious in her words.

” Mom I don’t know what they’re talking about ” she said as Om and I laughed.

” Denial ” Omari said teasingly and his wife hit him on the shoulder.

” Ah, it’s women supporting women now ” he said and we all burst into laughter.

I’m going to miss all of this when Leon and I eventually move back to Costa Rica.

Around 7 p.m. Dad joined us at the dining table.

” They’re here ” Mom said smiling and I chuckled at her excitement.

She has always wanted me to get married and now, seeing that slowly turn into a reality was a source of happiness for her.


” What’s Imani’s family like Figlio? I think the gifts I bought are not enough “Mom said nervously and Scarlett chuckled.

” Mom buying too many gifts will make them feel you’re trying to buy their love. Her Dad is not moved by material things. ” I said calmly.

” But that is not my intention,” she said frowning.

” Exactly, so let things flow on their terms,” I said and she smiled.

” I’m just so excited. I hope they see just how much we love Imani ” she said and Scarlett hugged her sideways.

Throughout the ride, Mom kept asking me about her family.

We arrived at her family house, and Imani came out to welcome us.

” Sweetheart” Mom said kissing both sides of her cheeks.

” Good Evening Mr and Mrs. Lerato” Mom said exchanging pleasantries with her parents.

” Leonardo ” her Dad called as I greeted him and we shook hands.

” Hey man ” Om said giving me a bro hug.

Dinner went in a way I did not expect, our moms bonded immediately.

” This is so delicious and eating it with bare hands makes me feel African ” Mom said making all of us laugh.

Imani’s aunt joined us halfway through dinner and started glaring at everyone unnecessarily.

Sometimes I wonder why a woman so brief would be so intimidating.

I don’t even know why she doesn’t like me, it’s annoying Seriously.

” We’re gonna go shopping for the wedding together Yema! ” Mom squealed excitedly.

” Yemi ” her mom correctly while laughing.

” That day our gele will show them pepper,” her mom said laughing and mom gave nods in agreement.

” Whatever that is, I agree, “Momm said as they hugged each other.

Imani and I didn’t get the chance to hug each other.

” You must be missing your sweetheart ” Scarlet teased immediately as I drove into my compound.

” Yeah,” I said and she chuckled.

” I’m so sleepy. Today was fun ” Mom said strolling upstairs.

” She’ll be yours soon ” Scar said hugged me then went upstairs too.

I went to my room, freshened up and changed Into a joggers and plain shirt.

I tried to sleep and my phone rang after some time

I checked the caller ID and it was my girlfriend.

” Mi Luz {my light }

” Leon, can you come over? She asked softly.

” Come over like right now? To your father’s house? I asked in horror.

” Hmmn” she muttered under her breath.

” Why? I asked in horror.

The thought of going there with her Dad and brief aunt around scared the sh#t out of me.

” What do you mean by why? I can’t fvcking sleep ” she said getting angry.

” I… I’m coming” I said and wore my room slippers.

Picking my phone and car keys I made my way out of my mansion.

It was almost midnight and this woman wanted me at her father’s house.


I hope I don’t get into trouble.


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