Hidden Pleasure episode 53


[Strictly Professional]

✍️By authoress Mfoniso

Settings : Spanish / AfricanRomance

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Hot , Erotic, friendship , billionaire
Fake girlfriend.

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” Is everything okay? I asked my fiancee and she chuckled.

“I think Pierre and Tega won’t be on good terms. She just called and by the sound of her voice ,she’s furious ” she said with a soft chuckle.

” Please tell me he did not hit on her, ” I said in horror.

” I don’t think so ,she said something about him standing her up. ” Imani said as she shook her head.

” I’m sure she’ll come around. Pierre should be careful though . She has anger issues . We do not want to end up with our wedding planner in jail ” she said and I burst into laughter.

” I’ll call him up ” I said and she raised her eyebrows in amusement.

” You want to call him up ? She asked and I sat next to her .

Scrolling through my phone ,I call him.

” He, man,” he said immediately he picked up and I could literally hear the Exhaustion in his voice.

” You sound tired ? I said and he sighed .

” Yeah ,I had a phase with my parents and it really took a toll on me . But I’m good , Work was hectic today ” he said and I chuckled.

” Hectic ? You stood up the wedding planner ? I asked going straight to the point.

” Wait don’t tell me the lady went complaining to you ? ” He asked in shock .

” She’s best friends with Imani ,you shouldn’t have done that to her ” I said and he sighed .

” That girl has zero patience . She caused a scene because I stood her up . Talk about an arrogant woman ” he sighed softly.

” You should try being civil with her , the wedding is in three weeks ” i said and he cursed under his breath.

” Three weeks ? Fvck ! You and Imani are so eager to get married man ,you guys are making the singles look I’m serious”” he said laughing and I joined him .

” You’re crazy .”

” How is Adonis ? I asked rubbing my forehead.

” He went to Greece . I’ll call you later ” he said and I sighed .

” Try Calling the wedding planner …” I trailed .

” I’m not calling her up , if she doesn’t call me it’s fine. Her pride is on a while new level ” he said annoyed .

I’ve never heard Pierre so riled up in my life.

” Tega is a sweet girl ,I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding ” I said and he sighed .

” Fine , Imani should talk to her friend though ” he said and ended the call .

” How did it go ? Imani asked curiously.

” Those two should not end up killing each other before the wedding ” I said and she laughed.

” I’m sure they will be fine ” she said and I kissed her full cheeks .

” My uncles will be coming over to my Dad’s to talk about the wedding . We are both supposed to go with my mom to Nigeria to also tell her family about the wedding ” she said softly.

” To Nigeria ? I asked coughing slightly.

” Yes ,to Nigeria” she said and I gave a nod .

” Can you please work from home for these three weeks ? It’s gonna be too much on you ” she said and I pinched the bridge of my nose .

” I’ll think about it ” i said kissing her lips.

” Bad guy ” she teased as I spanked her butts .

The next morning ,she had something really important to attend to and had to leave the house early .

My phone rang and it was a video call from Scar.

” Hey sis ” I said immediately I picked up the call.

” Hey soon to be groom ,how is the bride ?
She asked teasingly.

” She went out . I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we will be tieing the knot in three weeks ” I said calmly.

” Awwwwwwwwn ,I’m so emotional,you know.” She said dramatically.

‘ mom and I want to help with the wedding planning too . So we will be coming over to Capetown in a week’s time ” she said and my jaws dropped.

” Wait what ? Don’t you have work to take care off ? What about your kids ? I asked in shock .

” You’re making it sound like a few weeks away from my business will bring it down . I’m a freaking billionaire dude ” she said and I chuckled.

” You guys shouldn’t bring down my house with craziness. Besides Imani and I are going to meet her maternal family in Nigeria soon ” I said and she squiled.

‘I’m sure mom and I will love to join you ” Scar said excitedly.

” But…” I trailed .

” Love you loonie tunes” she said and cut the call .

” Oh God ” I groaned in frustration.

I can’t believe they’re planning to go see her maternal family with me . I’m done for .

Getting up ,I wore my room slippers and walked over to my room .

I set up an outing with imani’s older brother in my quest to try and bond with him .

I changed into a white button down shirt and blue geans . Pairing it with white designer converse .

I tucked my phone in my back pocket . Picked my wallet and car keys .

We were supposed to meet at a particular game house and play Games with his guys .

I’m hoping this doesn’t end up Akwared .

I did not know my way around and did not want to take a driver . The last thing I want, is her brother feeling like I’m flaunting wealth or something.

After almost getting lost even with the help of the GPS , I managed to reach the location .

” Hey man ” he said and walked over to me.

He gave me a bro hug which warmed my heart immediately.

” I’m sorry I’m late ,I kinda got lost ” I apologized in embarrassment.

” It’s okay dude . It happens sometimes ” he said walking in front as he introduced me to his friends.

At first the whole thing was Akwared until I started getting the hang of it .

We played different games and Omari although looked strict ,he was not as intimidating as his father .

” I didn’t expect you to accept my invitation” he said after his Friends decided to call it a night .

” Really ? I asked in suprise.

” You’re a busy man ” he said calmly .

” You’re a busy man too Omari ,if you can create time out of your day to meet with me and try to create a bond ,I should be able to do the same ” I said and he smiled .

” You’re a humble guy Leonardo . Now I see how you stole my sister’s heart and knocked her up ” he said and goodness I felt like the ground should open and swallow me as he laughed.

Everyone in imani’s life need filter .

How do you have a conversation with your woman’s older brother when he just mentioned the fact that you had sex with his baby sister .

” I want to trust you Mr Delgado . Hurt my sister and I’ll hunt you down wherever you are and fvcking murder you” he said and I gave a nod .

I’ve received a lot of threats, hurting my woman is the last thing on my mind .

She makes me happy and content.

The drive back to my house was quiet and smooth .

I stopped by the mall and got a restock of Imani’s snacks .

Getting into the mansion , I noticed she was back because I could perceive the sweet smell of dinner .

” Mi Cielo” I called with my hands tucked in my pocket.

” Hey sweet ” she said strolling out of the kitchen.

My heart warmed up at the sight of her .

I can’t wait to get used to this when we get married . Imani cooking for me as my legal wife.

” Has anyone told you how beautiful you look ? I asked her pulling her in my arms .

” Hun hun I know where this is going ,that’s how you bend me over and knocked me up ” she said and my jaws dropped.

” So now , nobody is seeing the fact that you used your character ,body and food to charm me ? I asked and she laughed.

” Go freshen up ,let’s have dinner ” she said getting on her toes and placing a sweet kiss on my lips.

” I’ll be right back ” I said and made my way upstairs.


” Mom ” I said as my mom glared at me from the opposite end .

” Listen to me Ayomi . Your father’s sister is not someone you should tell your pregnancy . First of all , she has always had a problem with me and now she would start questioning my upbringing . I don’t want her to find out you’re heavy at least not until we invite her to the naming ceremony ” mom said and I raised my eyebrows at her .

” Really ? I asked with a chuckle.

” When last did you meet your Aunt Nandi ? She asked frowning.

” I think I was eight ” I said as I remembered just how strict the woman was .

The woman was a strict woman with high standards towards life .

She always had a problem with Zuri’s dress sense . My mother’s background or the fact that my mom was Nigerian.

Each time she came to spend time at our place , everyone walks around on egg shells .

She complains about everything ,I heard her son married an Indian woman .

I can imagine the shege { trouble } the girl is seeing .

” Ayomi do you understand ? My mom asked frowning.

” Fine Iya ‘ I said fighting my smile.

Mom got up and left my room .

We were currently at my parents for the family meeting .

Dad’s people where in the sitting room and interrogating my man like he’s a criminal.

I don’t understand why they feel he’s gonna run away with or something.

It took Dad a lot of time to trust him and now his people.

Mom and Om promised to make sure they take it easy on him .

” Smile they are not eating your man up ” Zuri said patting my back slightly.

” There is nothing to calm down for . Leon must be feeling so uncomfortable right now . Is loving me a crime . Everybody should chill .” I said frowning.

Zuri Laughed and I shook my head .

” Why are you frowning your face like a soared soup ? My father’s sister asked coming in .

Zuri and I stood up immediately.

” Good evening aunt Nandi ” We said in unity.

” Whatever happened to our Language ? She spat In Afrikaan.

Zuri rolled her eyes in frustration.

” Where is Mandla ? She asked frowning.

” Baba is inside with the family” i said and she walked passed me .

” This short Tea cup and her tantrums.” Zuri spat and my jaws dropped as I laughed.

There’s gonna be a lot if drama before we eventually get married.


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  1. Indeed there's going to be a lot of drama this few weeks to come. I just hope it doesn't destroy anything sha!!!

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