Hidden Pleasure -Episode 52


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✍️By authors Mfoniso

Settings : Spanish / African romance

Tags :
Hot, Erotic, friendship, billionaire
Fake girlfriend.

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” Babbbbbe ! ” She screamed dramatically as she ran into my arms.

” Careful mi Cielo { my heaven } ” I said fighting the smile that threatened to escape my lips as I kissed her forehead.

” I missed you baby ” I said Caressing her forehead.

” I missed you more ” she said snuggling close to me.

” Mom and I patched things up. It’s been almost a week and Dad is still soar about the whole pregnancy stuff. But he has told me he wants to see you immediately after you get back from Costa Rica” she said walking back into the sitting room.

I fixed my eyes on her beautiful crop top that exposed her pretty stomach.

Surprisingly she still hasn’t grown a visible bump yet she looks so cute. My eyes fixed on her waist and I froze at the sight of how her backside moved under what she had against her waist.

She was barefooted and I noticed an anklet on her feet that I hadn’t seen her wearing before .
” Mi Reina” I called and she turned to me with a bright smile on her face .

” Hmmn ” she replied with her eyebrows and I gestured towards the wrapper on her waist .
” You haven’t seen me like this before since we started dating ? She asked shocked .

” Nope ” I muttered under my breath.

” you look so eatable right now I won’t even pretend like I’m not turned on, ” I said and she laughed.

” You just arrived ,you should rest not strategize ways to get in my pants ” she said blushing.

” But I miss being in between your legs ” I said as I spanked her butt playfully

” Leon ” she laughed .

I pulled her into my arms as she smiled sweetly .

” You’re so beautiful ,inside and outside” I whispered in her ears .

” Glad you feel so ” she said and I chuckled.

” I know so ” I whispered against her lips and before we knew it ,we were kissing and touching intimately .

I’m so into this woman that just one touch from her and I’m already a goner.

I carried her in my arms towards our room where we made love .

” Lee ” she called as I played with the her hair .

” Can we go ahead and see my Dad today ? She asked nervously.

” It’s okay if you’re not ready to face him yet we can ….” She trailed in pannick .

” Hey. …calm down” I said holding her hands sweetly.

” I want to meet him okay. No matter how angry he is at me , I didn’t ki*ll anyone .” I said and she smiled sweetly.

” I love you treasure” she said kissing my cheeks .

” I love you more sweetheart” .
She fell asleep on the bed out of tiredness ,I really exhausted my women .

My mind went back to the way I drove into her. Her soft whimpers and cries as I made love to her .

Her tightness against my lower region.

No matter how many times we do it ,she’s still so tight that it’s sometimes scary .

I can’t help but wonder how she’s going to push out our baby .

I shook the negative thoughts that tried to invade my mind and got down from the bed .

Went into the bathroom to freshen up .

As the cold water graced my body ,I sighed in relief .

It wasn’t too long before I heard her footsteps as she came into join me .
” I thought you wanted to sleep for some time ? I asked as she stood there watching me bathe.

” You look so beautiful under the shower ” she said biting her lower lip .

” Beautiful ? I asked fighting the urge to laugh.

Pregnancy has started messing with my woman’s vocabulary.

We Freshened up together and made dinner .

While she helped set the table ,We heard the doorbell.

” I think we have a visitor” I said and she smiled .

” I’ll just go ahead and check who’s at the door ” I said making my way towards the door.

” Heyyyyyy Leonardo ” the dark-skinned girl whom I immediately recognized as her friend Tega waved at me .
” Hey Tegs ,Come in “, I said moving away for her to step in .
” Tega” my girlfriend said in suprise to see her .

” You didn’t tell me your man was around” she teased her .

” I didn’t know he was around myself ,he just walked in few hours ago ” she said as they hugged briefly.

” How is Avy ? She asked her friend.

” Having Daddy issues as usual . Tonight was really bad , I wanted to stay over to help ,but she wouldn’t talk to anyone in that state ” Tega said and I figured they were talking about their friend Avyrll.

We had dinner together after which we went ahead to talk about the kind of wedding both wanted
Tega’s work ethic is really beautiful.

” I can recommend someone for the cooking services .” She said while scrolling through her working pad.

I guess that’s what she was about to talk about with Imani before she walked in on the both of us,o it was the perfect timing.

” Oh, Actually my friend is a Chef and he has got everything about the cooking covered. I think I should give you a list of people you should get acquainted with since you’re the wedding planner” I said going through my phone.

” That will be lovely Mr Delgado” she said with a smile on her face .
” I’ll chat him up or call him up “, she said and I had it on the tip of my tongue to warn her about my friends cassanova ways ,but come to think of it she’s an adult and is capable of handling herself.

The next day ,I drove my girlfriend as we went over to her parents.

” Welcome Leonardo dear,” her mom said with open arms.

The last time I came for a family dinner ,it didn’t end well .

” Her Dad is waiting for you in his study room ” her mom said smiling.

” In his office iya ? Imani asked nervously.

” Calm down Imani ,your father might be arrogant but he is not a killer . I’m sure Leon can handle himself . Right son ? She asked me and my heart warmed up.

” Of course Iya ” I said and they both Laughed .

Her mom walked me to the study room and smiled at me .
” Just be yourself son ” she said and left me there on my own .
I rubbed my arms nervously and gave a knock on the door .
” Come in ” I heard his voice and took a deep breath in and out before walking in .
“Good evening Mr Lerato ” I greeted him immediately as I stepped in .
He was sitting opposite me in an armchair.

Different books graced his table, pen and other important files .
” Have a sit Leonardo ” he said and I felt a bit relieved that he was still on a first-name basis with me, I nearly fainted .
I’ve been the one to intimidate people with my presence, but this man gave me chills without even trying.

Besides I’m the one who has impregnated his daughter without going through the right process he has every right to be angry .
I sat down and an uncomfortable silence graced the room .
The tension was so thick I nearly choked .
” Was this the plan all along? to get my daughter pregnant and produce an heir for your empire ? He asked and I froze .
” With all due respect, Mr. Lerato do not think so little of your daughter Imani . It was not my intention to get her pregnant without going through the right process but even at that ,I love your daughter Imani .
” She is a wonderful woman and I will never think of hurting her in that manner . We might not be from the same race or social status ,but the heart wants what it wants and my heart wants Imani and no one else.” I said without stuttering.

I love Imani too much to hear anyone say so little about my feelings for her.

” I do not mean to offend you sir ,but what do you have against me ? I love Imani ,if there is a way to divide my heart in twos and let you see the depth at which I feel for her, I’ll do it so you can see how serious I am with her .
” I want to marry your daughter, already proposed before finding out we are pregnant. Please let me prove how much she means to me ” I said and his eyes warmed up .
” I do not hate you, Leonardo. This is Africa. You should have been careful enough to know how naive my princess is . It’s hard for a father to trust a man with his daughters . A father is never ready to let his daughters go”
He said and I began to understand where he was coming from.

” I’ll never hurt her sir, I will try my best to see to that ” I said and he gave a nod.

” You have my blessings “, he said smiling.

” Thank you sir “, I said smiling.

” You’re welcome . ” He said and stood up with me .
” One day, you will understand that I do not hate you ,when you have daughters. ” He said and that word touched my heart.

He’s just a father that loves his daughters.


” Iya they have wasted so much time “, I said and rubbed my arms worriedly.

” Your father is not a monster neither is Leon a child .” Mom said with a chuckle.

” But he’s my baby “, I said before I could stop myself and she raised an eyebrow at me.

” What a big baby he is, that he even impregnated you ” she said and my jaws dropped.

” MMomi whined in embarrassment as my cheeks heated in a blush .
” You started it,” she said with a chuckle.

Lee and Dad joined as dinner turned into getting to know Leon and his parents .
Dad and mom kept throwing him Questions and telling him about the wedding.

” Oh, you want to do three weeks? ” Dad asked feeling impressed by his thoughtfulness .
” Yes sir,” he said and joined my hands with him.

” I got such a sweet son-in-law,” Mom said happily.

” They’re not married yet ” Dad reminded her making us laugh .

” Has anyone told you, you’re so sweet? I asked him as we drove home from my parents.

” You say that whenever we. Mm….” He trailed teasingly.

” You this man ” I said and he laughed.

” When will you be going back? I asked him .

” I’ll be basing here till the baby is born. Maybe till the wedding . I’m gonna be wherever you want me to be ” he said and my eyes swelled with tears.

I know he’s still gonna be back and forth due to business purposes, but I think I got the sweetest man alive.

” Why are you staring at me like that? He asked smiling.

” I think I just fell in love with you all over again,” I said and he blushed red.

” Cheesy much,” he said as both burst into laughter.

We got home and he got busy with a conference call. I changed into comfortable clothes and picked up my phone immediately after it rang.

” Hey Tegs,” I said smiling.

“Who the hell is that God-forsaken arrogant Bstard that Leon set a partnership with? I’m not working with that Dv*l incarnated Son of a Biscuit” she went running her mouth angrily.

” Wait … Wait I don’t grab what you are saying, ” I said trying to fight the Laughter that threatened to escape my mouth.

” That peach, pepper whatever his name is. Can you believe I’ve been trying to set up a meeting with that man regarding this wedding, he keeps standing me up asking me to meet with his assistant. Didn’t his mom teach him manners or something? She asked frustratedly.

I’m beginning to think this is a big misunderstanding. But the Nigerian beauty is too angry to even listen to me right now.

” Will you calm down first? I think Pierre …” I trailed.

” You know what? Tell Mr Delgado I’m not walking with Mr peanuts or whatever his name is. Before I murder person pikin ” she spat in pigin language and ended the call.

I chuckled as I stared at my phone in shock What’s up with those two ..?



  1. Wow
    Who's assuming what I'm already sensing between Tegs and Pierre. Love about to happen,kudos author pls can u drop another episode today

  2. Awwnnnn
    I'm happy imani's dad finally gave his blessings
    I have this hunch that Tega and Pierre will eventually falls for each other
    More chapters pleeeeeeease 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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