“So where do I take him to” Jeff asked Dax who was busy tieing his bullet wound with his shirt to stop the blood flowing. Instead of answering the question, Dax took out his phone and dialed a number.

“Medical attention needed urgently, where are you now?” Dax asked the receiver

“Am still at the office, is it that serious?” The receiver asked

“Is life taking” Dax replied

“Meet me at the charity hospital now that’s where we can pass easily with my profile” The receiver said and ended the call.

“Take us to charity hospital” Dax said to Jeff and dialed snipers number

“Have you gotten Mad max?” Dax asked.

“Yes he is losing alot of blood and might pass out soon” Sniper replied

“drive to any hospital available and report that he was shot from robbery, once he get treated, take him out of the hospital with his prescribed medication” Dax said into the phone and ended the call





“What the f**k!!!, How did they escape this trap!!!” Lord bavlin exclaimed out of frustration

“I should have sent a battalion and not these three stupid snipers” He added

“I think the quest to finish off Dax is tormenting your brain. Sending these battalions would have given him a clue to entrap them with. Remember Dax is not an amateur” Mr Kumi said

“Didn’t you see how he nearly died but got saved by the young assassin?” Mr Kumi added and Lord bavlin kept mute

“There is no way the young assassin is going to survive that so we have achieved something” Mr Kumi said again

“Killing one out of three and wounding two with a perfect plan and you claim we achieved something” Lord bavlin said

“Did you include the young assassin in the plan?” Mr Kumi asked and lord bavlin nodded negatively

“So where is the perfect in here?” Mr Kumi asked again and lord bavlin kept mute again

“Dax is a tough guy so am even surprise how he has fallen easily” Mr Kumi added when Lord bavlin looked like he won’t talk.

“Did you attach the trackers to the bullets as I said” Mr Kumi asked James and lord bavlin swiftly turn to look at him. James nodded affirmatively

“Track their movements now let’s see where they are heading towards” Mr Kumi said

“I think they are heading towards charity hospital” James announced after three minutes of operating the system. Mr Kumi bend and look into the screen for a while before he raised his head up.

“They are truly heading for charity hospital but I don’t think is a good plan to follow them there?” Mr Kumi said

“What the f**k!!!!!” Lord bavlin casted a quick look at him

“Calm down bro, don’t let the quest of killing Dax get over you. we will definitely drop him” Mr Kumi said

“Three people were shot so the trackers should be on three people but rather am seeing two. I think Dax have discovered and removed his” Mr Kumi said. Lord bavlin thought for a while

“Check for empty surveillance around that perimeter” Lord bavlin ordered James and he set to work at once

“There is no surveillance except for the hospital cameras” James said after three minutes

“Keep an external eye on it for me, don’t log in with our credentials and change the next bomb coordinates to charity hospital as soon as possible” Lord bavlin said placing his back into the couch in a sleeping mode.

Mr Kumi picked his iPad on the center table and typed in NIC agent Mr Kelvin into the safari search engine. Soon alot of information about Mr Kelvin opened. He selected those he want and exited the page.



“Am agent Kelvin from the NIC and these are my group members, they were all hurt from a mission and needs medical attention quickly” Mr Kelvin said to the medical attendant as they wheeled Jonas and into the surgery room.

“So don’t mistake them for criminals. Am going back to the office so this agent will will stay here with them to ensure their safety” Mr Kelvin said pointing at Dax who was coming from their back. Dax had in his hand a device on Which he was checking surveillance. He walked up to the pharmacy section and took some pain killers for himself before he finally settled on a chair still checking surveillance while Mr Kelvin went back to the office.

“What’s going on with Jones?” Dax asked immediately sniper answered the phone

“He is holding up fine but sobbing small small” Sniper replied from the other

“They are still young, I should have rather made them continue their education. This life is too much for them” Dax blamed himself for Jonas condition

“Don’t lose hope, as you always said anything can happen and everything is possible. Jonas is a strong boy, he will survive this” Sniper tried to sound confident

“You and I know that the boy can’t survive a single sniper bullet not to talk of three. The ex Agent dart who is this the strongest NIC agent died from a single sniper bullet and you expect this young boy to survive three bullets” Dax said disappointed in himself

“I will never forgive myself” Dax said sobbing lightly in between the words.

“Be courageous the boy will survive it” Sniper said

“Please sir are you agent Karim Kamaldeen?” A nurse asked Dax and Dax nodded affirmatively

“Why didn’t you take off his cloths after the shot?, He was putting on a bulletproof vest which couldn’t resist the whole bullets but helped in reducing the damages the bullets would have cause him without bulletproof vest”

“But the bulletproof vest which you didn’t remove allowed heat into his wounds which made him unconscious” The surgical nurse explained and Dax jumped up in excitement. The truth is he could have help apply first aid but the disappointment and sadness didn’t allow him to even take off Jonas shirt.

“So is he fine now?” Dax finally asked

“Yes but the bullet’s velocity is high so it penetrated well and have caused some minor damages which should not be overlooked, so we will keep him for three days before he can be finally discharged” The nurse replied

“You know that ain’t happening, the enemies might track us here so make sure you administer all the necessary injections to him and prescribe the drugs he will need for me we are leaving today” Dax said to the nurse.

“We’ve administered all his injections to him so he need to rest a little rest” The nurse said and turn to walk away

Dax thought of calling sniper back but decided against it on a second thought. A thought suddenly came into his head. And he quickly followed the nurse into Jonas ward.







.”They are treating Jonas now, I just saw the trackers drop off one after the other” James said to the hearing if everyone

“Send the agents to there right away” Lord bavlin said loudly

“Don’t!” Mr Kumi rebutted

“By the time they will reach, Dax would have escape them either narrowly which will be intentional or may be long before our agents arrive which will be for safety purposes” Mr Kumi explained making a lot of sense to lord bavlin who gave up.

“Still keep an external open and clear eyes on them and alert us when they are about to move” Mr Kumi said





“While did you go when we are in the middle of a serious discussion?” The chairman fumed up angrily

“Am sorry Mr chairman, I went to the aid of one of my external source” Mr Kelvin answered

“What the bleep!!!” So now you think working with external group in matters relating to us is good right?? You are committing crimes against the organisation which can cause you an arrest” The chairman said to Mr Kelvin

“respectfully, I don’t work with my external source with anything relating to this organisation” Mr Kelvin said

“Anything this your bleeped source is, you have to rep……..

“Another explosion just happened at the charity hospital, the one behind the mall” Forlan announced to the hearing of everyone.

“What the f**k!!!!!!!!” Mr Kelvin shouted running out.





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