Diary of the Watterson – Finale/Epilogue

Loveswept To You


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel


✿❀ ❀✿


“Lucy!!” Scarlett exclaimed when Lucy got down the plane with Ivan.

“Scar!?” Lucy ran to Scarlett and they hugged tightly..

“How’s the baby doing?” Scarlett rubbed her tummy which was slightly big.

“Doing good” Lucy smiled.

“Raymond told me you two got engaged… Congrats!!” Lucy said.

“Thanks best! We shifted it so that we can get married same day as my sister” Scarlett said.

“Stephanie got engaged too?! Wow!!”

“Yeah, yesterday” Scarlett smiled..

Ivan and Raymond watched them talk. Raymond turned to Ivan.

“I’m sorry…” He muttered.

Ivan turned to him.

“For?” Ivan said.

“I’m sorry for doubting you. I actually thought you were the masked man” Raymond said.

“Me?! C’mon!, I can’t even kíll a fly how can I be the masked man?” Ivan laughed..

Raymond chuckled..

“Come on ladies… Let’s go” Ivan said

They entered Raymond’s car and he drove off…

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Skye and Ursula laughed really loud as they told each other jokes..

“My tummy hurts” Ursula said admist laughers.

“You you’re cràzy!” Ursula said and rested her head on Skye’s shoulder

“Thanks for taking me out… Was feeling kinda bored at home” Ursula said.

“Its nothing,, I love spending time with you” Skye smiled.

Ursula looked at him…

“Is that a compliment?” She smirked.

“Kinda” Skye shrugged.

Ursula chuckled and looked front. She gasped when she saw an ice cream truck passing by.

“Ice cream!!” Ursula exclaimed and rushed the vendor.

She bought two ice cream cones and came back, handing one to Skye.

“Thanks” Skye muttered and ate his own.

Ursula sat down next to him and ate hers happily. She didn’t know she smeared some on her lips. Skye noticed it and so, brought his hand up to wipe it.

“You eat like a pig” Skye said…

The moment his thumb made contact with her lips, Ursula froze. She began staring at him, lost in his eyes..

Skye paused too and began staring at her lips. His gaze traveled up to her eyes and he began staring back at her.

His gaze went back to her lips and he lost it,,, again.

He cupped her cheek and connected their lips together. Ursula’s eyes widened but she slowly closed it.

Her ice cream cone dropped to the floor and she grabbed his shirt, kissing him back.

They kept feasting on each other’s lip, not giving a damn of the passerbys staring at them.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

“I don’t love wrestling, it’s boring” Sophia pouted..

“Just few minutes baby… I can’t afford to miss this match. It’s wrestlemania we’re talking about” Ash said and kissed her hair.

Sophia frowned and snuggled more with Ash’s chest. They were both in his room, watching TV..

“Is this more important than me?” Sophia said.

“Of course not!” Ash replied with his eyes glued on the TV screen.

“Then change it…” Sophia chirped.

“Babe..” Ash whined..

Sophia stood and straddled him..

“Change it” She hit his chest childishly..

“I can’t longer see the screen” Ash said struggling to look but she was blocking the vision.

“Let’s watch some kdrama…” Sophia whined, moving on him..

“Hey! Hey! Stop doing that… Do you know on what you’re sitting?” Ash said.

Sophia smirked and moved again. Ash groaned and grabbed her by the waist, switching position..

“You’re quite stubborn. Do you know the amount of self control I’m exercising right now?” Ash smirked, pinning Sophia’s both arms on the bed.

She just stuck out her tongue…

“I can f*ck you right here and right now and nobody will know” Ash said.

“But you can’t… You promised my mom you won’t” Sophia said.

Ash smiled and turned. The wrestling match was even over..

“Good job… You succeeded in distracting me” He said.

“So what should we do now?” Sophia asked.

“Like you don’t know” Ash said and claimed her lips…

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Ethan’s Apartment**

“Babe!, come taste this soup..” Phoebe said.

Few seconds later, Ethan walked in the kitchen. She blew some air on the spoon and fed him with the spoon

Ethan made some faces before smiling and nodding, giving her a thumbs up.

“Wow!” Phoebe exclaimed and smiled.

She turned of the gas cooker…

“In few days we’ll be going on a semester break… I and Angelo were planning we go on a vacation during that period” Ethan said and hugged her waist.

“Sounds great! Where are we heading to?” Phoebe asked.

“It will be on you girls to decide” Ethan replied.

“Awn… That’s sweet” Phoebe smiled.

“Places are cold right now” Ethan pouted.

“Yeah…so?” Phoebe shrugged.

Ethan smirked naughtily. He lifted her up by the hips..

“Let’s go and share some body heat” He said

“Naughty boy…” Phoebe laughed as he carried her to his room.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

The Watterson**

“This is life…” Angelo said, laying down on his bed.

“No more Scarlett or Stephanie to bug me” He said to himself..

“And no more Monica…” He said sadly..

Today makes it one month that Monica is not longer among them… How time flies.

He was still thinking about it when Melody barged into his room.

“Babe!!” Melody fell on him happily.

“Ouuuu…” Angelo groaned.

“The results are out and… I passed, 3rd position!!” Melody said and hugged him tightly.

Angelo smiled and hugged her too.

“I told you… You’ll do it” Angelo said.

“Thanks… And you took 1st position as usual, don’t know how you manage to be this brilliant. I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend like you” Melody smiled.

“I’m the lucky one here… You’re too cute to resist.” Angelo said and pecked her lips

“That means in three months well be in 2nd year… A new challenge for us” Melody muttered.

“Yeah.. What if a new girl comes to school and she falls for me then tries by all possible means to seduce me what will you do?” Angelo said.

“Then our school should get ready to see me everyday in suspension” Melody said.

Angelo laughed and hugged her.

“I love you and only you” Angelo muttered.

Melody looked at him and smiled then kissed him.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆


Julia placed the bouquet of flower she bought for Monica. She sighed sadly as she stared at her grave.. Fun and beautiful memories they shared came resurfacing in her.

She first visited Jayce’s grave before coming to Monica’s grave. Even though it turned out badly, Jayce is still a son to her.

Arnold stood behind her with his head low.

“Aunt?” A voice called.

They both turned to see it was Jackson who also came with his own bouquet.

“Jack…” Julia smiled and made space for him.

He crouched down next to her and also placed his bouquet on her grave. He stared at her grave with a straight face.

“Son, I know you loved my daughter with all your heart and soul but you’re still young and have a very long life to live. Try and move on okay” Julia said, rubbing his back.

Jackson looked at where for a while.

“I’ll try aunt… But I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to move on” he said.

Julia sighed and pulled him in for a hug.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Two Weeks Later**

Melody came in their room, looking as gorgeous as ever. She was putting on a pink long gown which hard a long slit and she had her hair up in bun plus makeup on her face..

“Omg!!” She exclaimed when she was Scarlett and Stephanie.

Both of them were looking breathtakingly beautiful in their white long gown. Someone can mistake them for fallen angels.

“You guys look ethereal!!” Melody exclaimed.

“Thanks Mel.. You look stunning too” Stephanie replied as they did her makeup.

“The ceremony will start in 30 minutes from now” Lucy said, dressed just like Melody. Well they were the bridesmaids.

Once the makeup artists were done with theur makeup, they got out of the house. Reporters and photographers were waiting outside for them…

They waved and blew kisses at the camera before entering the car which will take them. The car drove off and Melody and Lucy followed behind with the other car.


At the wedding hall Raymond and Nathan stood, both looking nervous. Angelo and Ivan patted their back.

Yeah! They were the best men…

“Relax… It’ll be okay” Angelo said and Ivan nodded.

“You got it” Nathan said to himself.

“They’ve arrived…” People began murmuring

“Oh and as a reminder, if you two make my sisters cry… I’ll become a mafia just to hunt you down” Angelo said and wink before leaving.

Arnold was standing by the entrance, waiting for them. He smiled he saw his two beautiful daughters..

“My pearls” He said and hugged them both..

“Words can’t express how proud and happy I am right now” He muttered.

He stood in their middle and they hugged each of his arms as they gracefully walked down the aisle while the music was being played in the background.

All through, Raymond couldn’t get his eyes off Scarlett.. Same as Nathan to Stephanie. They both looked so unreal.

Julia smiled proudly from where she was.

Arnold reached where the men were standing and handed them their brides..

“Take care of them…” He said.

“I promise” The chorused.

Arnold nodded and went to sit next to Julia. Melody settled down next to Angelo.

“You look ravishing babe” Angelo said

“You too hunny” Melody smiled

They held hands and faced front..

Ash, Tara, Jackson, Sophia, Ursula, Skye, Ethan, Phoebe… They were all present..

Tara was busy looking at the couple when she felt someone sit next to her. She turned to see a handsome young man. She could bet he was around her age range.

“Hi” He smiled handsomely.

“Hello” Tara replied.

“Mind keeping me company during the wedding ceremony? I’m Dave by the way” He said.

“I’m Tara” She replied.

Raymond interlocked hands with Scarlett and placed a kiss on it. She blushed making her look more beautiful.

“You look so…gosh” Nathan said.

Stephanie smiled.

They all faced the alter and the ceremony began..


“And now with the power vested upon me, I declare you husband and wife… You may now kiss the brides” He said.

Raymond faced Scarlett and pulled off her veil. He cupped her cheek and without wasting time, he pressed his lips on hers in the most sweetest way.

The crowd cheered loudly as the two couples kissed passionately.

“Awwn…” Melody gushed.

“Ours will be more romantic, I promise” Angelo whispered to her.

She smiled and pecked his lips before she resumed clapping..

Once the ceremony were over, they moved to the party hall. Various videos and photos were taken of them and the guest.

“Cheers to the newly wedded couples!!” Lucy raised her glass.

“Cheers!” The other chorused.

Raymond drank from Scarlett’s cup as she drank from hers while Stephanie and Nathan were busy sharing their cake.

Nathan couldn’t help himself in kissing her…

“Can’t believe my dream came true” Nathan muttered.

“Will you guys stop oppressing me… I’ll also get married soon just wait, right babe” Melody pouted and Angelo nodded.

The others chuckled..

Raymond rubbed Scarlett’s lips while smiling

“Words can’t express how happy and fulfilled I feel right now. Can’t just wait to welcome our baby to this world” Raymond said.

“I trust you’ll be the best dad in the world” Scarlett smiled.

“Thanks for coming into my life” Raymond rubbed her cheek..

“I love you…” She replied and kissed him..

Someone cleared his throat behind them, making them break the kiss.

“Sorry to bother you.. Can I get a pic of the twins? They’re my role model” One of the guests said.

“Sure!” Scarlett smiled and stood. Same as Stephanie.

They both held each others waist and smiled widely as the guest took pictures.

“Twins for life?” Scarlett said.

“For life!” Stephanie hugged her tightly..

They smiled widely as they hugged each other…


Awn… So DIARY OF THE WATTERSON has ended like that? I will miss this book…

How is the book? A success? Or nah…

Any fav scene? Saddest scene? Most romantic scene?

Any words for me?😘

Thanks to all those who always drop a comment… Thanks to all my lovely readers, without you guys there’s no “Ariel’s library”

Can’t purple you less💜💜
My babies!!❤❤


  1. What a beautiful story, kudos to you writer, I so much appreciate your brain work I mean the way you swing the story, because I actually think Ivan is going to be the mask man but you surprised me and turn it around. So thumbs up to you 👍👍👍👍👍

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