Diary of the Watterson � Episode 13

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



“A what…? F*ck you!!” Phoebe exclaimed.

Angelo shook his head and pulled Ethan back beside.

“Don’t mind him.. It’s his nature” Angelo said.

Phoebe nodded and faced Avery who has been silent all through.

“Is she mute?” Phoebe asked, referring to Avery.

“Me? Oh no.. I’m just curious,, how did you two get to meet each other?” Avery asked.

“Well she’s my sister’s personal maid so..” Angelo shrugged.

“Oh…” Was all Avery could say.

“I’m Melody and this is my friend Phoebe” Melody said.

“Gosh!, I finally got to meet you… You’re cuter than on TV” Phoebe gushed..

“Uhh,,, thanks” Angelo said rather awkwardly. Avery discreetly rolled eyes.

“Meet my friends, Ethan and Avery” Angelo gestured.

“Gosh!, I’m almost late for my job.. Miss Scarlett is going to get angry” Melody said checking her time..

“Bye Phoebe, we’ll chat later” Melody said and grabbed Angelo by the shirt, pulling him to his car.

“What’s wrong?” Angelo wondered.

“You’re driving me back home” Melody said.

“No, let me go” Angelo said..

Melody released him and turned to face him. She smiled widely, her smile fell immediately.

“I don’t remember asking you a question.. In the car, right now!” Melody pointed at his car.

Angelo just stared at her.. How the hell is a girl younger than him, giving him orders?

Nevertheless, he got in the car. Melody smiled before getting in. They both drove off..

Ethan and the rest stared in bewilderment.

“Are they dating?” Avery asked jealously.

“I hope not… I like feisty girls like her” Ethan smirked.

Chloe just stormed back in the school in anger.

“Just thank your stars that you’re not in this school” She said inwardly.

? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

Melody quickly got down the car and rushed to Scarlett’s room.

“Miss!” She exclaimed once she got in her room.

She met Scarlett packing her things.

“Miss I’m so sorry.. Actually, I went to check if I passed and in the process I…”

“Just save your breath Mel.. You won’t longer be working for me” Scarlett intruded.


“I just got married and I was just about to leave..” Scarlett muttered.

“Sorry miss” Melody said

Scarlett smiled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be okay. Can you help me take my things downstairs?” Scarlett asked.

Melody nodded and came forward to help. They both carried her things and went downstairs.

The whole family was there, waiting to say their goodbyes.

“I never thought I’ll say this but I’m gonna miss your craziness” Angelo said.

Scarlett smiled and hugged him tightly. She hugged Stephanie next..

“I’m sorry once more” Scarlett muttered. Stephanie just smiled in reply.

She hugged her parents lastly..

“Angie… Can you take Melody as your maid. So that she won’t get fired since I’m leaving.” Scarlett asked..

“Huh? Me?” Angelo exclaimed.

He looked at Melody with a frown on his face before sighing.


“Thanks” Scarlett smiled.

The driver came and helped her take her things to the car. She waved at them before entering the car which took off..

Scarlett stared out of the window as silence was what reigned..

“Tell me,, how’s your boss” Scarlett asked.

“To be honest with you ma’am, I’ve been working for him for two years and he’s still a mystery to me” The driver replied..

“Wow.. Guess my stay there won’t be easy” Scarlett sighed and rested on the seat. She eventually slept off..


“Ma’am, ma’am…” The driver called Scarlett. He gently tapped her shoulder, that woke her up.

“Yeah, are we there?” Scarlett rubbed her eyes, sitting properly.

“Yes ma’am”

Scarlett got down the car with his help and looked at the mansion in front of her. It was really classy and luxurious and probably too big for a single person to live in.

One other guard walked to her, dressed the same way as the driver.

“Welcome ma’am” He bowed and helped the driver carry her things.

Scarlett just followed them behind trying to memorize the place. The maids greeted politely as the watched her passing by..

? Gosh!, she’s more beautiful than on TV

? I thought as much. Too bad she got stuck with our cold boss.

? Shh!, if someone else hear you.. You know what the boss can do to you.

“Here’s your room ma’am” The guard opened it for her.

“Thanks” She entered and looked around. It was already cleaned and dressed up..

“Boss’s room is the one next door” He said and bowed before leaving.

“Like I wanted to know” Scarlett rolled her eyes.

Two maids walked in and greeted then they began helping her with the things she brought.

? ? ? ? ?

The Kendall**

“Alright, don’t worry we’ll do our best” Tony replied with a smile an hung up.

“Yay!” She jumped happily and rushed downstairs, screaming happily.

“Will you silence it, you’re giving me headache” Tara rolled eyes while pressing her phone.

“A fashion runaway show is coming up in two weeks time..” Tony announced.

“So? The twins will win it as usual..” Tara replied.

“No!, I can’t let this slide. I must win at all cost.. I can’t loose to them again!” Tony glared at no one in particular.

“That’s none of my concern, look!, my baby is coming back to America in two weeks time” Tara showed him a picture of a guy on her phone.

“Baby? So far as I know.. You’re single” Tony crossed her arms.

“Well he’s my baby to be. I can’t wait to see those cute dimples” Tara smiled widely, staring at his photo.

“Whatever,, you’re gonna model for me during the runaway show” Tony said.

“So far as the Watterson aren’t winning then yes.. I hate that Monica will all my heart” Tara seethed.

“And I hate those st*pid twins”

They looked at each other and laughed loudly..

“Thats why I love you big sis” Tara laughed.

? ? ? ? ?

Silver High**

“So since tomorrow is Saturday why don’t we go out” Monica said as they walked out of the school campus.

“Yeah” Ursula sighed.

“What’s wrong? You seem distant” Monica asked.

Ursula took deep breaths.

“Ash was the one I kissed right?” Ursula asked..

“Oh, how did you find out..” Monica said.

“He somehow told me,, indirectly” Ursula said.

Monica stopped walking and faced Ursula.

“Ash is a really good guy and he’s been in love with since we were 15. I don’t know what’s going on in your mind but I’ll just tell you this. Don’t make a decision you’ll regret later” Monica said.

A car honk interrupted them. She turned back to see her driver.

“My driver is here.. Bye Sula, will text you later” Monica smiled before leaving.

Ursula stopped on her tracks and sighed deeply, deep in thoughts.

? ? ? ? ?

At a club**

It was 6pm and the music was blarring so loudly in a club. People could be seen dancing, some discussing while some were busy drinking. Stephanie was part of those drinking.

She gulped down the fifth bottle and placed back the bottle on the counter.

“Another one!!”

The bartender nodded and went to get her order. Stephanie buried her face in her hand. She suddenly hit her fists on the table loudly.

“It should have been me…” She screamed loudly.

To be honest, she didn’t even know how to feel. She didnt know whether she should be angry, hurt, sad or happy..

The bartender placed her order in front of her and went his way.

Stephanie took it and gulped down half of the content before placing back the bottle on the table.

Suddenly, she felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned to see it was a man..

“Hey pretty baby.. Wanna dance?” He smirked.

“Why not” Stephanie thought.

She smiled drunkenly and went to the dancefloor then began dancing with him.

His hands were all over her body, she pressed her body against his as they danced wildly.

The person suddenly turned her to him and then kissed her. Stephanie frowned and pushed him away roughly..

She made to slap him but on second thoughts, she kissed him back. They both devoured their lips as they walked away, still kissing..

? ? ? ? ?

Mond’s Corporation**

Raymond walked out of his company and dipped his hands in his pocket, bringing out his car keys.

He walked to the parking lot and clicked on the button on the, unlocking the car doors.

He opened the door of his car and made to enter when someone placed a knife on his neck from behind.

Raymond immediately paused and slowly lifted up his hands..



  1. The person just signed his death warrant
    But I thought Stephanie forgave Scarlett, pray she doesn't regret her actions afterwards
    And Melody becoming Angelo's personal maid ???
    Next please

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