Diary of the Watterson – Episode 73

Loveswept To You


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel


✿❀ ❀✿

Scarlett smiled as she fed Raymond with the soup she made. She brought another spoon to his face and he took it without complain..

“You know I didn’t get shot on the hands right? I can feed myself” Raymond said.

“Just let me do what I want…” Scarlett said and continued feeding him.

Raymond took another spoon and rubbed Scarlett’s tummy for the uptenth time.

“I can’t believe I’ll really be a father in months to come” Raymond said, smiling widely.

Scarlett mirrored his smile…

“I’m sick of this hospital….” Raymond groaned.

“You still have a full week here…” Scarlett chuckled.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Police Station**

Tara looked up when Tony was brought in by the cops. She sat down opposite to her.

“What do you want? Came here to mock at me?” Tony scoffed..

“I brought soup for you… I’m sure they’re not feeding you well here.. It’s your favorite” Tara smiled.

Tony didn’t even spare her a glance. Tara sighed.

“I just hope that once you get out of here we can go back to how things were when we were younger. Being the best sisters in the world” Tara said.

Tony still didn’t look at her. Tara looked down and stood up to leave.

Tony took a glance at the food flask in front of her and bit her lips, fighting back her tears. She immediately stood up..

“Tara!!” She called before Tara could leave..

Tara turned and her eyes widened when Tony engulfed her in her arms.

“I’m sorry sis… I’m sorry for all the bad things I’ve done. I promise to be the best sister you’ll ever have from now on… I promise” Tony teared up.

Tara smiled and hugged her back.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

1 week later**

“Home sweet home!” Raymond exclaimed when he entered his room.

Scarlett placed the bag on the floor and fell tiredly on the bed. She smiled and cupped Raymond’s cheek when he came on top of her

“Missed kissing you like this” Raymond said and pecked her lips.

“Me too” She replied

Raymond reconnected back their lips together, holding her waist. He broke the kiss and buried his face on her neck while his hands pressed her @ss…

He broke the kiss and Scarlett raised her hand up. He slipped off her top before claiming back her lips.

Scarlett’s legs coiled round his waist as their lips moved on each other.

“Love…” Scarlett muttered, breaking the kiss..

“Not now… What of the surprise we’re planning for Stephanie? It’s today..” Scarlett said breathlessly.

“An hour won’t hurt… I missed the warmness of your body on mine” He said in a deep husky voice and kissed her again.

Scarlett immediately melted in the kiss. She tossed Raymond’s shirt off his body while her hand went to his belt.

Raymond pulled down her skirt and pantie all at once before rubbing her cl*t. She was so wet right now

He switched position with her, making her straddle him and like that he buried himself deep inside.

Scarlett shivered as she hugged him, pressing her br**st on his chest. Raymond held her waist with his head buried on her neck.

And like that, they had slow and sweet s*x together…

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆


Stephanie got down her car in front of her house, her and Nathan’s house. She immediately got a text message from Nathan..

💌 Come quick babe!! I got bitten by a snake

Stephanie eyes widened and she dashed into the house not even minding the fact she was wearing high heels.

She ran into the living room and places where dark. She found her way and turned on the lights.


Stephanie jolted when she saw all her friends and family present. They blew confetti from all corners on her and a beautiful white cake stood in the middle..

“What…what’s happening?” She stuttered.

Her birthday passed so what’s the meaning of all these..

Raymond, Scarlett, Melody and Angelo came from holding a cardboard each..

Raymond was the first to turn his own card and it read “WILL”

Scarlett was next. She turned hers and it read “YOU”

Following Scarlett was Melody. She turned her and it read “MARRY”

And lastly was Angelo. He turned his cardboard and it read “ME?”

Stephanie looked confused though her heart was racing really fast. She felt a presence behind her so she turned and Nathan stood, looking as handsome as always.

He took her hand and kissed. Stephanie immediately blushed when realization hit her.

“Though we met in the most crazíest way one could imagine, I ended up growing fond of you and I don’t picture my future without you… My love, I wanna grow old with you, watch our kids grow, I want you to be the mother of my future kids, the grandmother of our future kids… Stephanie, all I want is you…” Nathan said..

He went down on one knee and brought out a box with a sparkly beautiful ring in it..

“I know I’m not perfect but I promise to give you all my best. Babe, will you marry me?” He said.

Stephanie’s hand flew to her mouth as she couldn’t hide the blush on her face.




The others chanted…

“Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! And I’ll yes a million time” Stephanie said, crying already..

She stretched her hand and Nathan slipped in the ring on her fingers..

Nathan stood and Stephanie jumped on him, hugging him tightly… She looked at him and didn’t waste anytime in kissing him.

The rest clapped really loud for them..

“Don’t worry… Ours will be more romantic that theirs” Angelo whispered to Melody.

She looked at him and blushed before smiling, pecking his cheek…

“Let’s pop champagne!!” Ethan exclaimed and popped a champagne.

He began pouring it on Stephanie and Nathan. The other grabbed theirs and began pouring it on them…

Stephanie laughed and hid her face on Nathan’s chest as they were being drenched with alcohol…

Few minutes later**

Only the sound of cutleries were heard as they all ate the cake in peace

Arnold brought a piece of his cake to Julia’s face and she smiled before taking it, slowly munching on it.

“I still remember those days when you was a playboy… Back in our highschool days” Julia said.

“Was the most handsome in school… Women couldn’t help but flock around me” Arnold shrugged and they all chuckled.

“Dad is playboy?” Scarlett chuckled. She was sitting on Raymond’s thigh as they ate on one plate.

“Yeah! And your mother was just like you.. Crazy! One day cràzy met playboy and here we are” Arnold said.

“Crázy met cold and here I am” Scarlett said and looked at Raymond who hugged her waist.

“Sassy met cool and here I am” Stephanie said. Nathan smoked

“And psycho met quiet.. Here i am” Melody chuckled..

“But you all have to admit that I’m the cutest here” Angelo chirped in.

“Quiet non virgin boy…” Stephanie smirked.

“Hey don’t start…” Angelo warned and Stephanie stuck out her tongue.

“Non-virgin?” Arnold said.

“Oh no… Just kíll me” Angelo said inwardly…

“My son is now a man! Come, I need to teach on some good saucy styles to do… When I usually do it, your mom screams my name” Arnold said.

“Arnold!!!” Julia snapped.

“Dad!!” Scarlett, Stephanie and Arnold..

“What?” Arnold said innocently.

They all laughed loudly…



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