Diary of the Watterson – Episode 7

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel


*✿❀ ❀✿*

“You?” He muttered

Melody stared at him with furrowed brows. He’s the guy who was with the girl she slapped yesterday… wait, is he working here?

“What are you doing here?” Melody asked.

“I’m the one supposed to as you this ‘Miss slapper” Angelo said..

Melody made to speak..

“Baby bro! You’re back..” Scarlett smiled, coming downstairs..

“You two know each other…” Scarlett asked.

“Kind of..” Angelo replied.

Scarlett ruffled Angelo’s hair like a kid and held his arm since he was way taller than her.

“Meet my baby bro, Angelo.. He’s cute right? Oh, he’s single too” Scarlett winked.

“Uhh,…okay” Melody said weirdly.

Never in her wildest dreams will she have imagined that they are related.

“I have to go now, bye ma’am” Melody bowed and left the house.

“My personal maid is pretty right…” Scarlett said when Melody left.

“You’re really sick!, did she ask if I was single?” Angelo said and Scarlett slapped his head.


“You don’t talk like that to your elder sister. Besides, you’re 20! No girlfriend.. You’re even a virgin and also..”

“Scarlett!” Angelo snapped, already embarrassed.

They began arguing when suddenly…

“Ahh!!!” Monica screamed, running downstairs. Her hair was all messed up with ribbons, hairpins in it..

“Don’t run Moni!.. I’m just trying out a new hairstyle on you, it’ll be nice I promise!” Stephanie said, running downstairs..

“Nice? I look like a beast from a nightmare! Don’t come near me..” Monica said running round the living room.

Stephanie chased behind her while Angelo and Scarlett continued arguing..

The door opened and Arnold and Julia walked in but paused when the saw the mess in the house.

“How about we go on a date tonight?” Arnold said.

“Sure! Let’s go!” Julia replied.

They closed back the door and left the house immediately.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆


“Here’s your money..you can keep the change” Scarlett paid for the pork she ate.

“Thanks a lot ma’am, have a nice day.” The waiter smiled.

She left the restaurant and began walking along the street, admiring the places she passed.

She was wearing a huge hoodie with baggy jeans and a pair of sneakers with a cap on her head, making her unrecognizable.

Well she sometimes want to see how it feels living a normal life, with no fans, no reporters around her.

Suddenly her phone began ringing. She brought it out and rolled her eyes when she saw the caller’s ID.

“What?” Scarlett said when she picked up.

“Where are you? We have tons of work today so drag your @ss here right away..” Stephanie said, signing some papers at the same time.

“Give me 30 minutes” Scarlett said.


Scarlett immediately hung up and sighed before walking back home. She made to cross the road when a car drove madly towards her..

Luckily she jumped off the way before the car could hit her, making her roll on the floor.

Scarlett stood up, groaning lightly. She fumed up immediately when she saw the car stop.

Someone came out of the car, wearing a black suit.

“Watch how you’re crossing the road!” The man snapped.

Scarlett slowly walked to the person and slapped him hard across the cheek.

“How dare you raise your voice on me when you almost killed me?!” Scarlett fumed and slapped him again.

That made her cap fall off and people stopped to stare at her. Some where already making videos..

“Scarlett Watterson?” The man said in surprise.

Scarlett opened her mouth to speak but the car passenger door opened and another person stepped out.

“What’s happening?.” Raymond said calmly..

Well the man was actually his driver..

“You again? No wonder why he almost hit me.. I’m sure you wanted to ki*ll me after our last encounter” Scarlett said.

Raymond sighed and shook his head then turned to his driver.

“Let’s go..” He said and made to enter his car.

“No one is leaving here till you apologize to me” Scarlett crossed her hand and smirked.

Raymond looked at her and chuckled like it was some kind of joke.

“Apologize? Seriously.. Why should I apologize to a low class being like you..” Raymond said, looking down at her since he was way taller than her.

Scarlett gasped loudly.. No one has ever insulted her this way in all her entire life.

“How dare you..” Scarlett raised her hand to his cheek but he caught it midway..

“Don’t you dare..do what you wanted to do now ever again..” Raymond said, squeezing her hand.

He released her and entered back his car, same as his driver..

“What should we do to her” His driver asked.

“Nothing,, I think she might be useful to me in the long run” Raymond replied, staring out of the window..


Few minutes after the incidence, Scarlett walked in her company with a not so happy look on her face.

She went straight to her office, ignoring the greetings of her workers. She threw her bag on the chair and swept her hair to the back before looking at her wrist which was still red..

“Gosh!, I hate you so much!!” Scarlett screamed in anger..

Suddenly, Stephanie barged in her office with a weird look on her face.

“You met again with Raymond..” Stephanie said.

“How did you know?” Scarlett asked.

She showed her the video..a video of how Raymond held her wrist, speaking to her. It already went viral..

💭 The cold demon with one of the hottest twins in the country, it’ll be fire!

💭 Are they dating? They look cute together

💭 Raymond is so hot and dreamy!

“What?! Me and this,, this beast! Who made this video..” Scarlett said angrily..

“How can they downgrade my beauty to this,,, this,, this thing!!” Scarlett kept ranting.

Stephanie forced a smile on her lips..

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

The Parker**

“For real?! Jeez,,, you’re so lucky Mel!” Phoebe smiled.

Melody smiled, sunning her dress outside while Phoebe sat by the stairs, feeding the chicks.

“I never would have thought that Miss Scarlett is so nice and simple and also kind of crazy too” Melody said happily.

“Can I come and help you when you’ll be going later on? Want to see his little brother, heard he has an angelic face just like his name” Phoebe said dreamily.

“Suit yourself..” Melody said simply.

“He’s cute right” Phoebe said while smirking.

Melody furrowed her brows…

“You better stop what you’re thinking..you know I’m not into those things” Melody said.

“But not all guys are like him..” Phoebe said.

“I’ll believe it only when I’ve seen it” Melody said..

Phoebe pouted. She suddenly remembered what she came here for.

“Mel.. I have a great news for us” Phoebe said.

“So when I was coming back from the market, I saw a dog.. The dog chased me because I was eating sausages. Luckily, I escaped. That’s when I saw this flyer” Phoebe brought out something from her bag.

Melody sat down beside her and gasped when we saw the content of the flyer..

“F*ck me!!!” Melody exclaimed.

“I don’t have d*ck..” Phoebe chuckled.

“It says Howards University is offering scholarship to the 10 best students” Melody read.

“Yeah.. The test will take place in three days” Phoebe said.

“If we write and pass..” Melody said .

“We’ll officially be university students!!” Phoebe screamed.

“Ahh yes!!!!” They hugged each other tightly..

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Evening..The Watterson**

Monica finished applying the pink lip gloss on her lips and smiled at her reflection on the mirror. Tonight is prom night..

Once she was through with her makeup and hair, she wore her heels and looked at her reflection once more.

“I’m pretty..” She thought

She picked up her purse and walked out of her room. Melody was also coming out from Scarlett’s room with some dirty clothes.

“Wow,, you look gorgeous Miss” Melody said.

“Miss? I’m just 17,, you can call me Monica” She said.

“Alright.. I’m 18,, Melody” Melody said.

“Bet you have a nice voice” Monica said.

“Well, I don’t know. I prefer dancing…”

“That’s nice… We’ll chat another day, I’m running late. Bye!” Monica said and left.

Melody shrugged and went her way…

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Party Hall**

Monica got down the car. All eyes turned to her. She smiled and walked in the hall..

“Moni!!” Ursula called. She was sitting with a guy.

Monica walked to them and waved at them.

“Hi Sula.. Hi Ash” Monica smiled and sat with them.

“I’ll go join my guys. See you around girls” Ash stood and winked at Ursula before leaving.

“Is it what I’m thinking?” Monica smirked.

“What are you thinking? You know Ash is into me for a long time” Ursula said.

“He’s not bad, why don’t you give him a chance?” Monica asked.

“Well you that-”

Murmurs began filling the hall as Tara walking, looking as s*xy and tantalizing as ever.

She was wearing a black short skirt with a sleeveless crop top that covered only her b**bs, curled her hair up with makeup.

“Wow.. Tara is really gorgeous!” Ursula said, watching her as she walked to a table and sat down..

Monica looked back and saw her staring at her. Tara smiled even more and winked before looking away..

Monica looked away too.

“Moni..” Ursula called making Monica look at her.


“Why do you hate Tara and why does she hate you too..” Ursula asked.



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