Diary of the Watterson – Episode 71

Loveswept To You


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel


✿❀ ❀✿

Stephanie stared at Jayce with nothing but shock in her eyes. Jayce looked at her and immediately frowned.

“Baby sis? What are you doing with that son of an an*mal?” Jayce said.

Stephanie just stared at him in shock. She couldn’t believe her eyes right now. Her real brother, her role model is the one causing all these ruckus.

“Why?” She asked.

Jayce scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“Why? Because that’s our nature…” Jayce said.

“Think it’s time to tell you the real truth sis” Jayce muttered and smirked.

“Well for starters you know that you aren’t a Watterson right? Well what you don’t know is that you’re a Madison… Yeah, our real family name is Madison. It turns out that the Madison is a group of syndicates that Raymond’s parents were always after to destroy. One day there was a clash between the two families… Many people perished including our real parents. I was there, carrying you in my arms. I watched as Raymond’s father shot down our mother and father right in front of me… That day I was so heartbroken. Because of Raymond’s family we became orphans.. Fortunately, luck shined on us and we were adopted by the Watterson. I got to find out that Raymond’s parent díed in the fight but the children survived. On that day, I vowed that I’ll avenged our family’s déath by ruining the lives of their kids…” Jayce narrated, clenching his fists.

Stephanie look at Raymond with wide eyes…

“Is… Is it true? Did you know about it?.” Stephanie asked.

Raymond nodded with his eyes on Jayce.

“I see why you’re so obsessed with me… But did you have to drag Aurora into this?” Raymond asked.

“Of course! She made you happy and my main goal was ruining your life!!” Jayce smiled.

Raymond chuckled dryly.

“Don’t you see how karma is a b*tch? You kílled Aurora yes, i was heartbroken but in the long run I met Scarlett and we fell in love with each other.. I took your undying love from you” Raymond said mockingly.

Jayce glared at Raymond in anger. He raised his gun to Raymond.. Raymond did the same.

All the men of Jayce and Raymond raised their guns too to each other. Stephanie stood in between looking at them in shock.

“Steph….my little sister. Come to me, let’s build back the empire our real parents left for us” Jayce said.

Stephanie looked at Jayce and then at Raymond.

‘”Do what you want to do” Raymond muttered.

Stephanie looked back at Jayce.

“I’m sorry Jayce… But my only family is the Watterson and no one else” Stephanie muttered.

She immediately ran and hid herself. Almost immediately, gunshots filled the area.

Stephanie covered her ears tightly.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

The Watterson**

The whole family stared at Angelo’s laptop in shock. They just went through the flash drive Raymond gave him and now they knew everything.

“No… Not my son. It can’t be him…” Julia muttered in shock.

What followed was a loud thud on the ground. They all turned to see Julia had passed out on the floor.



☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Scarlett rushed to the window when she began hearing gunshots.

“No…” She muttered as she watched the feud which was going on downstairs.

“I need to do something” She thought.

She looked round the room and saw a vase lying nearby. She took it and shattered it on the ground then quickly laid down beside the shattered pieces.

The guard who was guarding her room immediately opened the door and rushed in. He met her laying on the ground.

“Hey!” He said and crouched to her level to check her vitals.

Scarlett discreetly took a hold of the shattered pieces and sunk the piece on the man’s neck, block his mouth with her other hand.

“Mmmmmm….” The man’s muffled scream came out as he slowly went down

Scarlett threw the broken piece away and looked at her hand. She just kílled a person!!

The broken piece even wounded her hand but that was less of her concern at the moment.

She removed the man’s hoodie and pants. It was baggy on her but she had no choice. She tied her hair and wore the cap of the hoodie before walking out of the room.


Raymond hit behind a pillar and shot down one of Jayce’s men. He peeped out, looking for Jayce and that’s when he saw him climbing up the stairs of the building..

He immediately followed behind..


Scarlett was about to step out of the building but took a step back when a bullet flew above her head.

“What the h*ck!!” She thought.

Her eyes caught Jayce climbing the stairs quickly to the rooftop. She took a step forward and began following him when suddenly she felt something on her back.

She immediately raised her hand up in the air.

“Where is Scarlett?” Raymond spoke, preparing to sh00t.

Scarlett immediately recognized his voice so she slowly turned. Raymond’s face immediately soften.

“Babe” He hugged her tightly.

“My love” Scarlett hugged him back..

“I was so scared.. I thought he did something bad to you” Raymond muttered..

“He didn’t” Scarlett said as they broke the hug.

Raymond brought out a spare gun from his pocket and handed it to her.

“I never wanted you to use this but I have no choice.. Take this and leave through that way, I already cleared the area so it’s safe” Raymond said.

“But I don’t want to leave you…” Scarlett said.

“You have to. This problem is between me and your brother not you, I promised to everyone that I’ll keep you safe. Besides your sister is out there, go protect her.” Raymond said.

Scarlett just looked at him, she was really scared to leave him but she had no choice.

Raymond pulled her closer and gave her a deep kiss before releasing her.

“I love you” He muttered and released her.

He turned and went after Jayce.. Scarlett turned and left the opposite way.

As Raymond said, he really cleared the area. She could see corpse of the enemies laying around.

She got out and hid, looking for Stephanie and that’s where she saw her hiding with Raymond’s men protecting her.

“Steph!” She exclaimed and rusbed to her.

His men immediately pointed their guns at her since she was still disguised. She immediately removed her hoodie.

“Ma’am” They said lowering her gun.

“Sis!” Stephanie rushed to her and they hugged.

By that time, the gunning had lowered down since it was just few men of Jayce who were alive…

“Where’s Raymond?” Stephanie asked.

“He went after Jayce” Scarlett replied.

“No!, I don’t want him to kíll Jayce… He’s my brother” Stephanie muttered and stood up. She snatched Scarlett’s gun from her…

She ran in the building.

“No Steph!!” Scarlett went after her.

“Ma’am!” The guards went after them…


“It ends here Jayce… To he honest, I don’t want to kíll you… Just own up and-”

Jayce bursted out in boisterous laughters.

“Own up and go to jail? Nah, I’ll pass” Jayce laughed.

“You leave me with no choice then.” Raymond said.

They began shooting at each other. Raymond jumped behind a wall and hid behind it. He peeped out and shot at Jayce who was hiding too.

Raymond ran out of his hiding shooting at Jayce while running. Jayce kept ducking at each of his shots. He shot back but Raymond dodged it…

Raymond aimed his gun at him and pulled the trigger but the bullet was finished..

“Sh*t!!” Jayce cursed as his bullets got finished too.

They looked at each other and threw their guns down then charged at each other.

Jayce made punch Raymond on the stomach but he dodged it. He grabbed Jayce’s arm and flipped him across his back.

Jayce landed on the floor. Raymond bent Jayce’s arm he was holding and it made a “crack” sound.

“Argh!!!” Jayce screamed out in pains.

He kicked Raymond on the calf and he groaned, falling down. Jayce pulled out a knife from his pocket and began charging at Raymond with one arm since the other one was broken.

Raymond skillfully dodged each and every one of his attacks. He held Jayce’s hand and hit it, making him drop down the knife.

Raymond picked the knife and went straight to Jayce’s chest but….


Raymond stopped just few inches away from his chest. He turned back to see Stephanie.

Stephanie ran to them in tears and came in between them..

“Please don’t kíll Jayce… Deep down, I know hes good.. Just that he got corrupted by our real parents… Please” Stephanie cried..

“If you kíll him,, I’ll also kíll myself” Stephanie aimed the gun on her head.

“No!!” Scarlett exclaimed.

Jayce took the opportunity that Raymond was distracted. He grabbed the gun from Stephanie and pushed her aside then swiftly shot at Raymond twice..


“Raymond!!! No!!!” Scarlett screamed in horror and rushed to Raymond.

Raymond fell in her arms as blood gushed out of his stomach..

“Raymond…” Scarlett teared up, rubbing his cheek.

“Since you love him that much… Just follow him” Jayce muttered and aimed at Scarlett.

“No!!!” Stephanie said and immediately hugged him.

They both gasped at the same time..



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