Diary of the Watterson � Episode 30

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



Howards University

Melody hugged him tightly, still crying…

Angelo sighed and hugged her back, patting her hair.

“It’s okay,…shh!” Angelo hushed, stroking her hair.

He cupped her cheek and and wiped away her tears then gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“It’s okay, stop crying” Angelo smiled and hugged her back.

They stayed like that for a while with no one speaking, all what Melody could hear was the beating of his heart.

“Angie” Melody called, still hugging him.


“Can I tell you a story..” Melody said, still hugging him.

“Yeah, sure!” Angelo replied.

“There was this girl, at the age of 15 she loved this guy so much that she could do anything just for him to love her back. She liked everything about him, from his personality to his looks to his smile…everything. One day, the guy came and asked the girl out. She was the happiest alive when he did, without hesitating she accepted and they started dating,, he was 18 and she was 16 by that time.”

“Everything was so beautiful, so perfect till that night. She gave out her virginity to him.. The next day she woke up to receive the shock of her life. He went ahead and publish the video of them having s*x on their school blog. The girl was now an object of ridicule, mockery… Everywhere she went people called her sl�t and other hurtful names.”

“The guy told her that he was just using her. That he was dared to sleep with the girl and now that he succeeded it, he doesn’t need her. Thats how they broke up…” Melody concluded.

“Tell me, the girl… Was that you?”

Melody looked up at him then slowly nodded..

“I’m sorry…” Angelo said.

“Its fine, at least that taught me a lesson. The only person who stood by me was Phoebe, that’s why I hate to see her sad” Melody said.

“So you beat those two up because of Phoebe?” Angelo said.


Angelo nodded and tugged a piece of her hair behind her ear before smiling.

“I missed seeing your pretty face” Angelo said.


“I know, you don’t want to make a decision that will end up as badly as that with your ex. I’ll wait…” Angelo said.

“What if I choose Andrew” Melody asked.

“Then I’ll accept defeat and I’ll leave you two to be happy” Angelo said.

“Okay” Melody smiled.


Melody and Angelo turned to where the noise came from. Ethan was standing there…

“Oh Ethan” Melody said, slowly releasing Angelo.

“I see you’re better, come Phoebe wants to see you” Ethan said.

Melody nodded and with Angelo, they both followed Ethan to a class nearby.

“Mel!” Phoebe exclaimed once Melody walked in.

“What did you do to them? If my aunt finds out she’ll think I have a hand in it and I’m d�ad!” Phoebe panicked.

“Calm down Phoebe. If she wanna pick on someone then it’s definitely me not you, I don’t regret what I did” Melody said.

Ethan and Angelo just watched them, still not getting what is happening.

“The twins were rushed to the clinic and Melody you’re needed in the principal’s office” Ethan said

Melody sighed…

? ? ? ? ?

Silver High**

“Really? Jackson is gonna be you mentor?” Sophia asked in surprise.

“Well yeah” Monica answered like it was no big deal.

“You’re so lucky! I wish I was in your place! Jackson is my role model, I love everything about him. I’m his number one fan…gosh!, he’s gonna be our classmate?! Yay!!!” Sophia squealed.

“Talking about me?” A voice said behind them.

Sophia turned back and literally fell from the chair she was sitting on when she saw Jackson standing behind them.

“Mr Jackson,…Jack, I mean Jackson!” Sophia stammered.

“Who’s this blondy? She’s cute!” Jackson asked.

“Well you can just ask her directly…” Monica rolled eyes.

“Uhh…” Sophia said, not knowing what to say again.

“You know already my name. Can I know yours?” Jackson asked

“Sophie… I mean Sophia” She smiled awkwardly

Jackson chuckled and nodded. He sat down with them.

“I didn’t invite you” Monica frowned.

“You aren’t the only one here. You know, the world doesn’t revolve only around you” Jackson said.


“Moni” Skye smiled, walking to them.

“Skye!” Monica smiled.

Skye looked at Jackson and rolled eyes before looking back at Sophia.

“Oh it’s like that, is it?” Jackson spoke to himself. He smirked.

“Moni, can we go out on a date after classes? Have a surprise for you” Skye said.

“Sure, I’ll-”

“Monica don’t forget we your training begins today” Jackson said.

“Oh sh*t! Sorry Skye ill have to decline..” Monica said.

“Oh okay” Skye forced a smile.

He discreetly glared at Jackson who smiled at him.

? ? ? ? ?

Later, the Parker**

Melody walked in her house, thinking of how to tell her mom what happened. Well, she got suspended for three days.

“Mom, I’m back!” She exclaimed.

“Hope you brought me some snacks if not just go back to where you come from” Boris said from the living room. He was watching his favorite cartoon.

“Where’s mom?” Melody asked.

“She’s having her nap… Now my snack” Boris said.

“I brought none, come and beat me let’s see” Melody rolled eyes and made to go to his room when she began hearing banging sounds on the door of their house.

“Who’s that?” Melody thought and went to open then door.

“You fo�l!! Id�ot!! Just look at what you did to my daughters!!!” Elena yelled immediately Melody opened the door.

“I’m gonna teach you a lesson. Come here!!” Elena said and made to hit Melody.

“What’s going on here?” Melody’s mom said, the noise woke her up.

“This your us�less daughter be�t up my two babies all because of that sl�t that’s squatting my house!!” Elena yelled.

Mrs Parker looked at Melody who looked down.

“I’ll explain everything later to you mom…” Melody said.

“Later?! That’s your problem… You’re gonna pay me for what you did to my daughters!!!” Elena said and grabbed Melody’s hair.

Mrs Parker pushed her off her daughter and glared at Elena.

“Whether my daughter is at fault or not, I won’t allow you to come here and touch her!! That’s illegal and I can sue you for that!” Mrs Parker said.

Elena gasped, not knowing what to say again.

“You…!!” She fumed.

“It’s like that right? Okay, I want you three out of this house within the next four hours!!” Elena said

Oops… Forgot to tell you that Elena is their landlady, my bad.

Elena glared on more time at them before leaving. Mrs Parker sighed loudly.

“I’m sorry mom..” Melody muttered.

“Come. We have a lot of discussion to do” Mrs Parker walked in. Melody followed her.

They all sat down in the living room and Melody told them everything that happened.

“Like seriously?! Bravo sis!! You’re the best!!” Boris clapped while laughing.

“This is not the moment to joke around Boris. I want suspended for three days and we just got kicked out of this house. Where are we gonna stay now” Melody sighed.

“We are in deep trouble” Mrs Parker muttered.

Melody got an idea and stood up. She picked up her jacket hanging by the wall.

“Where are you going?” Boris asked.

“I’ll be back in a jiffy. Just go pack your things okay?” Melody said and rushed out of the house.

Melody quickly took the cab which took her to the Watterson villa. She paid the cab and rushed in the house.

“Melody? What you doing here? You don’t work today if i remember” Julia said.

“Good evening ma’am. Please can I ask a favor from you? Can you pay me my salary of the month in advance?” Melody said.

“Please ma’am I really need it. My family and I just got kicked out of out house and we need to rent a new house this night” Melody said.

“That’s bad” Julia said and brought out her purse.

She halted as an idea came up in her head.

“Why don’t you bring your family in here. We have a lot of spare rooms” Julia said.

“Huh? Oh please ma’am, I don’t want to burden you guys…” Melody said.

“C’mon it’s no big deal. It’ll be fun having you around so I don’t mind. Besides you said your mom is someone fun to be around. I won’t be so bored having her around so yeah, I’m cool” Julia said.

“Ma’am… Thank you so much!, i really appreciate I yunno. Thanks so much ma’am” Melody said.

“It’s okay, go get them. I’m impatient to meet them!” Julia patted her hair.

Melody nodded and ran off. Julia smiled watching her leave.

“I know my son fell for you. How wouldn’t he when you’re so nice and cute” Julia thought with a smile.



  1. Wow wow… Melody just won herself a jackpot. But will Angie be cool with his mom bringing the Parkers to their house or will he see it as a chance to get closer to Mel?
    Next please

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