The Seventh Vampire Disciple- Episode 3

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

By: Vickie Dora ?

Chapter 3
(Their Secret Plan)

Megan arrive Floxin just in time; it was evening already and time to have her rest. She walked into the reserved suite her father got for her, looking around to admire its beauty.

She knew her father won�t offer her less, being the only child can be a blessing sometimes. She is being spoilt with money and fame, and won�t for one day give in to poverty. Geez, she hates that word.

�This is your room� Gracie, her manager spoke up, gesturing toward a room. She went in, examining it

�Hmm, looks good, it�s my taste� Megan replied, going to the balcony which held its own beauty as she behold a wonderful sight of the city from there.

Floxin is really beautiful, never knew about that until now� She noted, taking a walk round the room, while Gracie smiled, thanking her gods that she like the room. She sigh a breath of relief, knowing well that if it doesn�t suit Megan�s taste then she will have to work the whole night to get a suitable room for her; but that isn�t happening.

�But I prefer London to this though, London is perfect� Megan stated, and turned to Gracie.
�Your work is done here, I need to shower; you can leave, and tell Lottie to prepare my meal in time�

�You meal has been prepared, I hired good chef to do that as we await your arrival� Gracie smiled, showing her full sets of teeth.

�Hmmm�you seem to be doing your job well this time Gracie, but..Tsk�I prefer Lottie�s food� Megan huffed, going to take off her cloth. Gracie was about rolling her eyes, but had to stop to avoid her wrath. She sighs disappointedly.

Since Megan wasn�t paying attention to her any longer, she decided to leave and inform Lottie, but stopped when she heard her name

�Just get me the food, I don�t want it to waste, and Lottie too need to rest after all, the entire trip was hectic� Megan stated, and went into the bathroom. Gracie heaved a sigh of relief
�Finally, I can rest for today�huhh� She thought inwardly
After her brief shower, her meal was served which she ate just little. She settled down on her bed to rest when she remembered that she hasn�t spoken to Oscar.

He should have called her to ask if she had arrived Floxin, but she didn�t meet his miss call, and that got her thinking. She shrugged her thought off and decided to call him.

�Perhaps, he forgot to call, or�� She thought, placing the phone on her ear as it rings for a while. He didn�t pick it until the fourth ring

�Hey Babe, what�s up� She frown

�I�m not cool..i didn�t see your call, and you haven�t been this way. You are always the first to call whenever I go on a trip like this� She pouted

�Sweetie�I�m so sorry, trust me, it wasn�t my wish not to call you. I actually forgot my phone at your place, I had to go back for it, and surprisingly your fourth call came up. I�m really sorry, I missed you so much to have forgotten the phone. You know, you are the only one I think about�? He stated sweetly

�Awwn, I�m blushing. Sorry for judging you wrongly�
�You know that I love you right� He grinned

�Yes�I know�and I love you too.� She smiled
�So how was your trip, hope you arrived there safely�

�Not really, the weather is getting cloudy here, but trusts me, this place is damn beautiful. And the suite dad reserved for my stay here, is cool.�

�Awwnn, I�m missing you right here, just feel like coming to meet you over there�.or should I come� He teased

�Come on, it�s not like I will be gone for long, don�t miss me too much�I love you!!�

�I love you too baby, don�t worry, after your award show, I�m gonna give you a surprise�

�Yea� and you are gonna love it�
�I will be waiting for the show to end quickly then, I really wanna see the surprise you have for me� She beam

�Take your time darling�
�And remember that you are mine; tell those girls that will try looking at you with their ugly eyes that you have a fierce wolf as a girlfriend. So they should stay in their lane� She threatened. He laughed hard

�Sure thing babe, just know that no one can take your place in my life. You are my everything. I will leave you to your lovely sleep now. Tomorrow is a great day, right�
�Sure�sleep tight�
�You too�

�And don�t dream of bedbug�
�I will dream of only you my darling Meg� He sweetly stated

She sigh brightly after the call ended, smiling as she lay on the bed; remembering the wonderful times she had spent with Oscar since the day they started dating.

She hopes the show ends soon so that she can witness the surprise he has for her, which will be delighting, she thought and went into the dreamland.
~ Vampic Fall~
�Good morning Lord Zarus�

�Morning Lord Zarus� The workers greeted in respect as Lazarus made his way into the farm. It is one of the largest farms in the vampire kingdom, own by him. He has lots of workers, working for him in the farm, and the produce made from it are sold to the big markets and also to other kingdoms.

Being the best selling farmer in the kingdom didn�t only earn him a title, but the fact that he was considered one of the vampires with great skills and ability; his physical look is also appealing, sending young maiden crazy just to see his face and feel his abs.

Lazarus, being a hardworking young man, was given a lordship title in the community where he dwells. He also made sure that he performs his duty well as a good citizen of Vampic Fall, and also for the good of the people. This attitude has earned him much love from people despite his dangerous aura.

The only disturbing thing about him is his cold attitude, and his addiction to wearing a mask. Many people had tried seeing his real face but that wasn�t possible because he is always conscious of wearing it whenever he is in the mist of people. Only his bosom friend, Arthur and his sister, Celeste has seen his real face; but despite the mask, his looks is still alluring and dying for.

�Lord Zarus�.My lord� Someone called from behind as he paused to look at who was yelling his name that way. Gilberto; the farm manager called running towards him as he tried catching his breath.
�What is it Gilberto� He frown, tucking his hand into his coat pocket

�Forgive me my lord, I have a message for you� He stated, handling him a letter, with a royal seal. He collected it, after briefly scrutinizing it.

�So what�s the schedule for this month and how much profit are we gonna make from our sales� he asked Gilberto, who brought out a record board from his bag.

�Our neighboring country ordered for a large sale of corns, the laborers in charge of that are almost done with the harvest. It will be transported to them when due. We have given them the amount of all it will cost them, and they are ready to pay�

�Hope the transportation fee is included�
�Yes my lord, I made sure to give them the exact amount they are to pay. And lots of profit will be generated. The king also ordered for some fruits; that will be delivered today. Mica is in charge of that�

�Good, make sure the laborers do their work well, I detest mistakes. When the month is due, pay them their wages. I need to go check the poultry, reports came to me that some birds died, need to go see for myself� Lazarus muttered.
�Ok sir�.� Gilberto replied as he leaves to monitor the day�s work

~Under World~
The door to a dark room lit by just a flame of fire from a candle, which barely shines in the dark, opened, revealing someone. She walked towards where the candle was placed and stare around.

�I�m here�.you can come out� she spoke with authority. A sudden wind blew round the candle but didn�t put off the light. Then a figure emerge right behind her, she turned to look at it, with a grin plastered on her face.

�Welcome once again, do you have any news for me� The figure spoke walking round the room
�The king�s heart is falling day by day� She stated

�That�s good news, isn�t it� the figure croaked, rubbing her chin
�Tsk. He has written letters to the nobles, the ordination of a disciple is on.�
�I know about that�.our plan is coming to fulfillment� The figure grinned. She sighed

�Why do I have a bad feeling about this; I feel war coming, I don�t know where it�s coming from. We have been living in peace for a long time� she grimaced

�I feel it too, but we have to wait for it to come before taking any step. All we have to wait for is the death of the king�� he smirked, and was followed with hilarious laughter

�Haahaaghaa�hahaahaaa�we will rule the world�haahaahaa� The figure laughed, while she smiled along




Hmmm…who are the unknown..keep on following


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