The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 2

Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

By: Vickie Dora�

Chapter 2
(Journey to Floxin)
~The Prince�s Chamber~

�Arghhh�oh�faster..oh my gawd� A slut mo@ns as she was being banged by Hunter, the prince of Vampic Fall. He mo@ns loudly, going deeper into her as she screamed out of ecstasy which suddenly became groans of pain.
�Oh Hunter�stop�.arghh�.you are hurting me� She pleaded with tears already tickling down her eyes. But Hunter will hear nothing of that; his mission is to make sure he bleeps her and paralyze her legs. As for him, a b!tch should be treated as one, and that includes f**king them to his satisfaction.

He flipped her over, setting her a$$ towards him as he strides his rod into her hole, bleeping the hell out of her. The slut felt her a$$ burning hot, as her legs wobble; she tried staying conscious, enduring the pains to avoid further complications. She felt his rod whale up in her, and noticed that he was about to c*m. He felt it too, ready to pour it out when the door bang open.

�sh*t� he yelled, pouring out his content, as he manages to buckle up before the intruder comes closer. Only the slut lay nude on the bed, her legs widely spread, having no strength to cover up.
�Why the f**k didn�t you knock?� Hunter brawled, turning swiftly to face the intruder who happens to be his sister. She rolled her eyes at him and glared hard at the slut.

�Your f**king mo@ns didn�t allow you to hear me, you can�t expect me to knock too much, I love my knuckles, please� She slam. Her eyes went back to the n@ked slut.
�And what�s this b!tch still doing here�
�I�m not done with her yet, tell me why you are here�

�Oh no, you are through with her because mum needs you in her chambers this moment� She snapped, turning to leave.
�F**k�Jezebel� he called after her, she stopped to look at him
�Tell mum I will be there soon, I still need to freshen up� he mouthed. She scoffs
�Whatever�.it�s not like I�m some kind of messenger�I�m out of here� She stated, slamming the door.

�Brat�.� He cursed. His eyes went back to the b!tch who was still breathing hard, not able to move. His rod sprang up on sighting her clean shaved cl!t and enticing hole which drips out whitish juice.
�Danmit, I�m damn h0rny, it�s not over yet�� He winked at her. She let out a frail cry as he pushed himself into her, riding her into unconsciousness.

~Vampic Fall Kingdom~
Sitting in a room is a young man, having a private meditation. A large book was placed in front of him as his mouth move to the rhythm of the words he was muttering. His eyes were firm shut and his legs, crossed; he placed his two arms on his legs as flames of fire erupt from his hands.

The room became suddenly cold but still in its usual position. The bed was close to where he sat on the floor and a set of table and two chairs also stood at the extreme of the room. The curtains swayed gently to both sides as the sound of a calm whirling wind filled the room.

His meditation was cut short when the door abruptly opened as a figure stepped in. His eyes flipped making the fire go off simultaneously. A raging force came out of him, flinging the figure towards the direction of the bed as she landed on it.

�Arhghh�.� She groaned, trying to reach for her back

�Lazarus�.� She screamed his name in anger. Glaring hard at him from where she sat.

�What was that for�huhnn?� she snapped. Lazarus didn�t move an inch; he remained where he sat, trying to cool down his anger. She had disrupted his meditation, and that, he had warned her several times not to go against.

The main reason why he couldn�t hurt her was because she is his sister. She noticed what she had done after sighting the book in front of him.
�I�m sorry� She apologizes, even though he is in the right position to say that to her, but she wouldn�t want to get on his bad side today.

�I actually knocked, but you were too engross in your meditation, to not have heard it�

�You should have just leave, you know my rules, Celeste� he gruff, coldly. That�s one thing about her brother; he speaks once in a while, and sometimes never speaks at all. He is cold, snobbish but also charming. His looks alone, is worth killing for, but his aura screams danger.

�I�m sorry; Arthur is here to see you� She smiled, knowing that he won�t hurt her as she climb down the bed; He didn�t turn to look at her but kept his gaze fixed on the book. She strides to the door, leaving the room gently. She breathed out softly, placing her hand on her chest.

�Oh! Poor Celeste, you really need to be careful with that brother of yours� She muttered to herself

�Where is he�.� Arthur asked as he sees her stepping into the sitting room

�He is coming�just needs to do something� She replied. He smiled staring lustfully at her, as he dips his hands into his pockets

�What?� She asked, arching her brows. He chuckled
�Come here�

�Just come closer�.why are you doing this Celeste, you have punished me enough, can I k**s you now?� He pouted. She rolled her eyes, ignoring his stare.

�Nope�.� She popped the �P�
�What! Please�ok..fine..we had an argument and you decided to punish me by starving me, but I�ve pleaded several times. Am I not forgiven yet?� he asked still pouting. She felt pity for him, and well, she also long to have it.

�Owwkkaayy�.fine__� he cuts her short, slamming his lips on hers, savouring the flavor of her lips. She reciprocated in the same pace, longing to feel each other. He was about dipping his hand in her blouse when he heard the sound of someone clearing his throat. They broke the k**s and stared at Lazarus, who was few meters away from them.

�Hey Pal�� Arthur greeted
�Rule number five, don�t you dare f**k my sister in my house� Lazarus replied him, coldly.

�What!?…huff�are you adding to the rules now, geez, she is my mate� Arthur resorted

�And she is my sister, and also under my care. So I have every right to make my rules� Lazarus stated. Celeste only stared at them without saying a word. A grin was plastered across her face

�Huhn�fine, I will try� he groans
�But warn her too, not to seduce me whenever I come here, and she did that just now� he muttered, Celeste gave him this shock look, which later change to a deadly stare. He recognized his mistake and change words

�Oh�I meant, the cloth she wore seduced me�

�She is well covered� Lazarus chipped in, while she nodded.
�Yea�but I can still see some balls� teats shooting out of the blouse�� he stated, referring to her b00bs.

�F**king bas***d� Celeste roared, picking up a pillow to throw at him, which he dodge, laughing. She picked it up again, hitting it on him, as they fought all the way to her room.
Lazarus chuckled slightly as he watches Arthur lock her up in the room.

�I will get back at you for doing this..Arthur!!!!� She yelled from the room

�I love you too sweetheart� he replied, sighing heavily, as he returned to the sitting room
�Phew�we�ve fought again, she�s gonna starve me for a month this time. Gosh, I�m gonna die if she does that� he groaned

�You caused it�you wanna tell me something� Lazarus asked
�Yea�did you see the news�about wanting a new disciple?�
�Yes�so what about it�
Arthur scoffs

�You are acting like you don�t know what it�s about, you are a noble for goodness sake, and out of the nobles, will the disciple be chosen�

�I know about that already, but I don�t know why you are telling me this� Lazarus resorted

�What if you are chosen, you know, your powers are supreme, compared to others in this kingdom�
�Then I will have to serve the king, it�s the law�

�F**k the law, you are gonna serve Prince Hunter, the king is dying�

�I know that too�.hunter will be crowned king before my work will begin�

�Who will wanna serve that as***ole, Hunter is a fool, he aint worth ruling this kingdom. All he knows is to bleep young girls, and get away with it because he is the prince� Arthur blurted out in anger

�Watch the way you speak about the royals, the walls have ears� Lazarus chipped in

�Yes mum� Arthur replied, as they both chuckled

�You know, smiling makes you look cute, I wonder why you rarely do that around people� Arthur jeered. Lazarus rolled his eyes, ignoring him as he dips his hand into his pocket, bringing out his phone

�There he goes again with his cold attitude� Arthur groan, getting up on his feet.

�That damn attitude will lead you nowhere bro, I�m outta here. Will be in Celeste�s room�

�Remember the fifth rule� Lazarus stated

�Yes�no f**king�.i got that� he replied. Lazarus chuckled, focusing on his phone. Few minutes after he heard them engaging in another quarrel, he began to hear mo@ns.
�sh*t! They just wouldn�t listen� he cursed, getting up on his feet.

He imagined a peaceful and quiet site where he could go have a private time, and vanished into the air, heading towards his location.

~The Johnson�s Mansion~
�Yes Gracie, I�m listening� Megan muttered into her phone as she went down the stairs. Lottie, her maid trailed behind her, holding some luggage.

�Hope my flight is set�ok�I will be there in few minutes� She said. Oscar and Violet were already downstairs, waiting for her in the sitting room.
�I�m leaving sweeties, I need to catch my flight� she smiled, as she receives a hug from Violet.

�It�s your personal jet, so don�t be in haste. It�s not gonna leave until you arrive there.� Violet bluff
�I still need to go early, I don�t wanna arrive there late for security reasons� She chipped in

�Safe journey� Oscar muttered, k**sing her briefly as he she made her way to the limousine. Only Lottie, her personal maid and few guards are to go with her.

�Hey Gracie, I will be there soon, I want everything to be set, no delays� She ordered into her phone.
The driver roared the car to life as it zoomed out of the compound, heading for the airport.




One word for this episode


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


  1. Authoress vicki u are really gud and grt buh the stories have some flaws
    1 vampire DO NOT FALL SICK the are killed during wars
    2 the don't posses powers only SPEED, SUPER STRENGHT, AND SUPER HEARING, SUPER SIGHT and their priestess are nt vampires the are usually witches
    buh keep on the good works

    1. Thanks dear.

      But that's why it's called a fantasy ?

      In the world of writing, one is free to make changes or perhaps add a little spicy.

      It's better than reading what you have known before.

      Just enjoy it the way it is. Thanks again

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