The Seventh Vampire Disciple -Episode 21

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

By: Vickie Dora ?


Chapter 21
D� Arcy�s POV

I exhale for the umpteen times as I watch the beautiful view of London from my balcony. Coming to the human world is one the biggest risk I have ever taken. But I need to fulfill my father�s wish, whereas, the vampire kingdom is no longer safe for me. As long as I am a bas***d, and Hunter becomes the king, then my life will be a living hell.

I managed to rent an apartment, which is comfortably built in an estate. I love its calm environment, which is away from the lousy part of the city. I still don�t know my neighbours yet, and they don�t know me too.

Gosh how am I gonna live with humans, without them detecting any strange act from me. I was still lost in thought when the gate to the compound beside mine opened, as a car drove in.

A young pretty girl stepped down the car, as a white little dog ran towards her. She bent down to pick it up, laughing heartedly as it licks her face.
�Hey Goldie�ouch you stink�wanna have a bath� She asked, as the dog barked, wagging its tail.

I smiled, seeing her happy moment with the dog, she seem to like it so much. But one thing I also notice about her is her eyes.

She has a perfect set of green eyes, huhn weird. I haven�t seen anyone with such eyes before, but it suits her. Thanks to my vampire ability, I was able to hear all she said clearly, and have a clear eye to cite far objects.

I was still caught in the midst of my ecstasy when the dog looked up to my balcony, and barked ferociously. She looked up towards me, but too bad, I was already gone. I hid behind the walls away from her view.

�What�s wrong Goldie, there is nothing there. Why is your mood suddenly changed?� She asked it, walking into the house, while the dog still struggle to bark
Damn, that dog is a b!tch, it almost sold me out.

Megan�s POV
�It�s a good thing you got the book, you are welcome� Logan smiled out, while I rolled my eyes. I really need a bath right now, and he is making it worst by indirectly mocking my look

�I think the bathroom needs to give you an invitation� he smirked
�Whatever� I stated, handling him the book. He felt the surface with his hands and sighed

�When you done, hurry down here� he stated, and turned to leave. I sigh and walked back to the room I found myself earlier today. On the bed are new set of dresses, perfectly laid. I hurried into the bathroom, taking off the filthy cloth as I switch on the shower. I allowed the water hit my skin, exhaling softly as I feel its coldness.

After refreshing, I changed into the new outfit, heading back to the living room. My stomach growled loudly as it became clear to me that I haven�t eaten a thing for the past..oh gosh, three days. I mean, how did I manage to survive, because the Megan I know won�t go for a day without eating, damn.

I stepped into the living room, as a delicious aroma hit my nose. Logan was busy setting the dinning table as I walk closer

�I believe you would be starving by now. You can have this to ki*ll the hunger� he stated. I drew out a chair and devoured the food, in few minutes, I was done. The food tasted delicious, did he prepare it or perhaps ordered for it. I shrug

Well, I will go for the latter. I was about getting up when I saw him standing in front of me

�Huhn�when did you get here� I asked, puzzled

�Are you done� He asked, ignoring my question
�What?� he asked, as I frown

�I�m done with your f**king mission, I go you the book, so can I get my face back� I seethed. He didn�t flinch a bit, but only stared at me like I am speaking gibberish

�I didn�t put it on your face, you know the right person to ask� He muttered, turning to leave

�Hey wait, you can�t expect me to go me him after what he did to me the other time. He looks like a demon..� I whispered the last part, but too bad, I think he heard me

He turned to face me with a smirk
�I will advice you not to let him hear you say that. Walk down this passage to the third room, try to knock before entering, because I know that you don�t have a single manner� He rolled his eyes, as I glared hard at him. Who does he think he is to think of me that way..bas***d. I sneered

After he left, I brace up myself to meet the devil, well, that�s the name I have for him now. The previous scene of him choking me is still clear in my memory. Though I couldn�t get to see his face properly that day, except his red eyes; and that was because I passed out.

Getting to the door, I knocked as expected, and his voice ushered me in. He was shirtless, facing the window. I could see the book of Enchante placed on his study table, still glowing as always.

I fidgeted with my finger as I moved a step away from the door, while it shut itself. I don�t know why I feel this way around this guy. His aura is just so intimidating. I couldn�t even utter a word, and when he turns to look at me, I could hear my heartbeat banging hard against my chest.

�What do you want?� he spoke up after few seconds of silence

�I�humnm�i..i think I�m done here, right� I muttered after developing the courage to do so. I could feel his eyes piercing hole on my body, but I just couldn�t help staring at the floor. This is not the former Megan who wouldn�t give a damn about looking at anyone in the eyes, but the guy is different.

�So?� he shrugs; as I was forced to stare at him. He was wearing the mask again, I could only see the upper part of his face, but he still looks dangerously handsome. What does he mean by �so?�. Are these guys really serious with our deal?

�I need to go back, we had a deal that if I get you the book you will take this thing off my face. I have done my part it�s left for you to do yours� I stated. He furrowed his brows
�Did I say that?� he asked, folding his arms. I tried hard not to be tempted by his physique, his abs, muscles, skin, hair, gush�this guy is a demon in angel form.

I frown, folding my fist
�Leave�� He stated, turning back towards the window

�No� can�t do this�you can�t�� I cried out

�You should leave before I change my mind and make it worse� he simply stated, as I shed tears. I lane at the book on his table, with the mind of grabbing it, and running out, but damn, that�s a weird imagination, I can�t do that.

I was still in thought when I everywhere started getting blur. I could see him staring at me; my voice was no more. I felt a chilling breeze blew across my face as I shut it tight.

The next place I will find myself was in my father�s compound. Did I just disappear or he made it happen. I thought and stared around, still looking sad. My days with them has just been a waste, I didn�t get what I asked for. I will just go for the surgery

�Megan��s Megan�.� I heard Lottie�s voice as she ran towards me, but stopped with full force. I could see other workers coming around too. Some were really happy while some simply frown and went back.

�My mistress�.your�.your�face� Lottie shuttered; her eyes popped out. I was forced to touch my face, but that wasn�t enough. I ran all the way to my room, pushing anyone that comes towards me, out of my way. I opened the door forcefully, and thank goodness, it wasn�t locked.

My heart was heavily thumping as I walk towards the mirror. I couldn�t feel my voice at first, and when it came up, I let out a shrilling and frightening scream, as the mirror, got cracked



Phew…she got we face back…

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Vickie Dora


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