The Seventh Vampire Disciple-Episode 92

The Seventh Vampire Disciple
(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)
By: Vickie Dora ????
Chapter 92
(A Vampire)

“There must be another way…I should be able to heal her, just don’t know how. You will have to consult the goddess” Lazarus muttered, his eyes not leaving Megan’s.

“You are a god, but still in mortal body. The mark of Dracula made you become who you are; you have the strength to destroy anything, mortal or immortal which isn’t beyond your powers. But you can’t give life to a dying soul, only the goddess can do so.”

“Then the goddess will have to do something, I can’t let her go that won’t “ he snapped
The priestess sighed

“The goddess can give her life..but it will have to be a give and take. Such hasn’t been done for ages as far as I can remember. And I don’t know if it will work on her, considering the fact that she is human” The priestess noted

Lazarus turned to look at her

“What are you talking about?”

The priestess picked up her staff and waved it in the air, revealing a vision of many years ago, showing more in an animated form.

“Centuries upon centuries ago, something happened in the world of the vampires, when Enchante was still in existence, when the humans and vampires are alike. The king of the vampire world which wasn’t separated into kingdoms as at then; had a mate who he loves so much.

But there was a curse on her right from birth, which will prevent her from having an heir. But according to the culture, every queen must produce an heir for the next generation.

The young lass was curse by a dreaded witch who was feared a lot as at then, even the humans couldn’t stop that witch as at then, until nature had its way.

The great king never knew about the curse because his queen made sure she hid it away from him. She eventually got pregnant and died after childbirth, it was later revealed to the king all that had happened, and why she died.

He loved her so much and never wanted to let her go. So he consulted the goddess, he wanted his wife back, but she was already gone with the dust. He asked for a reincarnation, his wish was granted after series of sacrifices. Her spirit was summoned out of the afterlife to live again in another body; but surprisingly she came as a human instead.

He also gave up something for his wish to be granted, like I said earlier, it’s a give and take.” She noted the vision pave away like dust as she turned to look at him

“He had to give up the throne to be with his mate again; and that brought about the dispute between the humans and vampires. The vampires of that generation were not ready to let go of their king, just because he wanted to be with his mate who was a human.

They wanted her to be converted to become a vampire, but the parents of the young lass who the queen took her body, were never in support of it.

They don’t want their daughter to be a vampire, not knowing that something weird has been carried out in the spiritual realm and their daughter is the late queen who came back to life. War broke out, lots of dispute came in.

But Megan’s case is different, she is not fully dead yet, and not a vampire, so her body is still intact. If you are going for a reincarnation, then it will be after you had offered her body as a sacrifice to the goddess, but mind you, when she is reborn, she might be a mere human again, without her powers and no longer be your mate. She won’t know you anymore, except the goddess is so merciful to grant the both of your wishes.

Lazarus sighed out in frustration. That is the last thing he will ever ask for, he still wants her to be his mate, he will rather lay down his powers for her to still be his mate? He had waited for her for a long time, now that he had found her; will he just lose her that way? He thought

“She is struggling to stay alive; her life level is five percent. You have just an hour to make a decision Lazarus. Thanatos, the demon of death is waiting for her time to elapse, if he takes her with him, you won’t be able to recover her back.
Emerald stepped down from the car breathing in the cold fresh air that blew across her face. She turned to wave at her driver before walking further. She stopped on sighting Rose car, she sighted from it and started running towards her.

“Hey bestie” Rose called spreading her arms widely for a hug with Emerald returned.

“Phew…it’s good to be back to school after few days of forced shut down, still can’t believe that some of our schoolmate are dead.” She stated. Emerald nodded. They both walked into the hallway.

“Most of them are our classmates, may their soul rest in perfect peace”

“I wish. Thank goodness nothing had happened to you and Dave, else I don’t know what would have happened to me too. You know that you are my only friend here in Crystal high” Rose pouted, Emerald smiled

“And talking about Dave..where is he? I haven’t seen him after he left your house the other day, is he coming to school today?” Rose asked

“Erm….he…I don’t know…I think he went to see his parent” Emerald muttered, Rose frown
“But he told us that he is an orphan” She corrected. This time Emerald realized that she had flopped, she quickly thought of something to say

“Oh…sorry…perhaps some of his family relation..gosh, what am I saying..” She exasperated. Rose stared weirdly at her and shrugged

“Oh..if you say so”
“So you are finally going out with my brother?” Emerald asked, trying to change the topic

Rose blushed
“Sure..i like him” She replied.

“That’s good, but if he tries any rubbish with you, don’t hesitate to tell me. But to be sincere with you, Daniel really loves you, he has been loving you since when we were still juniors, just couldn’t walk up to you…damn..i shouldn’t be saying all this..”

They both laughed entering the classroom. There weren’t much student in the class, considering the fact that most of them were still taking treatment in the hospital, while others are perhaps too lazy to come to school, since work won’t start fully until the following week.

They took their seat and await the teacher’s arrival.

“But come to think of it, Crystal wasn’t found in the party hall where the massacre took place. Doesn’t it seem strange that she was found half dead in a room, with a vampire’s fang bite on her neck?” Rose asked with a puzzled look. One of the questions Emerald has been trying to avoid ever since she came back home.

She didn’t tell her parent of friend the full story of what really happened, she only mentioned Gary trying to harass her and Dave rescuing her; stating that they left afterward. What everyone actually pictured in their mind is actually Gary getting drunk and tried harassing Emerald, perhaps Dave fought him, picked up Emerald and left, but never knew the exact scene of what happened.

“Oh…I don’t know..perhaps the vampires went into the rooms and found her there…so they attacked her too” Emerald replied
That answer doesn’t seem satisfactory to Rose

“But what will she even be doing in a room, same as Gary. They were in the inner part of the building”

“Same way some who weren’t injured were in the inner part of the building. Remember that some people weren’t a victim of the scene, about 5 to 10 I think

“Then why weren’t the others attacked, because they were not at the party scene right? Then what about Gary and Crystal…something is not right.

Emerald was yet to reply when a blonde girl from the back screamed on top of her voice, rushing to the front of the class with a phone in her hand.

“Check this out everyone, Crystal is awake, she is no more in coma, and she just uploaded a video of herself in the hospital” she yelled out, as the other students struggled to bring out their phones. The duo weren’t bothered at first, but something else caught them off guard

“Just check out the school blog, she uploaded it there…goodness can’t belive we have a Vampire in our midst” the girl muttered. The other students were already busy watching the video. Rose decided to clear her curiosity, she brought out her phone and logged into the site. And as stated, Crystal already uploaded a video of herself, explaining certain things.

Emerald was hoping things don’t get out of hand. She knew D’Arcy attacked Gary who is still in coma, but doesn’t know about Crystal. Though D’Arcy had mentioned something about Crystal trying to seduce him, but didn’t tell her all about it. She gulped down her saliva and watched as she played the video.

“Hi guys…I know that many of you are happy to see me alive. Yea, some idiot tried to see me dead, but their plan will never work out. We all believe we are safe in this world of ours, but the truth is that among the humans live those deadly blood sucking animals, the vampires.

I was attacked by a vampire, someone which everyone of us know. He is closer to everyone, and every girl are dying to have him bed them, just like me too.

But the grace of God was sufficient on me, he couldn’t ki*ll me because I fought with all my strength. He tried to drain my blood and leave me to die” Crystal muttered, wiping of a drop of tears on her cheek. She gulped in, positioning the camera well to show her shoulder where she was bitten.

“Take a look at this, take a good look at my shoulder, that bas***d bit me hard, that monster, Dave…” He yelled out. A loud gasp spread around the class, Rose also gasped, she looked at Emerald, but couldn’t read her expression. She continued to watch on

Crystal chuckled in the video
“Yes…surprised right…but that’s the truth…Dave Bathory, new student of Crystal high bit me. He tried to rape me in the party Gary, but I didn’t give in to him. He deceived me into one of the rooms and tired having his way with me…I fought him hard but couldn’t hold up anymore. He got tired of struggling with he brought out those ugly fangs and dug it into my neck” She spat

“No…no.that’s not true” Emerald mumbled, still watching the video. There was this look of fear and anger in her eyes. She doesn’t know the one to choose.

D’Arcy will never try to rape Crystal, he said it himself that she tried seducing him, and she knows who crystal is, and what she can do. Rose looked at her friend and heaves a sigh

“And I know that his b!tchy girlfriend Emerald knows about this fact, they both planned it. It was because of Dave the party was ruined.

He brought in his vampire friends to raid the party because of his hatred for Gary. They both must pay for the death toll they have caused…you will pay for this Emerald” She ended the video with a loud cry

Everyone in the classroom diverted their gaze on Emerald, a girl walked towards her table and banged on it

“Hey you…so you and your boyfriend Dave were behind all these, how sure are we that you ain’t even a vampire?” She snorted.
“That’s not true…Crystal is lying, she doesn’t have a proof” Emerald resorted

“Crystal can never lie; she is saying the truth…” Another student chipped in
“And why the hell isn’t Dave here, why is he not in school..well will have to bring him out from wherever he is. Else we will make your life a living hell in this school”

“Yes!!!!” the other students cheered

“Shut up everyone…emerald is innocent of all these charges…how can you all just believe a video with no proof. She was also at the party, remember?” Rose stood up for her

“Then why isn’t she hurt…why..she is a b!tch..and needs to be treated as one. Crystal is saying the truth, we must get to the root of this” The girl yelled out, as the other cheered. They began to throw their snacks on Emerald. She couldn’t help but sob, she hope this doesn’t get to her parent.

Rose managed to pull her out, walking towards the garden
“Emmy…what’s going on..where the hell is Dave…what was all that about?” She rushed her words
“I don’t know…”

“Then why are you crying…you do speak up for yourself and never allow anyone to bully you…why ain;t you doing that now, they are all lying right…tell me”

Emerald nodded

“Then go fight them back…you can’t be sobbing when you are innocent….except you are not” She whispered the last sentence.”

Emerald looked up at her, not knowing what to say

“There is something you ain’t telling me Emerald. The other time I asked about Dave, you gave me a wrong answer, and tried changing the topic. You know about this right….we are best friends” Rose stated, already getting pissed at Emerald silent mood

“Yes…yes…I know about all this…but I don’t know how you or anybody is gonna take it” She replied, cleaning her tears
“What is it…just say it”

Emerald gulped in and sighed
“Dave is a vampire”
Love y’all ????
Vickie Dora ????

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