The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 18

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Chapter 18
(Mysteries 1)

Megan�s POV
�The book beholds lots of spells which can unlock magical enchantment. It has been hidden in that library for ages, not a single human knows about it. The keeper of the library is a keeper of time; you can�t defeat her as a human. But I will give you a substance that you can use against her.

All you need to do is get to the location of the book, get it out of there and say the four magic words, you will be out of there� Logan�s voice rang in my ears, as I allow the water from the shower, fall free on my soft body. I heaved a brief sigh, turning it off as I walk out of the bathroom.

Lottie was already fixing my nightwear, she place it on the bed and stop to bow.
�How was the outing mistress� She asked, as I scoff
�Weird� I muttered. She squinted
�You should be in your room, I can fix my wears�

�I�m your maid, I need to do my duty� She replied. I ignored her; going to my table wear my lotions are placed. All that is in my mind now, is how to get the book in exchange of getting my beauty back. But there is something he refused to tell me. Why couldn�t they go get it themselves in the library, why sending me� I thought

�Can I confide in you Lottie� I muttered, but paused on my words as Logan�s words rang again in my ear
�Tell no soul� He had stated. I sigh softly, perplexed
�Yes, my lady. Are you bothered about something� Lottie asked
I shook my head

�No� I just feel like you have done enough for tonight. I will be leaving the country tomorrow, for a face surgery. I will like you to go with me as my personal maid, so you also need to take a rest. Go to bed Lottie� I suggested. She nodded
�Ok Megan..thanks� She stated, and walked out of the room

�Gosh�I can�t think of escaping the guards when trying to leave tomorrow. They will surely get hold of me� I thought to myself. Picking up my phone, I dialed Oscar�s number. It rang for a while but he picks it. I didn�t stop, I really miss him.

He hasn�t spoken to me since the day he visited, and that was about a week ago. Oscar rarely stayed up to 24 hours without speaking to me. I used to be his weakness, but what�s going on, is he seeing someone else. Or was it because of the scars on my body� I thought, quietly sobbing.

No, Oscar won�t do such to me. I called the number again and this time, he picked it.
�Hey Meg� His baritone voice ran out, as I beam
�Baby�what�s wrong, you weren�t picking my call�

�I�m sorry, I wasn�t with the phone� He replied, drunkenly
�Are you drunk�why are you sounding this way?�

�Naah..i�m not drunk..just tired� He dragged his words, as another voice sounded in the background

�Baby..who are you still speaking with, I have been waiting� the voice stated. I could swear it was a lady�s voice, but it wasn�t clear, perhaps the lady is a far off. But what will he be doing with a lady at this time of the night. Is he in a club or what, is he cheating on me. All this thoughts kept coming to my mind, as I tired speaking about it

�I heard someone�s voice, who is that Oscar, who is she?� I yelled, already getting enrage
�Oh�it�s Coral, my annoying cousin..erm..she came to pay me a visit..gosh she is so troublesome. Hold on dear�I�m coming darling�� he shouted from the other end, chuckling in process.

�Ok..� I muttered, trying to ease the already brewing anger in me. He might be saying the truth. Oscar loves me so much, he can�t cheat on me.

�I have missed you so much, you haven�t been checking up on me, it�s not fair Oscar� I pouted, even if he can�t hear me

�I�m so sorry sweetheart, trust me, it�s not intentional. Coral hasn�t been giving me a breathing space ever since she came. She is so annoying, but I will make it up to you tomorrow. First thing by dawn, I will be at your place�

�I will be leaving for the United State by tomorrow; I wanna go for a surgery�
�Ouch..fine I will be early, trust me� he stated
�Ok..i will be expecting you�

�Love you�you need to get enough sleep ahead of tomorrow�s journey� he suggested
�Goodnight, love you..muah..� he blew kisses, as I did the same, and hang the call.

�Who was that� Violet asked, getting in bed Oscar beside
�It�s Megan..� he mentioned. She scoffs
�So when are you gonna tell her about us, so she can stay away?� She asked with disdain in her voice
He shrugs

�Very soon, I�m can�t wait to have you alone to myself. And whereas, she will be leaving for a surgery tomorrow, it is about her face�

�Huff�I hope she doesn�t make it, she disgust me� Violet seethed
�But you have me, so you have nothing to worry about�

�Sure�come on darling, I wanna feel your rod�� She winked at him
�Damn, ain�t you tired yet, we just finished a round some minutes ago� he pouted
She rolled her eyes

�What do you take me for, I�m a real b!tch remember, and I don�t get tired. Don�t panic, I will be on top this time�
She flipped her pants off, dipping her hand into his brief as she pulled off his rod, placing it gently into her warm hole. She let out a soft mo@n, biting her lips in process

�Oh jeez�Violet, I feel like I�m in heaven..�
�Nahh�you are already in heaven..� She smirked
�I can�t get enough of you�.� He mo@ns, as she rides him with pleasure.
�Where the hell am I� Megan asked no one in particular, as she walk down the aisle of darkness. All she could see where object oozing in the air, not having a specific shape. The ground wasn�t smooth beneath her feet, she felt like stumbling, but there was a force preventing her from doing so.
�Hello..� her voice rang out, echoing loudly across the hall. It sounded about seven times, before returning to it quiet state.

�Hey little one�I have been waiting for you� She heard a voice spoke. That voice sounded familiar, she knew only one person that has that voice. She turned swiftly to have a look, her heart beating hard towards her chest as it made a thumbing sound. She flipped her long white gown, which she doesn�t have in reality. How is got on her still baffles her.

�We meet again� The old haggard lady mouthed, wearing a croak smile. Her hands shiver as she recollects where she had seen her. The woman whom met her on her way to a meeting at Floxin, what does she want from her? She thought

�Don�t touch me� She yelled at the old hag, whose laughter echoes in a weird way
�He will come for you� The old hag stated, as Megan tried running, but her gown betrayed her. She trip and fall to the ground, whining in pain as the old hag jumped on her.

�Harrggg� She let out a shrilling scream, jumping out from her bed.
�Oh my god..oh my god�� She shivered, touching her chest

�It was only a dream..damn�what have I done to that witch, she thought, touching her temple. She heaves a loud sigh, dragging her feet back to bed, but stopped on noticing the strange changes in the room. The bed sheet and cover are different from hers; the wall is painted a different colour. It�s not having that usual scent and warmth that is always present in her room.

Her sleepy eyes became clear, as she scrutinize the room. This isn�t her room, but where the hell is she, and how did she get here, she thought.
And just as her mind demands, the door flipped open, revealing the handsome vampire
�At last, you decided to wake up� Logan smirked, stepping fully into the room

�What happened to did I get here..� she shuttered, looking perplexed
�You have been down for two days now, we don�t know what happened. And about how you got here, Lazarus brought you here himself. So get dressed, you got everything you need in this room, your mission is starting immediately� He winked, walking out of the room, without a reply from her. She feels so stunned to say a word.

�I have been down for two days, but why, I wasn�t sick and what about my parents. They will be worried, Oscar would have visited too. Damn, this is outrageous



Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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