The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 11

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

By: Vickie Dora ?

Chapter 11
(Club Spell)

The ladies were welcomed with the blazing sound of the speakers as they settle down for a table which is empty.

�Are you still gonna keep the masks on, come on, this place is for you to have fun, take it off� Violet stated looking at Megan as she pulled off the mask she was wearing earlier.

She actuallydoesn�t want her identity to be known in the club, she knew most of her fans are here, and meanwhile the DJ is doing a good job playing one of her rap music; but looking at the way everyone is focused on what they were doing, they won�t even recognize her except they stare intently at her.

�I�m even sick of it. My guards are close by, they won�t allow anything bad happen to me, so I need to be free today� She grinned and cast her glance to the dance floor where some ladies were busy swinging their hips to the rhythm of the music, as the guys behind them press their groins on their a$$.

She smiled tapping her feet on the floor

�I will go get us some drinks� Violet yelled. The sound from the speakers is just too loud that one had to shout before one can hear.

�Ok�.I need something hot, you know my favorite� Megan replied with a grin

She was planning to go show some of her skills on the dance floor but decided to wait for Violet. They will go show those freaky guys over there what they got with the way they will swing their bodies.

She was still in her thoughts when Martha walked into the club with her boyfriend trailing behind. She scoffs on sighting her; she hasn�t had any conversation with her after their last call when she was still at Floxin, she doesn�t even know when Martha got back. She actually traveled when she left for Floxin.

Their eyes met as Martha smiled walking closer towards the table, but not after whispering something into her boyfriend�s ear. He nodded and went towards the bartender.

�Hey girlfriend� Martha smiled giving Megan a side hug
�Hey babe, when did you arrive?� Megan asked

�Just yesterday�it�s so good to have you back, queen of Raps� Martha cooed as Megan twirls her body accepting the praise

�That�s who I am�what are you doing here by the way, the Martha I know hates clubs� Megan mocks

�Hey come on�it�s not like I hate it, but most times I don�t just get along with all this noisy environment, my boyfriend forced me to come here with him though, and�.I can�t resists him� She smiled, Megan scoffs

�You came here with your boyfriend, but you are right here sitting with me� She rolled her eyes. This time Violet was already coming with the drinks. Martha saw her and stood up immediately, she can�t deny the fact that she doesn�t like Violet and doesn�t know what Megan sees in her as a friend

�Yea you are right�I will just take my leave and join him. Congrats on your awards and more wins� Martha muttered pecking Megan on her cheek before scurrying away.

Violet frown on Seeing Martha but she was already taking her leave. She dropped the drinks and faced Megan with a sad look

�What?� Megan asked perplexed
�What was she doing here; I thought you don�t have anything to do with that fowl any longer?� Violet scoffs

�She is my childhood friend, even if I don�t like her that much; I can�t just break our friendship that way�

�Whatever, I just don�t like her� Violet groan

�She doesn�t like you either� Megan replied her, taking a gulp from the drink she brought. What drink is this, she asked as Violet smiled.

�It�s new in town, trust me, you will like it�
�I like it already, it tastes good.� Megan noted

�Trust you will� Violet smirk
Lazarus POV

On getting to the club house, I noticed the rowdiness and the noise from the speakers are annoying. One thing I hate most is too much noise; I couldn�t go in, so if I really wanna have a drink here, they all will have to go out.

�Hey�call the attention of the owner of the club and offer him something huge, I want everyone out of here� Lazarus said to Logan who stood there watching him, transfixed

�What�what do you mean..i don�t get you� He fake a nervous smile

�You heard me; I will pay any amount to get everyone out of here. I don�t like noise and crowd, I need time to think�

�What the F_, this is a club for damn sake, not some library� He resorted
�This even isn�t a local club, some celebrities attends this club to come chill out or use it as an event center for their birthdays or so, you can�t just ask them out�

�If you can�t do it, then I will� I snorted

�Ok..ok..fine. where are you gonna get the money to pay�
�Do I look like I�m poor?�
�If you ain�t then let�s go in� He shrugs as they went into the club house
Megan and Violet, including everyone in the club were busy enjoying their lovely moment when the music suddenly stopped playing. Some were enrage thinking the DJ is playing a foul play and were about shouting at him. But they stopped when an announcement sounded from the speaker; it was the club owner speaking

�Hello everyone, I believe you all are enjoying yourselves but I am sorry to tell you that the club will be closing now, and reserved for a very important VIP guest. So please you all should evacuate your seats, the dance floor and head out, thank you.� He muttered, to the amazement of everyone

�What the f**k..what�s going on..hey you� Megan, enrage shouted at the club owner who just finished his speech and was about leaving. He stopped to look at her as everyone�s attention was also on her.
�Hey�that�s Megan��

�Oh my gawd�.it�s Megan� some people who recognized her stated as they brought out their phones to capture the scene. But Megan wasn�t concerned about them, she felt angry and at the same time insulted. Why will they be turned out when the club hour is yet to end?

�I think those freaky guys that walked in then are behind this� Violet muttered referring to Logan and Lazarus. She had seen them when they walked into the club and had a brief discussion with the club owner. They looked like demi-gods and she had to drool.

�The f**k them�.hey, how much were you paid to do this huhnn�tell me and I will triple it� Megan shouted, she was clearly getting tipsy

�Erm�miss Megan..I� the club owner shuttered as her eyes wandered to who the club owner was staring at. They are the demi-gods that walked in earlier and got many ladies drooling at them, especially the one with a mask. But she doesn�t give a damn about their beauty; all she wants is to enjoy her clubbing to its fullest.

She walked towards were they sat and squinted. She recognized one of them, yes; it was the guy that sent dogs at her when she was at Floxin.

He had a smirk on his face, as he sips from his drink.

�Oh�so you are the one, we meet again freaky idiot, how dare you send dogs at me and right now you are also chasing me away from the club. Are you a God or something to treat people like trash just because you gat the money huhn�.f**k you� She yelled at Logan who smiled and sighed. He looked at Lazarus who wasn�t even paying attention to the scene she is creating.

�I�m talking to you� Megan shouted, staggering a bit. Martha knowing how dangerous those guys look quickly ran towards her.

�Hey�Meg�you need to stay calm and leave, you are drunk� She whispered, dragging her, but Megan won�t hear of that. She really wants to repay Logan for what he did to her. She pushed Megan off as she landed of the table making the drinks on it spill on Lazarus. Martha whine after landing on the floor as her boyfriend hurried to help her up.

�What have you done� he yelled at Megan. Violet walked closer as she noticed the change mood of Lazarus, his eyes is freaky filled with what she doesn�t know. She has been drooling on him ever since Megan started her scene, but right now, she thinks they are in danger.

Lazarus, filled with anger looked up at her, his eyes already changed to a burning flame. All he wishes to do is to take away her precious life but he just can�t find himself doing it. Instead, he casted silent spells on her as her face suddenly became hot. Megan screamed and fell to the ground, holding her face as she screams.

Violet tried to hold her but couldn�t because a mighty wind from nowhere blew hard into the club causing everything to become in disarray, tumbling the chairs and tables as the drinks from the bar split, crashing to the floor.

The phones of those who were videoing fell to the ground as it gets a gross damage. The club was in disorder not until the wind stopped blowing. When everyone got to regain their consciousness, Lazarus and Logan couldn�t be found, they were gone.



Phew…that was..?


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?



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