The Seventh Vampire Disciple- Episode 6

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

Genre: Fantasy/ Romance

By: Vickie Dora ?

Chapter 6
(Seven chosen men)

The seven chosen men appeared in a sacred mystic cave, filled with fogs as it smells of blood and concoctions mixture. This is the shrine of the priestess, where the goddess is being invoked; where rituals are performed and sacrifices are made.

The priestess’s laughter continued to echo round the cave before coming to an abrupt end. She pauses in her demeanor and stared at the faces of each men, while they watch her with rigid faces.

�Your mission goes as thus; you all will be sent to the human world, and find the sacred bolt which was stolen from our kingdom, by a random human thief. The Supposed human is dead now, but the bolt is still well kept in one of his secret places.

We don�t know where it is hidden, but the goddess will lead one of you to the exact place.

And when it is gotten, the victor will be crowned as the seventh disciple� She howled with a loud voice.

�But first, you all seven falcons will have to go through the blood bath to be well equipped and free from danger from powerful humans and witches you might come across. Each of you will be given a ring; it will be like a compass to your mission.

Remember, you are going there to find the missing treasure and not to make friends or find lovers.

You are free to quench your thirst for blood by feeding on them, you are free to party, have fun; but bear it at the back of your mind that the humans are our enemy and should be treated with contempt.

Don�t get too addicted to them, and you have limited time to complete your mission.�

�Now you all should strip and step into the large tub over there, for a blood bath.� She ordered as they set in to do her command.

~Next Day~
Back in the kingdom, the palace is being set in order as they prepare a little ceremony for the king�s departure.


This ceremony isn�t that of happiness and joy, but of grief and sorrow, and also to pay a last respect to their great king.

Unlike the humans, the vampires of Vampic fall don�t bury their corpse being that he goes with the air after the life is out of it.

They only set up a statue or large stone up as a sigh of someone�s departure after letting out their grief and sorrow.

Letters were sent to other vampire kingdoms to attend the departure ceremony of their beloved king. The people were not left out; they came to the palace in great mass to witness it.

Only after this ceremony will the prince be crowned as king, and that will be after choosing a disciple. But the queen will be in charge until then.

Queen Thana could be seen in her chambers being attended to by her maids; she was being dressed up for the ceremony and at the same time her hair was made.

She looks gorgeous in her attire but beheld an awful smirk on her lips. A woman who lost her husband should be weary and sad but she held the opposite.

She only cried when he was leaving, but became calm after his departure. Many believe she is just acting strong, and doesn�t want people to pity her, but others are not ready to agree with her.

She stood up and walked to the standing mirror after they were done and admire her good look. No doubt she is indeed a beauty to behold, but a wicked soul within.

She picked up her staff and ordered the maids out. They hurriedly left to avoid her wrath if being disobeyed.

The door opened again revealing Hunter in his princely dress. He looks handsome too, deriving his beauty from his mother. But the awful scar on his right eye down to his cheekbone disrupted the beauty a bit.

�Mum�� He called. She smiled on seeing how handsome he looks.
�Yes my darling�� She stated going forward to receive a peck from him

�The elders are here, the necessary rituals won�t be performed until you arrive there. We need to leave now� He said

�Oh..Yes�a minute� She muttered, going to pick up a bracelet and she wore it on her hand, before leaving the room with him

D� Arcy could also be seen, dressed in his princely outfit. He looked stunning as always, but is never really recognize in the palace, due to the status of his birth.

He is always reticent when with his family but outspoken outside the palace. He seems to be humble in character unlike the other two children of the king.

He acts boldly and can sometime be silly with his talks and flirts, but one thing he always avoids is getting into a fight with his step mother and siblings, but there hasn�t been a day that they won�t taunt him.

Right now, he felt like the whole world has left him, his father used to be his shield and guard whenever they tried dealing with him.

But that won�t be working any longer, because they now have upper hand against him. They hate him because he is being liked by many people in the kingdom, and because he was the king�s favourite.

�Hey bro�are you not done yet� His friend, Carlos stated, walking into his chambers.

�I�m done�.just thinking� He replied
�Hmm, it�s ok, okay. Are you worried about the queen and her children?� Carlos asked. He nodded slightly, though they are not really his problem. He knows how to ignore them and not get in their way.

Even if they treat him bad, they surely won�t pass their boundaries by throwing him out of the palace or turn him to a slave; the goddess will surely have their heads for breakfast, except he wished to leave the palace for the sake of peace and return whenever he likes.

But he doesn�t want Carlos to know what he is thinking about

�Hey, don�t be bothered about them. I�m here for you okay� Carlos tapped his shoulder with a wink
�Yea sure..�

�Come on�let�s go. You won�t want them to perform the rituals without your presence there� he stated
�Of course�.� D� Arcy mumbled as they left the room

While the Kingdom of Vampic fall is performing a ceremony for their deceased king, Megan was in the human world, preparing for the award giving show program which will commence in few minutes time.

Some hair stylist and make-up artist could be seen in her room, fixing her face and making it look more perfect. She was putting on a flawless, sleeveless red gown that stopped above her knee, bringing out her killer curves.

A diamond chain hung round her neck as it glittered in the light, alongside her earrings.

�And..done� the make-up artist smiled out after adding the last touch to her face.
�Oh�.you look perfect, miss� Gracie, her manager stated.

�I�m always perfect Gracie, what do you expect� Megan proudly said, checking her time. It was just 4:30pm and the program is starting by 5pm.

�Just 30mins to go� She stated. �I will have to go early this time, don�t want my award to be given to someone else, well they won�t dare� She smirks inwardly, stepping up, heading to her limousine.
�And the overall winner of today�s award giving show is ��.Megan Johnson� The stage director yelled, as they whole crowd scream in ecstasy; chanting her name in process. Some were holding up banners displaying her pictures and she felt loved as she mounted on the stage.

~We love you Megan~
~Shout out to you MJ~
~Megan Johnson�..huuuhh~
They all screamed out to her as she replied with blowing kisses

~Oh my gosh�look at those lips of her~
~She is just so perfect~
�Hello Floxinians��.� She screamed into the Microphone, laughing heartedly, as they replied her with a loud �Hi�

�Ok�I just wanna say this, I�m so grateful to be the one to win this award show. For goodness sake, going home with five f**king awards isn�t a child play, but all this won�t happen without your love and care towards me and my music.

This journey hasn�t been easy, but it�s worth taking a risk. I love you all, xoxo�� She muttered loudly, as they cheer her clapping heartedly, while she walks down the stage

�You were awesome back there�I can�t believe that you won five f**king awards� Gracie muttered with a smile. Megan smirk, holding the five awards tightly as she places k**ses on each of it, smiling along.

She could feel this coming; she will always be the perfect Megan, winning awards in other people�s town. Right now, they are back to the limousine, heading back to her lounge.

They were busy enjoying their ride when the car suddenly crash into something and stopped.
�What the hell just happen� she yelled at the driver who hurriedly stepped down.
�Please stay in Megan, we will sort this out� Gracie stated and got down

A surge of fear suddenly engulfs her, is it the old woman again, she thought and decided to heed to Gracie�s warning. Few minutes later, Gracie came in telling her about their and bumping into another man�s car, and he seem pissed about it.
�Let me see him, what the heck� She stated, getting of the car

�What happened� She asked the driver who was seen trying to sort out things with the angry man

�He didn�t look where he was heading to, he actually ran into our lane and got hit by the car before I could step on the brakes; now he is claiming rights, and need cash to fix his car� the driver explained. Megan glared at the man, though it was dark but the full light from the car created a bright surrounding.

�What do you want Mr. man�
�I need money�.your car hit mine. Yunno want me to go home with broken car huhn�my passenger is angry� he spoke angrily

�You are at fault idiot, get your filthy car out of the way or we destroy it the more� Megan growled, disgusted at the way the man was blabbing.

The Taxi driver didn�t back out, they kept on arguing until someone else came down from the man�s car. He walked calmly towards them, pocketing his hands in his pockets.

Everyone�s gaze went to him as their mouth dropped in awe; only Megan was still fuming, not interested in why they were staring at the stranger that way.

�Hey you�so sorry for keeping you waiting, but she must give me my money� the taxi driver said to the stranger. He glared at Megan and spoke, his words sending shivers to everyone around.

�Give him the money and let�s all get out of here, your driver was at fault, he wasn�t really concentrating on his driving, he wouldn�t have hit this car if he had. I know you have the money� The stranger noted. Megan scoff, folding her arms as she glare hard at him

�Huhn�.never knew I will come in contact with some rift raft after my show, for damn sake who gave you the right to speak to me that way, do you know who I am� She yelled at him, as Gracie tried to calm her down. The stranger chuckled slightly, walking to stand in front of her.

�I don�t need to know who you are, but I think I have a better solution for this meeting to end; goodnight dinner� He spoke coldly, and before she could process what he meant, two huge wolf-like dogs suddenly appear from the back of the taxi, growling at them

�Megan run!!!!!!� Was the last thing she heard; she remembered her feet taking her swiftly into the limousine, her body shaking viciously and due to fear, she passed out.




Someone has gotten into trouble?

Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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