The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 10

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Chapter 10
(The spell book)

After their lovely date, they decided to go back home and continue what they have started. Oscar zoomed into the compound and killed the engine; he went round to open the door for her, handling the keys to one of his guards. He picked her up in a bridal style as she scream in glee

�Woahhh� she laughed as he walked into the room

�And�we are home�� Oscar cooed

�Awwuu, I need to have a shower� Megan muttered, stripping off her clothes as Oscar watches her with lust
�What are you staring at, won�t you shower also� She winked, biting her lips. He smiled

�Yea�I will love just that� He licked his lips, taking off his shirt
�I will like if you scrub my back�
�I will do just that baby� He whispered picking her up as they head to the bathroom

*Late Afternoon*

Lazarus was about going into his closet when he felt a presence in his room. He didn�t bother to look back knowing who the fellow is. He just finished having his bath, preparing for the mid day�s mission. He knew other vampires that were sent to look for the bolt would have started theirs too

�The next time you come into this room without my permission, you are gonna sign a death wish� He muttered. Logan smirked

�Seriously, I wasn�t planning on using the door, and whereas I love death wishes too� He stated, walking closer to seat on the bed. Lazarus shook his head. He knew he could hurt this guy if he isn�t careful, but on a second thought; he needed him to make his mission faster.

He doesn�t know anywhere in the human world, even though he had been coming here often. But with the look of things, he could feel it in his spirit that Logan knows more about his destination.

�So�.where are we going to today� Logan asked, after Lazarus came out of the closet. He scoffs
�We?…there is no We, Logan� Lazarus snorted

�Whatever�.what�.geez..I can�t believe that you called my name. That means you love me well to be your friend, I ain�t backing out this time. The other vampires here in England are not friendly; you will be the first I will meet�

�I ain�t friendly either, just thank your stars that I haven�t given your heart to the goddess�
�That�s why I said you like me�we are cool right?� Logan pouted

�Huhnn�.i�m leaving� Lazarus stepped out of the room as Logan trailed behind. They walk into the elevator and met some girls in it

�Damn� Logan muttered, he knows what was coming. These girls are sluts ordered to be brought and they will start admiring their beauty now. Just like he thought, a girl went closer to Lazarus almost touching his face, but he shoves her hand off

�Wow�you look like angels..what a pretty guy� She commended while the others drool hard at them. The aura erupting from Lazarus prevented them from going closer. They felt like a force was pushing them away from him. They got to the ground floor in time, and left the hotel before the receptionist could start with her questions just to get their attention and perhaps, get her to bed. That�s all they wish for when they sight a handsome guy.

�She has hot legs, why didn�t we wait to listen to her�you know� Logan asked, referring though the receptionist
�I ain�t got time for b!tches�
�Oh�but I got time for them though�� Logan winked
�You are free to go back boy..�

�What? Boy? I�m not a boy, and whereas why can�t we go together, I�m bored here�
�That�s because this mission I�m going on is a lone mission. I need to go alone� Lazarus snorted coldly, his eyes were already at the point of brining fire. He was tired of Logan�s pestering

�Hmm�ok fine�get on it yourself�and see if you will get anywhere�I�m out of here� Logan snapped sadly, leaving the scene as he walk down to a nearby club.

Lazarus sigh softly, not bothered about the fact that he just hurt Logan�s ego. He walked into the city, looking for a secured place where he could vanish without people seeing him, or being caught on camera.

He appeared in a rusty forest with held tall trees and wild animals. He could feel the presence of magic hovering around, but this place look empty to him.

He knew some vampires would have gotten here before him, because he could see the marks of their claws on the trees. But they didn�t get the bolt, if they had; they would have been called back to the cave and sent home for felling the mission. So it seems no one has gotten it, he still have a chance.

He walks further into the woods, only to hear the singing of birds, and sight some beasty animals fighting over a piece of meat. They didn�t notice his presence because he was still in his invisible form. The forest still look empty to him, he was to see a cave where the bolt is hidden, but there is nothing here.

He was about taking another step when he felt the presence of a being. He knew it wasn�t an animal but either a human or vampire.

He turned to look and saw a man holding a gun, it was a hunter. He just finished his hunt and was going towards the exit direction. He knew the hunter couldn�t see him so he teleported and stood opposite him revealing himself as he changed to his vampire form.

�Damn�arghh�vampi�.� The hunter was about saying as he shook with fear. He was being caught unaware; he would have shot him with the wolfbane. Lazarus pounced on him, ripping his lungs out as he suck out the blood of the man. He had been thirsty for blood for a long time, and needs to calm his thirst.

�Never knew you are this fierce� Someone muttered as his eyes flapped up to look. It was Logan. He dropped the lifeless man on the floor after making sure he had drained him to his last blood. He wiped his lips turning back into his human form.

�What do you want here, I thought I asked you to stay back� Lazarus growled. Logan chuckled

�And what have you find� He asked. Lazarus stared angrily at him, but whenever he thinks of hurting him, he just couldn�t find himself doing it.

�Look here bro, ever since the first day I saw you, I knew you were here on a mission, though I couldn�t tell which mission you were on. But the ring on your finger signifies one thing. And it gave me a hutch that you might be here for the bolt, but the thing is, getting the bolt is a life and death stuff. Forget the fact that you are a vampire; the creatures in this cave are killers.

�Where is the cave� Lazarus gruff

�The cave is here�
�I can�t see anything like it�
�Oh�that�s because we are not with the spell book�

�Do you know where to get the book�
�Then let�s go get it�

�Will you wait and let me finish first�we can�t just get the book and come here without following some guidelines�

�And what guidelines is that� Lazarus asked, already getting pisses for being delayed

�The fact that no one has ever gotten out of this cave alive is one mystery, that�s why the bolt is still there and secondly the spell won�t work during the day time. Only in the night can we open the cave�
�How do you know much about this cave and its mysteries?�

�Well, my dad was killed in there when he tried going for it; that was a long time ago.� Logan shrug

�Let�s go get the book first�
�That also won�t be easy�

�The keeper of the library, hmm�.is a time keeper, she wouldn�t let us in. Supernatural beings can easily be detected in the library, only humans are allowed.

�We will find a way� Lazarus muttered as he nodded

�Let�s get out of here, the other hunters are closing up, they will be here soon� Lazarus stated and with that, they vanished into thin air

Just as they left, the other hunters rushed to the scene, they heard their fellow hunter�s scream and wondered what might have happened to him. They saw him lying lifeless on the ground with the deep fang bite on his neck.

�Oh my God�what happened to him? Was he bitten by an animal?� One of them asked. Their leader bent forward to scrutinize the wound. He heaves a sigh and frown

�Not an animal bite�.Vampires� he gritted
�So what�s your plan on getting the book� Logan asked as they walk side by side on the road. They were just leaving the Library, though they didn�t get into it; only went to scrutinize the surroundings
�Leave that to me, I will think about it. Right now, I need a drink�

�Wow�that�s also what�s on my mind; let�s go to the club down the road
The Johnson Mansion~~

�Hey babe�.what�s up� Violet shrilled just as she entered Megan�s room
�Bored� Mean replied, stuffing her mouth with popcorn as she goes through some post on her phone

�Well, that�s the main reason I�m here, to ki*ll the boredom baby�� She blew her k**ses as Megan chuckled
�Fine�so what game are we playing this time?�

�We ain�t playing any game, we are going to a club�

�Yes..the club down the road, let�s go get a drink and get ourselves wasted, it�s been long we had a girly time together�
�With no boys�.� Megan winked

�Yes�no boys at all� Violet chuckled
�Fine�.let me go change into one of my killer dresses�I will be back in a sec�

Megan replied and went into her closet



Now let’s awaits what will happen at the club..


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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