The Seventh Vampire Disciple – Episode 5

The Seventh Vampire Disciple

(Reincarnating His Sacrificed Mate)

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

By: Vickie Dora ?


Chapter 5
(The King is dead)
~Human World~
Megan cleaned off the last strand of tears on her cheek as she scrubbed her body really hard. She just arrived home few minutes ago and headed to the bathroom.

She can�t stand the dirt on her body, and had to scrub them off with disinfected water.

She wrapped herself in a towel and went into her room. The words of the old woman kept ringing in her mind.

�He will come for you� she says. Who was the old woman referring to; all this thought baffles her but she doesn�t want to think about it.

Lottie brought in a very hot tea since the weather is a bit cold. She took a sip of it, relaxing her mind.

Just as she was about taking another sip, her phone rang and Martha�s name showed on the screen. She didn�t want to pick it at first but later change her mind.
�Hey girl� Martha�s voice came up
�Hi�.� She simply muttered
�What�s wrong Meg, you sound odd� Martha inquired

�I�m fine�why do you call�
�Hey, stop the attitude. I�m your friend and I need to check up on you�

�Friend my foot� Megan muttered inwardly, but didn�t say it out
�Yea�I know� She replied, taking another sip of the tea

�Sorry for calling late though, I had to go see my parent yesterday, and my siblings won�t let me be. How was your journey though?�

�It was cool and yours� Megan asked
�Fine too. Sorry for leaving that way yesterday.

Violet won�t stop until she makes me pissed, but I�m not angry with her anyway. Oh�I need to go now, take good care of yourself.

We will be waiting to hear the number of awards you will receive�when will the show take off?�

�Tomorrow I think�

�Ok�.try to be cautious in Floxin, sorry to say, but it�s kinda a dangerous place for a pretty girl like you to stay� She noted.

Megan only rolled her eyes, she wanted to ask her why she said so but restrain herself from asking such question.

All she needs now is a good rest, tomorrow is a great day so she wouldn�t want anything that will trouble her mind. All Martha is saying are just flings, she thought

A total number of 10 nobles could be seen sitting in their respective seat in the hall.

A reserved seat for the royals could also been seen, while the elders stood behind them, holding lamps in their hands. Those lamps signify their position and ranks.

The king cleared his throat and spoke to the young men in front of him
�Men of Vampic Fall� he stated �This might be my last word with you all, but be rest assured that the kingdom will continue to be in good state after my demise.

He was expecting some murmuring but the men in front of him seem ready for what will come. He stared at his wife, his daughter and then landed his gaze on his son, Hunter.

�Where is D�Arcy?� he asked his wife, Thana. She simply shrugged
�He hasn�t been to the palace for a while� She whispered. He sighs briefly and continued his speech. When he was done, he was accompanied to his chambers by his wife and daughter while Hunter stood behind.

�A quest to search for a bolt will begin soon. Anyone who is able to get it first will be ordained as the seventh disciple to serve the aspiring king of this great kingdom.

But the priestess will have to choose those who are capable of going with her, to perform the ritual� Egeus, the oldest elder stated.

The whole men stood up when they felt the presence of the priestess in the room. She appeared in her glamour, dazzling gloriously in her dress.

�Raise your heads up, little falcons� she huffed, wearing a mischievous grin.

�Huff�.I need just seven men, ten is too much for this quest� She bluff, going round to check them out. Her eyes met with that of Lazarus, she gave out a visible grin.

�Follow me, the chosen ones� she commanded and immediately, seven men out of the ten vanished along with her, leaving three behind. They knew what their fates hold, so they quietly leave the hall; they weren�t chosen.
The King�s Chambers

The king lay in his chambers breathing softly; as he watches his family come towards him. He had summoned them to have a last word with them before passing away.

�My king� Queen Thana called, at the brink of tears as she caress his hand. Hunter and Jezebel were also present, but someone was missing.

�Where is D� Arcy� he asked again when he couldn�t sight him. The queen scoffs, wondering why he wants to see that brat who rarely stays in the palace.

The king could clearly read her mind. D� Arcy is also his son born to him out of wedlock. No one in the kingdom knows who his mother is, except the king, and he has vowed to keep his secret to the grave.

�He is also my son, I need to see him before leaving� King Orpheus stated
�I will just ask a guard to get him. Father� Hunter muttered and left
D� Arcy could be seen playing table tennis game with one of his friends, as the guard came forward, bowing to greet him
�My prince� he muttered

�Speak� D� Arcy stated, still concentrating on the game

�The king seeks your presence in his chambers� He noted. D� Arcy stopped the game, and stared at him. He sighs briefly knowing why he was called.

The king is dying soon and might want to speak with him. He gave a sign to his friend and left.

On getting to the palace, he met some elders present in the room with the queen and his sibling.

He greeted them, but as usual, he wasn�t expecting their reply. He seems to be like an outcast in the palace, despite being of royal blood.

His step sibling hates him more than life, and he can�t describe the type of hate the queen mother has for him.

He only use to ignore them, being that he has his father�s support. Now that he is about leaving, he doesn�t know what fate has for him in the palace.

�Father� He called, as a smile came up on the king�s face
�My son�how are you?�

�I�m fine father�.� He stated. The king signal for the others to come closer, which they did. The queen sat on the bed close to him, while the elders watch from afar

�My darling wife�.I want you to be strong and take good care of my children� he said, caressing her cheek. She smiled out tears from her eyes

�Jezebel�� he called his daughter. She came forward

�I want you� be a good girl, and marry the right man for you� Jezebel nodded, k**sing her father�s hand

�Yes Dad� Hunter replied, holding his hand

�You will be a great king, lead the people well, and they will love you� He stated, looking into his eyes.

�Yes Dad�.I will� Hunter stated after few silence.

�Now�I need to speak with D� Arcy�.alone� he breathed out his word to the shock of everyone. They had no choice but to leave.

He knew their ability of hearing from afar, so with the last strength he has, he created a bridge, blocking the ears of any supernatural creature from hearing their conversation.

�My son�� he called after they all left
�I need you to be strong, no matter the oppression you will face from your siblings and step mother.

You will become one of the greatest vampires the whole will ever know. Here�..take this� He stretch forth a diamond ring and handed it over to him.

�It will lead you to your mother� He stated. D� Arcy couldn�t believe his ears
�My�my..mother�.is she still alive�
�Yes�..� King Orpheus replied.

�But�but..How will I find her�I never knew she was still alive�where will i�?�
�Shhh�follow your heart son�.follow your heart�.when you see her, give it to her�always put it on; never take it off�

�Thank you father, thank you� D� Arcy k**sed his hand for the last time. The king released the bridge and almost immediately the others rushed in.

He gave his last breath, as his body became dust, moving along with the air, as it vanished into space.

�Father!!!!!!� D� Arcy screamed, running out of the chambers as the others watched him.




Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?



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