Soulmate Episode – 25

SOULMATE Episode 25

Sometimes, the least expected love comes at the right moment, at the time you are ready.
Life is full of surprises and one of them is finding the one for you, in the most unexpected manner.
It is overwhelming, meeting you like magic and falling in love with you like a whirlwind.If I will be able to see you every day, then I will be satisfied for the rest of this life of mine.
Me and Jackson have been spending a lot of time together ,he has been accompanying me to all my doctor’s appointments .
hey bae ” his girlfriend said pecking his lips
hey chichi ” I said
hey chama ” she said in a cheeky kind of way
hey babe ” he said
she kissed him ,and he responded ,I became uncomfortable because she was moaning ,imagine.
I went to the kitchen ,and made myself some food to eat ..every time they kissed in my presence I got so irritated and it hurt me so bad that ,I would become moody ..
chama ,am going out with chichi” he said
OK” I said not looking at him
I went to start preparing supper ,for everyone ,I really missed Jennifer ..
Mariana left for work ,she was working night shift so it was just me and Jackson ..
Jackson didn’t come home that night I slept alone .
morning sweetheart ” Mariana said
morning ” I said with a smile
you are really glowing ” she said
I blushed
pregnancy looks good on you” she said
you could have seen Miguel’s wife ,it did her bad ” I laughed
I guess the twins look like Miguel right ” she asked
very much ” I said
we were quite
how did Miguel help you” I asked
she took a deep breath
if its painful than don’t share ” I said
no ,its okay ,I was in a relationship with a man ,the father to Jackson ,the man was abusive one day he beat me up so badly and he abandoned me on the road ,Miguel was working here and he helped me by taking me to the hospital ,I didn’t know that such men with good hearts still exist ,fastforward he helped me get a job and this house ” she said
Miguel is a great man ” I said
what’s your story ” she asked
I got pregnant for his best friend ,I didn’t know he had a girlfriend ,when I told him I was pregnant he told me to abort ,Miguel and his wife didn’t like the idea so they decided for me to come here ” I said
that man is heartless why murder an innocent soul ” she asked
Jackson walked in and I excused myself .
I went to take a bath and later i video called Jenny
you have lost weight babe ” I said
I have started going to the gym babe ” she said
I miss you ” I said
me more babe ,I can’t wait for you to come back ” she said
am in love ” I said
in love ” she asked shocked
yes ” I said
with who ” she asked
Jackson ” I said
really oh my gosh ” she said all excited
but he is dating ,why do i have bad luck with men ” I asked
babe don’t say that ,you don’t have bad luck ,your man hasn’t yet located you ,it might be Jackson you don’t know ” she said
how can he love a pregnant woman” I asked
love has its own way ” she said
someone knocked on my door .
babe I will call you ” I said
alright ” she said
I hung up
I got up from bed and went to open the door ,it was Jackson
hey ” he said
yes ” I said
why are you giving me an attitude ” he asked
what attitude ” I asked
this attitude ” he said
Jackson let me rest ” I said
am not going anywhere till you tell me what I have done” he said
I faced the other side
chama” he said
am in love with you okay ” I said
he starred at me
I get jealous every time you are with her ” I said
he made me look at him
Jackson ” I said
he leaned over and kissed me
I pulled out
I have loved you since the day you came here ” he said
why didn’t you tell me” I asked
its because I never wanted to lose you “he said
we shared a passionate kiss and I felt my legs get weak .
#4months later
come on babe push ” Jackson said
babe I can’t ” I said
do it for the baby ” Mariana said
I can’t ” I cried
I tried pushing but I was failing ,Jackson and his mother were in the labour room with me ..after 4hours of pushing I gave birth to a baby girl
thank you Jesus ” Mariana said
can I hold her ” I asked
the midwife cleaned her up dressed her and handed me the baby ,this was the best feeling ever holding your own child .
I was taken to my room,
hey hey ” jenny said
oh my gosh ” I said
new mummy in town ” she said
yes oh” I said smiling
Miguel walked in with Jackson and the twins
hey ” Miguel said with a smile
hey uncle ” I said
Jordan and Jonathan have a new girlfriend ” Miguel teased
my little miracle has to choose when she is all grown up right ” I said
miracle that a great name ” jenny said
she held the baby in her arms ,the twins have really grown they were walking on they own
some people have grown ” I said
yeah they are walking ” Miguel said
how old are they ” Jackson asked
one year one month” Miguel answered
you are really good with remembering ” jenny said
yes ,she forgot her children’s first birthday ” Miguel said
who does that ” I asked
I do daah I was supper stressed ” she said
Mariana joined us and she was so excited to see Miguel ..
ma ma the Mariana ” Miguel said
when did you get here ” Mariana asked
few hours ago” Miguel said
I was discharged the next morning since me and my baby were perfectly OK.
that’s Jackson ” she asked
yes ” I said
he is hot” she said
I know right ” I said
you are blushing ” she said
cause am in love ” I said
is he serious about you guys ” she asked
very much ” I said
Jackson walked in
speak of the devil” I said
hey ” he said
hey Jackson ” she said
hey jenny ” he said with a smile
can I hold her ” he said
Miguel walked in with the twins
mama baby ” Jordan said
Jordan had a birthmark on his forehead and Jonathan on his hand
you want baby” jenny said
mama baby ” Jonathan said
get her ” jenny said
get who before ,I beat you two” I said
the twins laughed
your kids are weird ” I said
tell me about it,they don’t cry when you shout at them ” she said
why ” I asked
ask their father” she said
I laughed
jenny and her family stayed for a few days and later on left because of work ..
now we can have some alone time ” he said
miracle is here ” I said
she is sleeping ” he said
thank you for being here” I said
I will be here forever am not going anywhere,I want to be her daddy ” he said
this man was unbelievable ,he was just too perfect .
I love you ” he said
I love you more” I said
we shared a kiss and we were interrupted by miracle’s cry
you are jealous ” he said
I know right ” I said laughing
I couldn’t stop praying to God hoping Jackson was the one,when we told the mum about us she was so happy .she wanted us to get married immediately which we agreed to ..we got married to a court wedding but Jackson wanted a church wedding
but as long as I was with him ,I was okay with any type of wedding .
I promise to work hard so that I give you a wedding you deserve” he said
am.married to you that’s what matters ” I said
I know but your best friend wasn’t here ” he said
I know my love she is cool with it though ” I said
I love chama ” he said
I love you Jackson ” I said.




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