Soulmate Episode – 28

SOULMATE Episode – 28

�Sleeping alone is better than sharing your bed with someone who shares a bed with someone else when you�re not around. Just remember, I was there when no one else was.You already got caught lying! Stop being fake and try being real for once in your life.The grass isn�t always greener on the other side, it is greener where you water it. I don�t chase after anyone anymore. If you want to walk out of my life, I will hold the door open for you.
I drove like a crazy person, my wife and friend really.
you bas***d ” I said Punching him
what was that for ” he asked holding his cheek
you are scrolling my wife “I yelled
I almost ” he said sarcastically
you say ” I yelled
your wife is so weak ” he said
you are an idiot ” I said
you always have the good one, it hurts to see you being married to her and i am in love with her ” he said
you are sick, stay away from my wife ” I said
We will see ” he said
Don’t bring out the Miguel that I buried ” I said I�haven’t yet buried Gerald “he said
I walked out of his house, why do I have idiots has friends .
I got home and I found Jenny crying, she was on the floor, thank God my kids were not around .
babe ” she got up
I gave her an evil look
babe, please talk to me ” she said holding my hand
don’t you put those dirty hands on me” I yelled
babe please am sorry ” she cried
you are sorry ” I said
yes babe ” she
I will be sleeping in the guest room ” I said
why ” she asked
really you are asking me that question ” I said
she tried touching me but I stopped her
I walked out and I went to the guestroom ,I woke up showered and left for work. It was a busy day I didn’t even think about what jenny did.
Sir Mr James is here to see you ” my PA said
James? let him in ” I said
she excused herself and James walked in .
man long time ” I said
hey ” he said sounding low
what’s up ,you didn’t even say bye ” I said
I was so ashamed,what I did was bad I disappointed you so much all I ever wanted was to be close to my daughter that’s all ” he said
man any man in your shoes could have done that ” I said
I need to come back man ,I miss you my brother ” he said
I missed you too ,man your office is there ,I didn’t have chance to replace you ” I said
thanks man but I need a favour ” he said
what’s do you want ” I asked
I need you to help me beg chama to allow me be in my child’s life ” he said
but will she accept ” I asked
I want miracle to know me “he said
I got my phone and dialled chama’s line .
let’s go she is in her office ” I said
we went to chama’s office.
hey Miguel ” she said with a smile
someone wants to talk to you ” I said
who ” she asked
James walked in and she frowned
what do you want ” she asked
James knelt down
what is it “she asked
I have wronged you a thousand times ,I know it’s hard for you to forgive me ” he said
I have forgiven you “she said
I was wondering if you can let me know miracle ” he said
excuse me ,are you sick ,not in this life time ” she said
chama ,don’t you think miracle deserves to know her real father ” I said
Miguel do you remember what he did to me ” she asked
yes I remember but give him chance to know her ” I said
its hard ” she said
I know just think about it ” I said
I will ” she said
we left her office ,James will resume work than next day ..I went home
welcome babe “she said
I passed her
I went to take a shower.
I felt warm hands on my body ..
leave ” I yelled
babe ” she said crying
I left the shower
she followed me
Miguel please forgive me ” she said kneeling down
I just looked at her ,it hurt knowing someone you trust with your life can do this to you.
get up ” I said
she got up
I hugged her
you think I will forgive you just like that huh” I said
I pulled out from the hug
Miguel what do you want me to do ” she asked
nothing ” I said walking away
months passed on very fast and the twins were back from the trip .I pretended when mum was to be okay with jenny ,yes I haven’t forgiven her.
jenny has lost weight huh” James said
she has been working out ” I said
that’s over doing it ” he said
while that’s what she wants ” I said
he was quite
so how is the daughter father bonding ” I asked
its amazing ,she has started calling me Dada” he said
that’s good ” I said
when are you starting to work on another baby ” he said
we are done ” I said
oh OK” he said taking a sip of his wine
I went home and she was busy with her drawings,I took a long look at her indeed she had lost a lot of weight ,did I punish her too much .
hey ” she said her eyes were swollen
hi ,can I have my supper ” I said
okay ” she said surprised
am going to take a shower ” I said
I went to our room ,I took a shower from there ..
after a while ,she called that the food is ready .
she went to get the twins from they room ..
you are not joining us” I asked
am not hungry ” she said
you haven’t been eating ,have you taken look at yourself in the mirror ” I asked
she looked down
I held her hand
I will forgive you ,if you eat ” I said
a tear escaped her eye .
I love you ” she said
I kissed her forehead .
we had our meal and I promised her I wanted her to get back to shape ..I had to buy all gaining products from Herbalife product so that she can get her back in shape .
babe ,we are going to be late “she said
am coming ” I said fixing my tie
she fixed my tie and we went to the family gathering
after that I decided to spoil my wife ,I know we ain’t perfect we all make mistakes ..I pray that things work out for us and work out for the best.




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