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Blade can be seen conversing with Denzel in his spacious sitting room. Some men on black can be seen walking around the house taking note of every single thing that goes on in the house, the dangerous looks alone can ki*ll.

“I got this clip from the control room at the hotel” Denzel said as he inserted a flash drive into the laptop, he started searching for something on the laptop and immediately he saw it, he gave the laptop to blade.

“Take a good look at that” Denzel said as he placed the laptop on blade’s thighs.

“Hmm�” blade nodded in satisfaction as he watched the scene taking place in the laptop, he puffed out the air from his cigarettes each time and his looks won’t stop becoming more and more dangerous at every passing interval.

“So she went f****ng huh? Hmm�I see” blade smirked as he dropped the laptop on his table.

“Dean!” Blade called one of his men and he quickly rushed to his side


“I want you and Brad to keep a close eye on Amy, watch her every move and return to me with informations” blade said n’ took a long draw from his cigarettes.

“Yes sir”

“That b***h need to be taught a lesson�” blade let out a dangerous smirk as he puffed out the smoke through his nostrils.



I walked into the elevator as graciously as ever, why shouldn’t I walk graciously? I mean, I’ve established an intimate relationship with a dangerous and most feared mafia.

“Hmm�” I exhaled, thank goodness I’m the only one in here, I have all the time to think until I get to the last floor. My mind drifted back to the discussion I had with the Russian Mafia king last night�


After several hours of f****ng and me hitting multiple orgasms, I began to dress up wanting to return to the hall before blade suspect anything. Vlad on the other hand just stood on one spot with his gaze fixed on me.

“Miss me already?” I asked n’ he scoffed.

“Here, I want to ask a favor from you” he said

“What’s that?” I asked

“I need you to help me get blade�”

“I can’t�” I cut in�that’s the most dangerous thing to do.

“You have to, you must do it” he said indifferently

“And why must I?” I asked. He gave a knowing smirk and walked towards me, he stood just behind me, making our body have close contact.

“Look up there” he whispered n’ I looked at the direction he was pointing at, a sharp gasp escaped lips.

“You attached cameras!” I whispered yelled n’ he let out a devilish laugh.

“You can’t trust a mafia� a ruthless one at that” he winked.

At this point, I was already trembling real bad. Betraying blade lenkings is the last thing one should think of. Infact, one shouldn’t even think of it. I’ve seen how brutally he’s dealt with people who tried to outsmart him and I really don’t want to end up like them. But right now, I’m so confused, ion’ know what to do anymore. If he gets to see my sex tape with Vlad, he won’t spare me and if I also try to betray him, I’ll be gambling with my life.

“Do this and you won’t regret it. Don’t worry about blade, my men will always watch over you and protect you from his wrath�just help me get him and you’ll be beautifully rewarded” Vlad said, giving me that pouty yet dangerous look.

“I’ll try�”

“That’s my girl” he smiled broadly

“But promise me you’ll protect me too” I said

“I will�you can always count on me” he said and I nodded. It ain’t so bad giving it a try after all and Vlad has promised my protection plus he’s also good at f****ng so I really need someone like him around. Since I can’t get blade’s d**k inside of me, I won’t miss this huge one standing in front of me.

“I’ll do it” I said n’ he laughed more devilishly.

“See you around�and one more thing, you’re a good f**k girl” he spanked my a$$ n’ left�


The beep of the elevator jolted me back to reality, it opened n’ I stepped out. Now I’m standing in front of the b***h who dared to make herself a b***h to my darling blade.

“Good morning ma’am�hmm, how may I help you?” She asked n’ scoffed. See who’s talking of help�

“You’re Aphrodite madyson right?” I leaned over her desk.

“I am” she answered

“You’re really a b***h you know” I said

“I beg your pardon!”

“Ya�you’re a prostitute and a cheap whore who’s selling herself to her boss just because of his money but mind you, he’s one big f**k boy n’ hell, he’ll expand your smelling pu$$y hole n’ leave you shitty a$$ by the roadside if not on the bridge”

“You dare insult me?” The b***h asked

“Of course I did n’ there’s nothing you can do about it slut n’ you know why? Because I n’ blade lenkings are engaged” I showed her the ring on my finger and her mouth suddenly dropped in surprise.

“Be careful else you’ll find yourself in a big mess that you can only get out of by paying with your life” I warned

“And don’t you dare tell blade about our meeting today cause by doing that, you’ll only be putting your life on the line” I smiled. Her expression was unreadable but I know I’ve planted the seed of fear in her heart�ha! Ha! Ha! I’m loving this.

“Stay away from blade cause once you know what he is, you would try running away but you’ll get trapped” I said in order to bring out the fear in her n’ I succeeded, she’s already trembling.

“Bye�dumb head” I smiled n’ walked away, shaking my a$$ vigorously behind me.





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