Reality of Perfection – Episode 4


Episode 4

I walked in and I looked so damn good when you have a man who is a fashionista, oh krrrr, he got me a new handbag, I felt like I was rich or those girls on the E channel, the WAGS.
“Morning sunshine, wow you look hot and blushing,” She said.
“I know, my man spoils me,” I said with a smile.
“You need to introduce me to your man, does he have a brother or even his father or uncle?” she asked.
“Soon sugar, ” I said laughing.
Dalitso walked in he was on phone, my man is hot you guys, he was like hot chocolate with cream on top.
“Morning sir,” we said
He nodded.
“That man is fine,” Suwi said.
I laughed.
“The woman who is handling that body, she is lucky oh,” she added.

Am lucky I know but I couldn’t tell her that am sleeping with the boss.
We started working and I was called to go see Mr Mutale .
“How are you sir,” I said to Mr Mutale who was with Dalitso.
“Miss chali (Cathy’s last name), you must clear your desk, tomorrow you are leaving for Kafue with Mr Banda,” Mr Mutale said.
“Okay sir,” I said.
Dalitso was just looking at me.
“You can leave now,” he said.

I walked out, I was sad that I was leaving but I saw my new paycheck, I couldn’t say no.
I started packing my things. while Suwi was just complaining about how she will be lonely.

“I will be visiting you every weekend,” I said.
She hugged me.
Dalitso walked to were I was.
“Miss chali the company driver will take you to your house,” he said with one hand in his pocket.
I nodded and just like that he walked out.
“Mr Banda has a Hickey on his neck,” Suwi said.
“What’s that, ” I asked.
“Love bites, someone was sucking his neck,” she giggled.
I choked on my saliva
She rubbed my back.
“Awe you can scan someone,” I said.
She rolled her eyes and went back to her position after she finished helping me out.
I took my things to the car and the driver took me home.

“Now you are worrying me,” Leah said.
“Worrying you, how?” I asked.
“You are not sleeping home and coming here looking all cute,” she said.
“Thank you,” I smiled.
“Who is this guy and why are you home early today,” she asked.
“You will know him soon when we are comfortable telling everyone and I might be moving to Kafue to work with Mr Banda,” I told her.
“Who is Mr Banda and why are you moving to Kafue,” she asked me.
“I have been transferred and Mr Banda works for Dalisto,” I said.
“But Why?” she asked.

I shrugged my shoulders.
I called Dalitso if I could pack my clothes but he said first he finds me a house. I spent all day indoors.
The next day Dalitso came to pick me up in the morning around 6 AM cause he wanted us to attend a meeting.

“Hey beautiful,” he said.
“Hey babe,” I said kissing him.
“You are evil babe,” He said while driving.
“What did I do, ” I asked.
“You gave me a Hickey and everyone at work was looking at me all funny till Mike told me,” he said.
“I had to mark my territory,” I giggled.
“You did a good job,” he said.

We got to Kafue, he called an agent for the house and we went to the company, it wasn’t that big but hey as long as month-end zangena !!!.
He introduced me to everyone at the company.
We were officially coming the next day to start working, I was shown around and they given some papers to fill… They ran me through everything, when we were done we went to see the agent who found two beautiful houses.
I ended up settling for the one-bedroomed house, it was okay with me, I didn’t want anything big even though Dalitso wanted something big, but I refused.
He got the same agent to buy a few items for the house while we went back to Lusaka.

“I need to rest, ” I said him.
“You need to pack cause the moving truck Will come as early as 04 AM, so be ready,” he said.
“Are you also moving to Kafue?” I asked.
“I don’t know yet,” he said thoughtfully.

I dropped her off and went to see Mr Mutale for the report I had asked for, Mr mutale has worked for the company for a long time, I trust him, my Dad was the one who recommended him, I have never been disappointed, he is like my elder brother.

“Am sorry for dragging you out this late?” I said.
“It’s okay, am still in my house.” he laughed.
“You are lucky ” I teased.
“So, how did it go,” he asked.
“So far so good, am just exhausted dropped miss Chali at her place _ a moving truck will come to pick her up at 04 AM, she can settle in early, ” I said.
“You already found a house for her?” he asked.
“Yes an agent already did.”
“She must be special,” he said.
“Come on she is just like any other employee,” I said.
“You can lie to those others but I see the way you look at her, one can tell that you in love with her,” he said.
“That’s how I look at any other person,” I said.
“Make sure you remove that screensaver,” he said pointing at my phone.
“She is a good girl, she is hardworking I have never had any complaints about her,” he added.
“She is special, I have loved her for 18years, can you imagine?” I said.
“You have been together for that long?” he asked.
“No-no… We were at school together since then I have never stopped loving her.” I clarified.
“And that’s love,” he said.

I left his place after 30minutes of him advising me. I got home around 9:50 PM, I warmed my food, ate and then took a bath.
My phone rang and it was a strange number… It looked like a South Africanblone. It was a WhatsApp call.

HER: Hey dee.

I couldn’t forget her voice even if I wanted to.

HER: Dee hey.
DALITSO: How are you Lisa.
LISA: Am good how are you.
DALITSO: Am great.
LISA: When are you coming to South Africa, I was with your brother today.
DALITSO: Next month.
LISA: Please call when you land we chill.
DALISTO: No problem.

She hung up.
I think most people would ask why talk to your ex? firstly I didn’t know it was her and secondly, I don’t hate her. Just because something didn’t work out doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. I don’t even know how I slept when I woke up my phone was ringing, it was Cathy.

CATHY: Ain’t you coming, it’s 10 AM already.
DALISTO: I will not come babe, but I will send the driver to come and get you. I have a surprise for you.

I was super tired and driving to Kafue today wasn’t in the plan, I went to the Lusaka company cause we had a meeting and after the meeting I sent the driver to go pick up Cathy. When she got out of the car I wanted to hug her but hey, baby girl doesn’t want people to know, I asked Isaac to leave. We got inside and we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves.

“Babe your phone,” she said.
“Babe I want you, not the phone,” I said.
“Pick it up it might be important,” she said.
I checked the call and flipped the phone.
“Who is calling you that you just flipped your phone?” she asked.
“No one baby,” I said trying to kiss her but she refused.
“Give me your phone.” she said.
“For what?” I asked her.
“Show me who was calling so that we know who it was.” she said.
I gave her the phone, I unlocked it and she checked.
“Who is this girl and why are you telling her, you guys will link up?” she asked.
“She is an old friend baby,” I told her.
She just nodded and walked away, I followed her and she was getting dressed.
“Where are you going, ” I asked.
She grabbed her phone.
“Babe where are you going…” I asked as I stood by the door.
“Continue talking to your friend, let me spend the night at Maria’s since it’s Saturday am going to Kafue tomorrow,”she said.
“I thought we are spending the weekend together. By the way am leaving next month,” I said.
“Make sure you link up with your Buddy before you go back,” she said.

Her taxi was here, these apps which were created for taxis are really good. She left.
I coudnt even take her to dinner, I tried calling but she switched off her phone.




  1. How can u be entertaining ur ex in de name of "I don't hate her".
    Bros u ve got to be careful oo,don't say I didn't warn u sha!!!

  2. Dalitso,u don't entertain ex dat much ?n is like u don't know how to pet a lady sef.. somebody's daughter is vexing/ jealousy,all u say is "I think we will spend the weekend together" like WTF ?

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