The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora�



�Where is Elizabeth� Dominick asked Cassie as he collected the glass of drink from her

�She went to see Eric, she has been there for a while now� Cassie breathed out

�I thought you were coming from there� She asked

�Nope�I went to see one of my lecturer; just decided to say hi before heading home� Dominick replied, dropping the glass on the side stool
�So�about the discussion we had the other time� she shrugged

�Ermm,,,fine.,.let�s give it a try�I actually do not want to go into a relationship now but��

�Cassie�.. I�m not forcing you into this, I want it to come from your heart�.I love you and if possible, I�m ready to spend the rest of my life with you� he muttered softly while she nodded

�I�m not being force Nick, I feel the same way too, I have just being pretending not to notice, but I do have feelings for you too� She replied shyly, while he smiled

�Thank you Cassie�you don�t know how happy I am now�I feel really complete now that you have accepted my proposal� He stood up and went to hug her which she reciprocated. They were so engross, enjoying each other�s warmth when the door suddenly barged open

�Ohhh� They yelped and broke the hug, facing the door, where Eliza stood and stare at them in shock
She muttered a slight greeting to Dominick and went into her room immediately not saying any word.
�Is she ok, she doesn�t look like she is to me� Dominick muttered

�She look sad�let me check on her, because Elizabeth can�t just see us this way without saying a word� Cassie replied as she goes towards her room
�Cassie wait.�

�What..I will be back..�
�No..let me leave now�lets meet tomorrow, at the park� he cooed, she nodded

�Ok�see you then� she said and watched him leave the apartment before going into Eliza�s room. She met her on the bed, holding her phone

�Elizabeth..what�s wrong� She asked sitting on the bed. She received a silent response

�Hey�come on babe what�s wrong� Cassie asked again already getting worried

�Hmm�Kamina is pregnant�
�Hufn, that witch�so??�

�She claims Eric has the child�
�What!!!!!!� Cassie exclaimed�
�Come on, do you buy that story�.that b***h might be lying you know�
�But that had s*x��

�F**k that, she raped him and not the other way round, so she should get it into her f**king head that what she did was wrong� Cassie spark

�Hmmmm�.I believe she is lying, I�m really ready for her this time. Come what may, I will never leave Eric�s side, he is mine and mine alone� Eliza blurted out

�That�s the spirit dear, I�m with you in this� Cassie assured as Eliza rested her head on her shoulder�

�I find it really hard believing what you just said, Kamina pregnant for you? Come on you need to go for another DNA, for Christ sake, that baby can�t be yours� Tony muttered, ruffling his hair

�Sure Eric, you need to be smart with that girl, Kamina is devilish� Dominick chipped in

�Hmm, I got it all covered, I know what I�m doing guys� Eric replied softly

�Come on man, the court hearing is in few days, that b***h took you to court and you are not worried about it. Now the DNA is stating that you own the child, what proof are you gonna give them in the court to show that the baby isn�t yours..Kamina having a video and the DNA result is a strong proof� tony snapped

�For f**k sake, she is accusing you of sexual abuse and not ready to accept the baby which is yours�

�Chill Tony, he said he knows what he is doing, let�s wait for the first court hearing and see how it goes, I believe we will find a way to sort all this mess out� Dominick assured

�What about is she coping with this news� Tony asked, as he goes to sit close to Dominick

�I can�t really say, but at the look of things and the way she has seen responding to my calls, I believe she is not gonna leave me, she is the one giving me hope� Eric muttered

�The judge is not here yet , what�s taking him so long, I want this thing done and dusted� Cassie groan, as she stared at Kamina who was seated with her parent and lawyer at the other side of the court room
�B!tch� She muttered under her breathe

�Who are you referring to� Kamina asked, perplexed

�Who else if not Kamina, can�t you see that she looks like a devil, for damn sake she is just two month pregnant and she is already looking old� Cassie hissed, rolling her eyes, while Eliza chuckled

�Do you see Eric, I haven�t seen him today� Eliza asked as her eyes wonder round the court room

�I did see him with his lawyer�they will come in soon though, don�t miss him too much� Cassie teased

�Come on, don�t tease me, I�m just worried, anyway I�m pressed, I will like to use the restroom�
�Ok, just be quick and come back before the judge arrive�

After making use of the toilet, she decided to wash her hands. She left the room only to hear approaching footsteps. Being in a bent corner, she peep to see who is coming and sighted Kamina

�She might also wanna use the restroom� she thought and ran back, shutting the door.

Opening the door, Kamina�s mouth drop open immediately she sighted Eliza, washing her hands in the wash basin

�Mtchewwww� she hissed
�The last time I checked, you were not a snake, why hissing that loud� Eliza groan

�None of your business dimwit, get out of here I wanna ease myself� Kamina barked

�But there are other toilets�
�Get out; i wanna make use of this one idiot�

�Come on Kamina, why are you doing this, we could just settle our differences and move on. This case you brought to court is not taking you anywhere, what do you gain by taking the guy you have always claim that you love, to court� Eliza muttered softly

�I don�t care, he is not ready to father my baby and I can�t do that alone� She yelled

�Why are you shouting over it, huhn, you and I know that that baby in your womb isn�t Eric�s, you only wanna pin it on him�

�Whatever, it�s not your business..oh..did you think you will have him forever, Eric is mine, and he will father my baby, whether you like it or not� Kamina snapped

�But the baby isn�t his, he can�t father another man�s baby� Eliza resorted
�Oh really�well you will watch me and see how I will make him do that�.�

�Hunhff, Kamina�.are you saying that what I said is true�so the baby is not Eric�s after all�

�Oh, you wanna know the truth..fine that�s the truth. But you know what�.there is nothing you can do from stopping this hearing. I have the money and power to make things happen, so don�t think of doing anything stupid�excuse me� Kamina seethed, and with that she walked out of the restroom..




Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?

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