The Reality of Life Harshness


(The Reality of Life Harshness)

By: Vickie Dora�

Episode 27

After all rites were performed and Louis was laid to the ground to rest, everyone started going to their own ways.

Louis mother was crying and wailing hard while her husband tried to comfort her. Eric left earlier to see some friends who came for the burial; I wonder why he is not yet back. I couldn�t bring myself to go near the grave, fine, I felt bad for Louis, despite trying to ki*ll me, I still will not wish her death.

But the thought of going near it isn�t what my body wants. Still staring at the dispatching crowd, I noticed the presence of someone beside me�Kamina�

�Hmmm, sleeping beauty is now awake, thought you were in coma� She smirked while I glared hard at her
�What do you want Kamina� I snapped

�I want revenge, I want to see you cry�..yes�that�s what I want�my friend died a mysterious death, because of you� she yelled
�I did not ki*ll Louis and you know that� I resorted

�Ohhh, really, well Louis appeared to me in my dream, she was in tears and told me that she died because of you� she snapped

�And how is that my business, Louis was killed by the unknown�

�Well, it might not be your business�but I got something interesting which will interest you.. I heard that you love your boyfriend so much�but how will you feel when you see him f**king another girl�

�What do you mean by that Kamina�Eric will never do that� I seethed

�I don�t need to argue with you�.anyway I will send you the video, then you will watch it and see� she grinned and walked away. Still staring at her in shock, my phone buzzed and I unlocked it to saw a video�Is she saying the truth�.will Eric ever cheat on me�.should I click the video and watch it..I thought as different thoughts clouded my mind

After Louis funeral, I couldn�t help but cry at her grave. I was the only one remaining then, everyone left.

Louis was once my friend even though we don�t really get along. But dying suddenly still baffled me, assuming I partake in their hideous act, I might have also been killed. But why did karma not catch up with Kamina, she seem smart, and only lured Louis to her games.

Poor Louis�.she wouldn�t have done it if she knew that it will cost her life. Still crying, I noticed the presence of someone standing beside me�.Dave
�Hey, that�s ok, let�s go, it�s late already� he cooed while I nodded
�Yea�.let�s leave� I muttered cleaning off the tears in my eyes.

Dave drove me home and surprisingly, no one was home. The security men told me that my foster parents left with their children, they went on a few days vacation. Mum should have called me to tell me, hmmm, I wonder why she didn�t.

Getting into the house, I was expecting Dave to leave but he didn�t, he however followed me to my room, weird, but I couldn�t turn him out, I don�t wanna be rude. He kept staring at me as he sat on the chair.

�Ermmm, Dave�do you perhaps wanna stay here� I asked while he chuckled

�Do you want me to leave� he asked, but I couldn�t reply. Deep down, I don�t want him to, but can I stay alone with a guy, especially the one I have feelings for, I thought

�Look dear, you can�t just expect me to leave you, you look down, you have been crying since the beginning of the burial. Fine, I know Louis was your friend, but she is gone already, it�s normal to cry but don�t get depress, I don�t like seeing you this way. Your face is so messed up with tears� he muttered sadly, and came closer to stand before me. I couldn�t move.

�It�s ok, okay� he cooed, wiping my tears, he brought his face closer to mine. Yes, that was what I wanted long ago, but will he do it now, does he really wanna kiss me here�I thought, as I felt his lips against mine, nibbling it softly as I reciprocate to the rhythm of his lips. It felt like heaven, this is my first kiss, and having it with Dave is just so amazing, I felt like I was floating on the air, as an electric spark hits me, with lots of butterflies tingling in my stomach�.

�I love you Dorothy, I love you� he muttered softly after disengaging the kiss, staring deeply into my eyes
�I love you too� I replied, yea that�s the way I feel too��

�Where the hell is this girl, for damn sake, she should be home by now� Cassie said, as we both entered their apartment. We just left the funeral, and Cassandra has been damn worried about Elizabeth where about.
We all went our way after the funeral, and I decided to drop Cassie off, though she insisted on going alone at first but after much persuasion, she agreed.

�Perhaps she is with Eric; they were together before the funeral ended. So don�t worry too much, let�s just wait for her to arrive� I stated while she stared at me in shock, she might be wondering why I wanna stay
�Ain�t you leaving, you can�t just wait here for her� she said

�Do you want me to leave, huhn Eliza is also my friend, if she is not back after some time, then I will go look for her� I mumbled

�Do you care that much for her?�
�Yep, but I care more about you�just that you don�t wanna accept that fact� I said softly, she became calm immediately. Perhaps feeling guilty, dunno though

�Hmm, Dominick�it�s just that��
�That what, you don�t love me�look Cassie, I don�t really know what to say, but I will continue to love you no matter what� I muttered, she nodded. Getting on my feet I muttered

�I will give you more time to think about my proposal, but for the main time, we are still friends right� I asked
�Yes� she muttered softly, after a brief silence

�Hmmm, good, I will be on my way now���I said, but she didn�t reply. On getting to the door, I tried opening the door, but the knob twisted and opened, revealing Elizabeth, she look down but I don�t wanna add to it, perhaps she is just tired, I thought
�Hi�.just about leaving� I smiled while she nodded, with a sad smile�

After Kamina left, I couldn�t go home immediately, since Eric wasn�t coming back, I decided to leave to a quiet place, where I could watch whatsoever she sent to me. I decide to go to the park, where Eric first confess his love for me..hmmm..i remember getting involve in an accident that day.
Getting home, I met Dominick�s car outside, perhaps he is in, I thought. I couldn�t help but eavesdrop on their conversation, but I tried to act like I didn�t, trying to conceal my emotion.
�Hi, just about leaving� he smiled and left while I nodded

�Hmmm� I sighed and shut the door
�Elizabeth, what�s wrong, have you been crying� she asked, coming closer to me. I went directly into my room and slumped on the bed, as I busted into tears
�Hey �..shhh..What�s wrong� she cooed, as I stretch forth my phone towards her

�What is it, what�s in the phone?�
�Just check the recent video� I mumbled and Sobs. She glances at me for a while before clicking on it
�No�.this can�t be true�what�but�who sent you this� she asked
�Kamina�. She scoffs
�That b***h, but this is not true,,,Eric will not do this�b..ut� she was interrupted by the call that came into my phone. It was Eric

�Don�t pick the call, I�m not in the mood� I snapped, but the call kept coming..

�He won�t stop calling until you pick up, you know Eric �
�Fine, pick it and tell him that I�m asleep, I don�t wanna speak to him now, not after what he did� I sob
�Fine� she muttered and picked it�after a few words with him, the call ended.

�He was worried about you, he didn�t meet you at the venue when he got back, just wanted to check on you� she said and dropped the phone.
�Hmmm, Elizabeth, we can�t just conclude that Eric did this, how are we sure that he was�.�
�Didn�t you see it, he f**king slept with her�they made love Cassie and you are siding him?� I flared up in anger
�No, I�m not�you can�t just accept defeat Eliza, Eric is your man and all Kamina wants is to take him away from you, let�s hear his own side of the story. If he really cheated on you, fine, you can make your decision, but if he didn�t then you guys can sort things out� she yelled back
�Hmmm, I want to be alone Cassie, just let me be�� I muttered and lay on my bed, crying profusely




Kamina is back with her troubles


Happy New Year to everyone ?

May this year bring good things to our lives, and may our heart desires be granted unto us in Jesus name…

we shall all see many more years to come in peace and joy….Amen

Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?



  1. Kamina is a snitch, the demon should have dealt with her instead of Louis
    Happy New Year to you too Vickie, and amiin ? to all your prayers

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