Not Another Love Story – Episode 5


Episode 5

When I came out of the bedroom, mum was busy ironing her clothes in readiness for church.

“You should pray for me…” I said warmly.
“Always my child. work well…” Mum seemed to have her spirits up despite the drama that took place.

When I opened the main door, my eyes were greeted by a familiar face _ it was John Cena (Bashi Junior) sleeping peacefully in the corridor.

“I- I- I want my wife.” He said in his sleep.

I just shook my head and left without saying anything.

“I thought you have gone. I was Calling you,” Emily said.
“I must have been in the bathroom.” I laughed.

When we arrived at work, it already seemed to be busy. Since it was Sunday, most people were checking out, especially those who had only booked for a night for the one night stand, lol _ that would explain the increased number of mobile people early in the morning.

“Good morning hun,” The receptionist greeted us warmly.
“You seem to be in high spirit today,” I commented.
“And before I forget, room 17 has ordered room service. Mwape take it up…” She added.
“Is their order ready?” I asked.

We went to the Changing room, I nagged to Emily about how bossy the receptionist could be at times.
When we were done, Emily and I parted ways. I collected the food that was ordered from the kitchen, I was already behind time and had to speed up.

“Come in!” Someone responded immediately I had knocked.
“Good morning…” he said with his deep voice.
“Good morning, sir,” I responded, I kept wondering why he hadn’t left as I served.
“Call me Allan, am not Sir.” He said passively.
“Sorry, sir. Allan…” I cleared my throat, “I brought your breakfast.”
“Thank you. Mwape, right?” He asked me. I nodded my head in agreement and watched as he pulled out his wallet.
“You don’t need to pay. The food is complimentary.” I told him.
“I know. This is your tip.” He added strongly. He wasn’t just rude but loved to command order when he spoke.
“Thank you but this is too much sir…”
“I didn’t get a chance to tip you yesterday because you left early,” Allan said.
“Okay. Then… Thanks a lot. I will be on my way on.” I said.

He gave me a strong look and then smiled. I didn’t like the idea of leaving the room with him laying his eyes on me, nonetheless, I left.

“You left early yesterday. I didn’t even see you leave.” Tim( Barman ) asked.
“Oh, yeah!”
“One of the guys from the group you served yesterday was asking about you.” He asked.
“What did you say? You didn’t tell him anything, did you?” I asked nervously. I didn’t even know why I was nervous.
“No. Nothing,” Tim said.
“Thanks. You such a darling. Am going to have breakfast. Later.”

Work had become busy, by the time it was 10 AM, breakfast had been served to everyone.

“Mwape, Mr Muchimba is looking for you.”
“Who is Mr Muchimba?” I asked Emily.
“Go to the reception, you will find him there.”

When I got to the reception, “I’ll be damned!” Was the first thing to cross my mind. It was Allan. I composed myself as I walked towards him.

“You sent for me.”
“Yes, I did. Please, walk with me…” He said.

I looked back at Emily and she was all blossom.

“Sorry but I can’t. I have work to do.” I told him.
“In that case, I just thought I say goodbye.” He said.
“Is that all sir?” I asked him.

Instead of responding to my question, he removed a card from his wallet, “You should call me.” He said while handing it to me.

I watched him walk to his car till he drove off. I wanted to throw it but I couldn’t, Emily and the receptionist were busy looking at me. Hence, I put it in my pocket.

“What did he say? Did he ask you out?” Emily whispered.
“No silly,” I said laughing.
“What! I don’t believe that. He dude is handsome, he must be caring a BMW between those legs. You can have cute babies.” She said with a smile.
“Oh my! You know what? Go back to work.” I said pushing her away from me.
“So not fair. I need some sugar!” She said.

During lunch break, I kept looking at the card and wondering whether I call him or not.

“If I call him now, he might think am desperate. If I don’t call him again, he will think I’m chicky.� I kept talking to myself.
“You should call him…” Emily said as she walked in.
“I don’t even know the guy,” I told her.
“Are you sure about that? Let’s see, we know that he is the one that messed up your cake and then made it, we know that he is interested in you and that he has a fat pocket.” Emily highlighted.
“I can’t, you know these men with money. To them we are like food, they just want to satisfy their appetites and off they go. You don’t give me that look, we both see what happens when they come here.” I told her.
“What if he’s different?” She asked me.
“I have a boyfriend. Don’t forget that.”




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