Not Another Love Story – Episode 3


Episode – 3

The idea of coming for work just to cover someone wasn’t my ideal cup of tea. But since I needed the money I agreed.

Never in my wildest dream was I expecting to see him here. His eyes were locked on me, I tried to ignore him but I couldn’t. My legs could hardly support my body. After taking both their orders, I walked away hoping the smiles had covered up my nervousness.

“Emily (a good friend and co-worker), can we switch tables please?” I begged her.
“Remember the guy who ruined the cake I got for my mother? He’s over there.” I said with my finger pointing at there table.
“Which one is he?” She asked. glimpsing at the guys who were busy chatting.
“The one with sunglasses,” I said.
“He is cute. Looks like the type that’s so much into skincare _ look at him, as if he baths in milk.” She said.
I laughed and passed down the orders to her. She came back to 20minutes later.

“They want you… I mean he wants you,” she said putting the tray down.
“How can I know why? maybe the guy likes your services or one of them wants to service you,” she teased with a naughty giggle.

I took a few deep breaths and walked up to their table.

“Hey, Mwape…” He said at first glance.
“You denied my friend to serve you. Why is that?” I asked him.
“You are the one who introduced yourself as our waitress. I don’t think it’s ideal to just change without any form of communication.” He said, his friend was busy agreeing in the background.
“Maybe we should complain to the manager.” The friend added.
“No need for that sir, I will be right back with your food,” I said.

I went to check on their order, it had already been a while since the guys at the restaurant were given the list. I got their food and went back to serve them. I was so not liking my job at that moment.

“Mwape, kindly bring a bottle of Jameson, two glasses and ice cubes.” He said. I bobbed my head and left.
At the bar, I asked for two glasses and a bottle of Jameson as they had requested. While he was getting them ready I went to get ice cubes from the fridge. I prayed for my shift to end countless times.

“I am exhausted, thank God it’s time to knock off.?” I said.
“The way I love to see, PM on that clock…” Emily said with a smile.
I handed over the bill for Mr Charming (I didn’t t know his name). Then we left.

I reached home and it was almost 8 PM. You know the Lusaka traffic, makes you pay less for a lifetime drive.
Ba Chipo (elder sister) walked into the house with bruises on her body, her face was swollen.
She had her baby on her back as well.
“Ninshi (what is it)?” Mum asked so furiously.
It’s s Bashi junior, he came home drunk and started beating me.” My sister explained with tears streaming down her face.
“I have warned you about that man Chipo, the day he will ki*ll you that’s when you will wish you listened to me,” Mum said.
“But she will be a dead mum,” I said laughing as if it was the right thing to do.
“She will be looking down at us from hell, ‘saying I wish I listened'” Mum said. I cracked up.

My sister got married to her husband hoping things might change for us but that wasn’t the case. Her marriage was like a wrestling match to the death. Every day it was one story after the other. When advised to leave the husband, she will faithfully leave and before you know it, boom! She was back at his place. In her defence, “He might get married to someone else.”

It’s true what they say about not giving advice to a woman who is in love. I got her baby who was sleeping.
Mom didn’t say anything she was just starring at her, I guess she was wondering how her daughter ended up with such an abusive man.

“Am off to my room,” Mum said.
“Mum, so you can’t even take care of me,” My sister nagged.
She turned around and looked at her.
“When I begged you not to marry him did you listen to me? No, you wanted that same drunkard because all your friends were getting married and you didn’t want to be left behind. Now you have turned into a punching bag. Tomorrow he will come here begging and you will go. Am not going to waste my energy about the same things Chipo.” after saying those words, she went into her room.

Besa came and informed me that she was done cooking.
Our house was a two bedroomed house, nothing fancy; loved it. Among the four of us, the last born was a boy, furthermore, he didn’t stay with us _ he was in Kasama with mum’s younger sister and only visited us on holidays.

Besa took mum’s food to her room since she was irritated at the site of Chipo.

“Why is mum being so harsh on me?” she asked while chewing her food, she would make weird facial expressions because of her swollen face.
“I think she is right Bana Junior, it’s always the same story with your husband. The moment he knocks on that door, you won’t even think twice _ you will leave.” I said.
“You don’t understand, love is complicated.” “It hurts.” She added.
“If it hurts then it’s not love. Bana Junior that man treats you like trash and you are always sitting there like a person who does not have her grade 12 Certificate. You said things will change when you get married, what has changed? You have never brought even salt at this house just to appreciate your mother. Her birthday was on Friday, not even a phone call to wish her a happy birthday but here you are complaining that she isn’t fair; to be honest, you are the one who isn’t fair.” I gave her a piece of my mind and left.

It was already 30 minutes past 8 PM, I checked my phone and James hadn’t called or texted, it didn’t bother me cause that was the kind of person he was, he might even have a girl in his house for all I know.
‘I hope one day I find a man who will love me for who I am,’ I wanted to find a man who would treat me like a Queen and I like a King.




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