Not Another Love Story – Episode 9


Episode – 9

I waited for him to drive off and then rushed back inside to finish what he had leftover.
“No salt at all…” I said as I tasted the eggs. At least he liked them.

The maid arrived later on and began to clean the house. When it was nearing lunchtime, I decided to text him and find out if he would be coming for lunch.

IVY – Will you be home for lunch?
ALLAN – Hey, I won’t be able to come through. I have a couple of papers I need to work on.
IVY – I see…
ALLAN – Don’t worry, it’s okay. When I knock off maybe I can teach you one or two things.
IVY -Okay babe.

Allan was acting strange suddenly, it wasn’t like him to avoid speaking the first thing that crossed his mind. However, he was being all nice. I know it sounds weird that am calling this kind of behaviour nice _ however, Allan could be a pain in the butt. Especially when he starts complaining about how bad and terrible my cooking was.

Since Allan said he wasn’t coming home for lunch, I decided to visit my date at his workplace. I hadn’t seen him ever since I came back.

“Excuse me, sir, your daughter is here…” Dad’s secretary said as I walked in behind her. He cut his phone call and stood up to hug me.
“How my little one doing?” He said happily.
“Dad! Come on, am no longer little. Am a big girl.” I told him.
“Well, you will always be my little girl. How is your man doing?” He asked.

Dad really liked Allan, he was like the son he wished he had.

“He is okay. Being an a$$ as usual…”
“Hey, watch your language.” Dad interrupted.
“Am sorry. It’s just that am trying to get to know him.” I told him.
“You guys grew up together. How difficult can it be to reconnect? Besides, it’s been a year since it was made public that you were dating, after that came the engagement. I don’t see what’s difficult here…” Dad said.
“You don’t see what’s difficult because you are never with him. He hardly spends time at home, when he around _ he avoids me or criticises everything I do.” I told him.
“You can start by asking him what he wants… Allan’s dad and I go a long way, it’s not just the companies… Me and him are like brothers. It was always our wish for you two to wed.”
“It’s easy for you to say because you are not the one getting married,” I told dad.
“Have you tried acting like a lady and not this diva-style you put on… This is Zambia, as long as you don’t do what he likes; you will always argue.” He explained.
“So, I should change who I am just because I have to get married to him?” “Hell no! Oops. Sorry.”
“Oh, little one, for the sake of love people change,” Dad added.
“But I don’t think am in love with him.”
“Have you started your cooking lessons yet?” Dad asked. He was always the nosy one.
“Nope. I changed my mind.” I said as I swung around.

I had called Mutinta on my way back home. After an hour, she arrived.

“Wait, you mean he doesn’t come for lunch?” She asked me putting her handbag down.
“My friend, life hasn’t been good. At times I question why I even came back, I could have just stayed that side.” I said.
“Your family is mixed up in this… I don’t think you have a choice.” She told me.
“Maybe he is eating from the girl he had been spending time with,” She commented.
“Come on, Allan isn’t the type to cheat. Particularly since he knows his inheritance is at stake and won’t get anything if he doesn’t end up with me.”
“Anyway _ how is the bedroom?” “If you can’t satisfy his stomach, you must be able to drive and ride his BMW.” She giggled.
“I don’t.” I laughed.
“What you mean you don’t? You’ve been staying together for some time now, how do you even survive the draught?” Mutinta asked me.
“Imagination and toys I guess.” I really didn’t want to talk about my sex life with Allan because there was nothing to even talk about.
“What! N-No!” She objected. She looked so surprised if was uncomfortable.
“I have been using toys for a while since I moved in with him actually. Am not the monster here, this is the manifestation of something that he himself has created.” I told her. She began to laugh.
“Am serious…”
“Ivy, don’t you think starving him will push him into the arms of another woman?” She asked me.
“What makes you think am the one starving him? I know I don’t love him but am really trying to get myself to love him. Do you know how disrespectful and shameful it is for a female to always be the one to ask for intimacy?” I sighed.

“Oh I get it, his inheritance is at stake, what if he no longer cares about the inheritance?”
“It can’t happen”
“Continue, acting like those housewives from Atlanta,” she said
“Am not, okay what do you want me to do ?”
“A man needs to be loved, respected spoiled with all the good things.” She said.
“How do I do that when he doesn’t give me the chance to act like a wife?”
“I am not in this for the money, why should I be in it for the sex?God forbid!” I told her.

I clicked my tongue. I wasn’t going to stoop as so low to the point of begging Allan to be with him. After all, I didn’t care for my families money. In fact, it is him who should be chasing me… Aiming to please me so that I don’t walk out on him; costing him his so-called inheritance.

“I was just trying to help,” Mutinta said.
“I know, but at times it’s just too much,” I told her.



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