Not Another Love Story – Episode 1


He looked at me, his height was something you couldn’t miss. The slim fit suit complimented his body well, the scent of his perfume was costly and not the common type.
Wait, why was I admiring this man when he just made me drop my mother’s cake. I had spent all my savings just to get her such a cake and this stupid man just made me drop it.

“You are heartless,” I said with tears streaming down my face.
“It’s just a cake,” he said with a smirk on his face.
“Just a cake you say? It’s my mother’s birthday tomorrow and here you are busy expression your ignorance.” I yelled people started watching.

He starred at me, even though he had sunglasses on _ I could tell that he was looking at me.

“You can’t even apologise…” I said drying my tears with a piece of tissue from my bag.
“Okay! Am sorry.”
“After asking you…” I said.
Limpo my best friend for years now, grabbed my hand and we walked away.
“Mama it’s okay, we can make another order or just buy one from pickNpay,” she said.
“Hell no! Limpo, I can’t do that, you know I have been planning this surprise for some time.” I told her.

Mum was turning 50, the golden jubilee. About myself, I was a waitress at one of the most prestigious hotels in town. I made sure to save up on all my tips and this man ruined every plan I had for my mother.

I got home and she was busy pounding groundnuts while she sang one of her favourite songs. My mother has been through a lot and most of the weight she carried came after my father died, I was 5 years by then.

“You look upset…” Mum said she was always quick to notice such things.
“Am just tired mah, you know this job,” I said as I sat next to her.

She rubbed my back, the soft touch of her hand as she did it just melted me down. I bumped into some stupid man _ who presses here phone in a busy place?
I walked inside the house and wondered how I was going to make money before my mum’s birthday.
I got my Itel phone and dialled my boyfriend’s number, Jack. We have been dating for 3 years now and I was no longer seeing any future with him. The only thing he did right was party and complain about life. He finally answered after the 3rd ring.

JAMES – Hey, I was just thinking about you.
MWAPE – Lie, you haven’t even called me since Monday and today is Thursday.
JAMES – Am sorry. I have been busy.
MWAPE – I see. I need your help James _ mum’s birthday is tomorrow and…
JAMES – Am sorry baby am broke right now, I wish I can help.

The thing with James, he was always broke even when he got paid. However, he was never broke for clubs or ladies. Did I mention that I have been cheated on like tenths of times?

I hung up without a word. The only thought on my mind was finding money to get a present for my mother.
It was now 10 PM and I could sleep, tossing around the bed was the only thing I could do. Closing my eyes wasn’t helping either because all I could see was that man’s face, he had Michael Evan’s ( Jordan Baker if you are a fan of All American) haircut.
‘Why are you thinking about that man?’ My inner self asked. I took a deep breath and decided to just force myself to sleep.
I had just woken up since I was now on my nights-off I wasn’t bothered about waking up late.

“Ba Mwape, a man is looking for you,” Besa said (Besa was my young sister)
“Who is that man?” I asked her.
“Ba Mwape I don’t know him”
“Are you sure he wants to see me?” I asked her again.
I think she got irritated with my questions because she stopped answering. I told her to wait a bit _ without even brushing my teeth or washing my face I walked out of the house. Without a word, she pointed at a black Hilux that was parked at the roadside.

“Who did I offered?”
It was like 8:40 AM if I was mistaken. I walked to the Hilux and knocked on the window. Coming out from the car was a huge man in a black suit.

“Good morning miss Mwape?” He greeted.
I stared at him for a few seconds in my attempt to recognise him but I couldn’t.
“I’ve been sent by my boss to bring you this…” He said.

He handed me a big box and what seemed to be a gift bag.
“Sorry to ask, but who is your boss?” I asked.
“There is a note attached. Am sure you will find out for yourself.” He said.

I called Besa to help me carry the things inside the house. Mum wasn’t around, she had already left for the farm.
Among the gift bags, I opened one. Inside was a Chanel handbag with a note attached to it.
“Am sorry for bumping into you yesterday. If it wasn’t for me your mother’s cake wouldn’t have been ruined. Am not heartless, I hope you accept my apology.”

I smiled and continued to check the rest of the things that were there. When I was done, I left for the living room so that I could arrange mums present and wait for her to arrive. Unfortunately, she walked in before I could even finish.

“Happy birthday mummy!” It was just me and Besa. Our elder sister didn’t stay with us.
She covered her face shyly. Besa and I ran to her and hugged her. Once we were done with all the emotional loving, I led her to sit down as we handed her the presents that Mr Charming had bought (That’s the name my mind had come up with). Among the presents was a 12 meters chitenge, purse, perfume and a huge cake.




  1. Wooow,dats very touching, like he said,he wasn't heartless after all,get ready Becoz de next thing hez coming for will be ur heart….
    Let's see how it goes!!!

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