Mafia Queen – Epilogue



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 89


Daniella p.o.v

*Six months later*

“This is not how you do it, Damien!”, I glared at him as he crouched on his knees trying to fix the strips of my gown.

He looked up, with a face full of annoyance before looking back down and continuing the task which he is miserably failing in.

“I don’t understand what is the need of all this! You could have wore something comfortable and loose” He mumbled still trying to comprehend how to tie the strips.

“You said you like it when I wear this outfit.” I gritted out.

I did all of this to please this man and look at how he is throwing tantrums just because I asked him to fix my dress!

“Not when you have eight month baby bump!” He retorted back and I gasp.

Tears sprung in my eyes as I tried to stare down at him surpassing the huge baby bump that stood in my eyesight.

” I know I’m fat! You don’t have to point it out” I yelled before kicking him in the shin and ripping the dress off my body.

He looked startled before getting on his feet and rushing towards me as I sat down on bed with a oomph sound.

“Daniella, I didn’t mean it in that way! I just…. you still look hot, baby, But don’t you think wearing this kind of clothes is hard in these days. I just want you to have rest.” He cooed bringing me closer in his embrace.

I sniffed and wrapped my arms around his torso.

“I feel so ugly, Damien.” I whimpered trying to keep my tears at bay.

But the more I looked at myself, the more self-conscious I feel.

“No, Daniella. You’re the most gorgeous woman in my life. And this…” He lovingly caressed my stomach

“Is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. This can never make you look ugly. In fact, you glow radiantly like a sun because of this. I fall for you more and more when I see this cute baby bump.” He said and kissed my temple.

The sweet gesture and his loving words brought a smile on my face.

“Just get me a loose night wear then.” I said pushing him off the bed.

He huffed before getting off and walking inside closet.

Few minutes later, he came back with a blue big gown.

Grabbing it from him, I put it on.

He was trying to fold the other clothes while I stood before dressing table, staring at my huge self.


Just look at me!

My face looks swelled, bre@sts looks huge and I looks so bad!

My trance was broken when I felt a pair of strong arms wrapping around me, his fingers making a heart on my belly.

I chuckled.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, princess.” He goofily smiled, kissing the nape of my neck.

After few minutes of staring at each other through mirror, he retracted his one arm which went behind my neck, pushing my black hair to one side of shoulder.

I gulped at the intensity of his eyes which inflamed a burning desire in the pit of my stomach.

Everytime the look in his eyes, the urgency in his touches makes me feels as if this was my first time!

I turned my head to look at him, and the moment our eyes met, his lips were on mine.

Every cell in my body felt alive as his seamlessly perfect lips feverishly kissed me.

His teeth grabbed my bottom lip, nibbling and sucking on it in an unending hunger.

As soon as his tongue stroked the closed space between my lips, I parted them and welcomed his tongue inside my mouth which left no time in claiming it’s territory and winning the dominance.

My body craved to touch his and I turned around, unconsciously our lips left each other because of the huge baby bump which stood between us.

He groaned and we both looked at the intruder before laughing out loudly.

“The moment this junior comes out, I’ll have all of you for myself!” He stated before leaning in to peck my lips.

Enveloping my hand in his large rough one, he guided both of us to the bed.

As soon as we got to our bed, I yelped.

“Ahh!”, I yelped clutching my stomach.

He froze before whirling around and running towards me.


I’m a good actor!

“You okay? Should I call the doctor? It’s not time, is it? Say something!”

“Please don’t just be quite.”

“Are you fvcking serious? I was so fvcking worried!” He shouted making me wince.

“Hey! Don’t cuss in front of our child!” I scolded and he glared at me before shooking his head in disbelief.

I shrugged with a smirk.

“Stop playing a cupid!” He snapped before going towards the bed and lying down like a stubborn child.

I rolled my eyes before getting on my side of bed.

Switching off the lights I waited for him to turn around and pull me in embrace which he did after few moments.

I smiled closing my eyes.


It was two in the mid night when I had this sudden craving of eating hot bread.

“Damien.” I called out softly but he gave no response.

“Damien?” I poked his arm hard, he grunted before turning his back on me.

“Damien!” I yelled and he fell down from bed with a loud thud.

“Wh-what!? Are you okay?” He asked, his eyes half closed, hair disheveled and mind seemed disoriented.

“I want to eat hot bread.” I said crossing my legs over each other.

I heard him sigh out loudly.

“Please let me sleep!” He begged.

This must be the seventh night that I broke his sleep.

I really feel guilty but…. I can’t do anything.

“After bread! Come on don’t be an a$s. You signed up for this when you got me pregnant!” I said earnestly, the craving to eat those delicious, crispy-tasty bread was getting intense.

“Yeah right!” He grumbled under his breath before getting up and storming out of bedroom.

I waited for him while scrolling aimlessly through Youngicee blog.

The novels there are so captivating.

It took him nearly one hour to come back.

Until then, the craving was no more.

He slammed the loaves of bread on the bed before me and ordered me to eat.

I just stared at him with puppy dog face.

His face hardened and glare intensified noticing that I had no more interest in bread.

“Can we go out for ice cream? I want to eat…”


” chocolate chip ice cream.” I completed even if his eyes were shooting daggers at me.

“No no No!” He hissed.

“Please?” I pouted.

He ignored me.

My bottom lip quivered and eyes stung, not in less than a minute I burst out crying.

“Oh god! Fine! Don’t cry!”

I immediately smiled.

Wiping away the tears, I got up and stood in front of him, my body slightly jumping in excitement.

“Stop jumping!” He demanded and I stopped immediately.

Turning around, he went inside the closet and came back with a sweater, muffler and hand gloves.

Wearing them all on me, he grabbed my hand and helped me walk out.

We drove around the city in the search of ice cream parlor.

Unfortunately, there was none.

I frowned when he stopped the car in front of a closed ice cream parlor and turned off engine.

“It’s closed.” I reminded him.

“Don’t worry. Stay here.” He said before kissing my forehead and walking out.

I watched as instead of choosing the front entrance, he walked to the back of the shop.

Few minutes later, there was a old lady with him as he came out.

She was smiling while he was doing all the talking.

She opened the lock before they both entered in the shop.

I stared amazed as he came out with two ice cream tubs in his hands.

I squealed when he handed me the ice cream.

“You’re the best!”, I chirped happily while opening the lid and digging in.

The moment ice cream melted in my mouth, I moaned in bliss.

“You should try it! It’s so delicious!”, I said forwarding the spoon towards him.

Grabbing my wrist, he slightly pushed it out of his way before he leaned in and captured my lips in surprise.

I moaned as his tongue caressed the creamy ice cream on my tongue and against all the corners of my mouth.

The coolness of ice cream and hotness of his mouth was such a deadly but addicting combination.

When he left my mouth, I watched as his tongue darted out to lick his wet and swelled lips.

“You were right. This is delicious” He smirked as I blushed.

Oh I love this man!

I gave birth to a boy after two months.

Everyone was happy.

I was happy and He was happy too.

The End


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