Mafia Queen – Chapter 86



Written By : Pamela James

�Youngicee stories


Chapter 86

Daniella’s p.o.v

I got off from the bed, and saw the wedding gown that was hung in the rack just in front of my bed’s foot.

White strapless ballgown.

It was so perfect and so beautiful for me that it was hard for me to find the exact words to describe it.

With a demure sweetheart neckline and made of dreamy English net covered with an exquisite floral lace appliqu� around its bodice and bigger floral laces going downwards until the hemline, my wedding gown was just superb.

It was so full and flowing that, even if I hadn’t still worn it, I could already picture myself out as a Queen in my wedding.

“My dream gown,” I murmured.

” I can’t wait to wear it!”

� Youngicee stories

After breakfast, I was made up by the country’s best make-up artist.

I was in my room and sitting in front of my vanity mirror. There was a nervous drumming in my heart as I looked at myself being transformed into a beautiful queen.

“Beautiful, beautiful…” I heard my mother say every time she caught a glimpse of me and I just smiled at her.

Every now and then, there were flashes of phone cameras.

I knew that Damien had also been preparing himself by this time and I grew even more nervous thinking about him.

I wondered what he was exactly doing at this time as I was looking at myself in the mirror.

For sure, my Damien was making himself the most handsome groom ever… and I couldn’t wait to see him already.

A car was stationed front of the house. It contained camera men to get an aerial view of the whole event.

Bedecked in my gown, tiara and veil, I was transported from the house to the church.

People appeared to have waited at the roadside for the passing of the bride since they were all so ready to wave their hands at me once I appeared in their view.

Everyone’s face was in celebrating mood.

Children blew flying kisses towards my direction.

I waved at them as well.

My bridesmaids shrieked when they saw me arrive at the wedding venue.

“You look beautiful ,” my friend, Tina, said happily when she saw how I was brought to the ceremony venue.

We didn’t have much time to talk for the occasion started just as I arrived.

Looking at the whole place, I could see the complete transformation of the church yard.

The landscape architect really did the most wonderful job in setting up the garden.

The yard was just made perfect with combined green shrubs and white roses around.

The place looked like a little version of mom’s flower plantation.

The tree branches near the church had lanterns hanging in them that were ready to be lit up once the sun would set.

All the guests were already settled inside.

Watching the processional start, I was in the car to wait for my turn to walk.

My girls in lavender gowns with the groomsmen walked through the pathway of the garden going to the church door.

Wow, it looked like there was an aisle even in the yard and it was filled with lavender petals in each side.

Oh, my God!

It was gorgeous.

If the yard looked this great, how much more was the church itself!

I couldn’t wait to see what was inside it.

The car door was opened
and I was made to set my feet on the ground.

The moment my shoes touched the ground just at the endmost portion of the outdoor aisle, the lanterns in the trees alighted!

I paused for a while, not making a step yet, for the lights just took my breath away.

Oh, Damien!

You’re really setting up all this drama!

For that, I wanted to cry.

With the bouquet made of lavenders and white roses in my hands, I began to walk now on the yard aisle.

I walked slowly feeling every beat of my heart.

This was my day with Damien and I wondered how he was also feeling right now.


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