Mafia Queen – Chapter 70



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 70

Daniella’s p.o.v

How could I not know that it was that brute at the other side of it?

The beating of my heart corresponded with the ringing sound.

Trying my best to disregard whatever was going on at my door, I left the living room, went to my bedroom and lay down on my bed.

From where I was, the ringing was no longer that strong and noticeable, still it was perceivable to my ears.

Lying on my left side, I covered my right ear with a pillow so as not to hear the sound.

The ringing went on and off for several minutes… until I could hear it no more.

Thanking silently to God, I finally took off the pillow from my ear and lay on my back.

For like an eternity, I was just staring at the ceiling.

I couldn’t sleep… especially that my mind kept on replaying the scene at the restaurant — Damien taking dinner with a lovely, wealthy heiress.

My heart wanted to deny the jealousy, so much jealousy, that I felt, yet no matter how many denials I would have to make to myself, it wouldn’t still change the fact that I was dying with too much jealousy now.

Damien was somebody whose constant company were wealthy and beautiful people.

The rich were only for the rich.

There was absolutely no way for a striving woman like me to be in the same level with him.

Could his feelings for me be altered from hate to love like what he was claiming now?

I doubted it.

Because if he loved me, he wouldn’t have treated me like he did.

Damien was the type of guy who could easily be tempted by hot, beautiful girls.

How could I even trust his words?

How could I believe that he even loved me — the simple girl?

Comparing myself to all the famous, well-off women surrounding him, I, Daniella, was just an ordinary.

If he indeed left Maria Stella who was rich, beautiful, and perfect, how much more a girl as ordinary as me?

Well, if he indeed left that Maria Stella… And now, he was dating another…

I sighed deeply.

This pathetic princess would never have her happy ending…

I sighed deeply again.

Okay, so he had finally left my place.

He just surrendered just like that.

Great, now I was to get my peace of mind.

I decided to fall asleep.

Five minutes…

Ten minutes…

Fifteen minutes… had passed and I couldn’t sleep.

Thinking of something to do instead, I rose up from my bed and went back to the living room.

Pausing, I stared at the door with the thought that, minutes before, Justin was at the other side of it.

Slowly, I found my feet stepping towards the door.

When I was already standing close to it, I leaned my chest and left cheek on it.

I missed you. Don’t you know you’ve been in my mind 24/7 since you told me you love ?

With a very heavy heart, wishing somehow that Damien was still there at the other side, I decided to swing the door open.

And I almost choked up as I was struck with an unexplainable feeling of both elation and shock.

Damien was sitting on the floor and was leaning his back on the wall across me in the hallway.

His left leg was straightly stretched on the floor while his right was placed with his knee up.

His right forearm was placed on top of that knee.

He looked up when he heard the creaking of the door and our eyes met.

The ba�t�rd didn’t leave after all.

What was I going to do now?



  1. You have to accept him into your life, did I not tell you, you won't be able to do anything without him because you've fall in love already no doubt about that. Take it or leave it.

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