Mafia Queen – chapter 77



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 77

Daniella p.o.v

Then, my phone rang. I grabbed it up from the table where I was working on with the records as I excused from the manager.

“Hello?” I greeted with a questioning tone for the caller’s number wasn’t registered in my phone.

“Hello,” there was that voice from the other line.

My heart jumped.

“Daniella,” he added.

Oh, who could not recognize this husky voice?

Who could not recognize the caller when there was only one person who called me by my real name, always Daniella, never Danny or Ella?


“Yeah, princess. You seem surprised I have called.”

“H-How did you know my number?” I never recalled giving him my number.

“Never mind asking. You don’t know what your husband can do,” he said, chuckling.


“So, have you received them?” he asked.

Excitement was very apparent in his voice.

“Received what?”

“The roses?”


“You sent these roses?” I said, super shocked as I eyed the florists who were busy doing the arrangement.

If I was shocked a while ago when the flowers arrived, I was super, super shocked this time.

“I… I thought… I thought they came from—”

“F-ck!” he muttered surprisingly, cutting me off… then, he became silent… silent for a considerable number of seconds.

“Da… Damien? Damien? Hello,” I called him out.

Did he end the call already?

“Damien,” I muttered, feeling so helpless.


He had just really hang up from me?

He was sending me flowers and he was hanging up from me?

Was he even serious?

“Damien” I muttered again.

“Daniella…” he answered finally, sounding so lonely.

“Arrogant!” I interjected when I learned that he was still in the other line.

I thought he was going to end the call already. I’d die if he was going to.

“Yeah, ,” he echoed, almost silently.

“Yeah, and the arrogant guy is sending me flowers!” I said sarcastically.

“Yeah, and you thought it was some other guy who’s sending you flowers,” he also said, sounding irritated.

“Well, have you forgotten that you never sent me flowers ever since the world began, even a single piece?”

There was silence again in the other line.

I waited for him to talk.

“When I say I change for you, I mean it, Daniella,” he then stated seriously.

I almost sobbed.

I didn’t know why.

Was it because of my irritation that he almost ended the call or because of the seriousness when he said his last words?

He continued,

“And don’t you forget that it’s only the arrogant guy who owns the biggest flower plantation in the continent. It’s only the arrogant guy who can send you thousands or even millions of flowers, princess.”

I was stunned.

It was like a slap to me.

Yes, how could I forget?

Damien’s company is known for owning the biggest flower plantation, not just in the whole country, but in the whole continent. Just the flowers and he was already earning millions… or billions…

“Well, who would really expect? It was just…” I didn’t know what to say anymore.

I wanted to sob hard.

“Hey…” he muttered softly.

“Your voice’s shaking. Are you crying? Are you really angry now?”

Trying to prevent the sobbing sound to come out from my mouth, I pouted.


“Yeah, you just annoy me. I thought you were gonna end the call.”

“No, I wasn’t gonna do it. I was just not expecting when you said the roses come from someone else… and I’m hurt… Well, I think I’m to be blamed for it anyway,” he explained.

“S-sorry,” I uttered slowly.

“No, I’m sorry, princess.”

“Okay, let’s forget I said it,” I pleaded.

There was a short pause from both of us.

“S-so, do you like them?” He changed the topic.

I wasn’t able to answer.



  1. Instead of you to answer you love it already. You're really showing your toughness and he deserves more than that.

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