Mafia Queen – Chapter 75



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 75

Daniella p.o.v

There was a long silence.

The only thing I heard was his heartbeat…

“It’s not that easy, Please give me more time,” I appended when I finally thought of what I really wanted from him.

Damien found my chin and lifted it up so he could see my face.

I opened my eyes and his dark gaze met me.

Wiping the tears in my cheeks with his fingers, he said,

“If you think I’m choking you with my presence, I will try myself to give you more time for that.”

“It’s not only about my space,” I answered truthfully.

“It’s actually about checking on myself and my heart and, yup, I need a lot of time to do that.”

He batted his sexy eyelashes.

Suddenly,I had the urge to play with those lashes with my fingers… but I kept myself back.

“Checking on your heart? Does that also mean you are starting to consider me back?” he asked as his left hand found my right.

He stroke my fingers.

“No… just to check on what my heart really wants… and, besides, I’m dating Ryan—”

“I will wait for you,” he said, not letting me finish my statement.

“Please, just don’t mention his name. Just don’t.”

Jealous mode.

I could feel it.

It was good for him to be jealous.

I didn’t make a reply.

On second thought, it wasn’t about using Ryan just to make Damien jealous because Ryan was a nice guy.

I had to treat him fairly well because he had been treating me nicely.

Hence, he deserved to be one of those that I would also consider.

That was why I had to check on my innermost feelings…

What I needed was deep thinking.

There was silence for the second time.

Damien imprisoned me back in his arms.

My face was once again pressed to his well-toned chest.

I lifted my feet and curled myself at his side.

Okay, for tonight, I would let myself be with him.

Then, I closed my eyes.

I was getting so sleepy already.

It seemed like I was to sleep in somebody’s arms tonight… here on my couch.

“I love you, princess,” he whispered in my ear.

“I love you very much. I will wait for you.”

Acting asleep, I didn’t talk.

A few minutes after, he whispered,

“You’re my choice for my future, Daniella. It’s been one hell of an internal battle for me but even before you left, I’d already made up my mind that there’s no other girl that I’d like to be with. Home is where my heart is and you’re my home. I don’t think I’d ever be complete without you in my life.”

I pressed my eyelids even harder but my tears still managed to find their way out.

*Time skip*

I woke up about an hour later.

We were both lying on the couch now.

I wondered how our bodies fit in that tiny space.

My back was pressed to his front as he cuddled my body with his right arm.

His right hand was holding my left, with our fingers entertwining.

The left side of my neck rested on his left biceps.

Oh, I had never felt so secure in my entire life.

I closed my eyes again and wished that the night would never end because his body felt so heavenly against mine.

His hot breathing on my neck felt really good that I could go on doing this for the rest of my life.

Forget everything for the meantime, all the pain and discouragements, Daniella, I told myself.

Just think of you and him… and how your bodies perfectly fit each other tonight.


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