Mafia Queen – Chapter 57



Written By : Pamela James

�Youngicee stories


Chapter 57

All the nurses who she passed became dark blurs and random objects faded into the background.

She huffed and grudgingly forced her legs to pick it up as she rounded a random corner into a hallway she didn’t know.

Coincidentally, she collapsed in front of a section of a large glass window and on the other side, there was a room full of newborns.

She shakily stood up from the floor and rested on the wall for support. Her eyes began to wander across the window towards all the newborns lying in their cribs.

Their pale but glowing faces stood out to her. Their plump little fingers and wiggling toes.

All of a sudden, the flash of her ghostly unborn child crossed her mind causing her to replace the living ones with dying fetuses in the plastic cribs.

‘Why did you abandon me?’ it yelled.

She fell backwards and looked at them wide-eyed.

“I-I didn’t abandon you,” she mumbled in shock.

‘Murderer!’ it cried.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Daniella screeched.

Her mind was encased in this endless echo of her daughter taunting and crying in front of her.

Her whole being began to swirl into a dizzy state, solid objects melting in her view. Her sense of touch and smell fading.

Faces of d�caying fetuses haunted her, grappling at her clothes. Tugging and pulling on her body; whispering and jeering at her.

The most gruesome part were the sickly hands that looked deformed. Their fingers disheveled and mangled, coloured in a deep maroon and a jaundice yellow. Those hands were now gripping tightly onto her seeming as though they never wanted to let go.

“Please, stop,” she whispered desperately.

“I’m sorry.”


“I didn’t mean to lose you,” she cried.


Daniella suddenly felt an icy hand touch her and she jumped. She coughed loudly and gasped for air as if she was pulled out from underwater.

Damien threw his arms around her and brought her head to his shoulder as she began to sob and cry out loudly.

“It’s alright,” he soothed.

“You’re alright.”

Daniella sobbed loudly and clenched Damien’s clothing into her fists.

“It’s okay,” he soothed.

They sat there on the floor, Daniella cradling her in his lap in front of the room full of crying infants.

Damien kept whispering sweet nothings into her ear while caressing her gently on the back.

“I saw her,” Daniella whispered shakily.

“Who?” Damien asked confused.

“Our daughter. She hates me now,” Daniella clenched tighter.

Damien sighed and kissed Daniella’s temple to calm her down.

He gently grabbed her hands and held it in his while caressing her with his thumb.

“She doesn’t hate you,” he retaliated softly.

Immediately after he said that, Daniella whipped her head up towards him with an unconvinced look.

“How do you know that?” she said with desperate eyes.

“Because I do,” he stated.

Daniella stared at Damien in disbelief. She moved her gaze around his face to see if he was lying but she couldn’t tell.

“Believe me, Daniella. I know everything about her,” he assured.

“She would never hate you.”

Daniella found it hard to believe but couldn’t help but feel comforted by his words, even if they were false.

“Really?” she asked innocently.

Damien smiled and kissed her forehead. “Of course.”




Within the next hour, Daniella had fallen asleep in his lap and was now resting peacefully in his hold.

Damien used this opportunity to slowly get up from the ground and carried her back to her hospital room.

He gently walked back to her bed and carefully placed her back down into it, tucking her in so that she was comfortable.

He then gently caressed the hair out of her face and bent down to give her another kiss before lifting himself back up and walking out of the room quietly.

When he was finally outside, he sighed and rubbed his temples.



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