Mafia Queen – Chapter 66



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 66

Daniella p.o.v

“I know that I’ve done a lot of things that make you hate me this way, Daniella,” finally, he spoke after several seconds.

“For so many months, I know I made your life miserable. I mistreated you, bullied you, and treated you like you weren’t a human being. I controlled you and stopped you for doing most of the things you liked. But, please, if you will only give me a chance, I will prove to you that I have changed. I want to make a fresh start with you. Please, give me a chance to prove myself.”


He was asking a chance from me!


Did he ever give that to me when I was still the one asking him that?

For how many times in the past that I had begged him to give me freedom and, in all those times, did he ever listen to me?

Did he ever give me the chance to prove it to him?

Now, who was he to ask me that?

I walked past him and went back to the door.

“I have already moved on, damien. I have accepted my fate and I’m comfortable living with you this way. I hope you will be able to live this way too or better still Let’s just separate our ways and be happy with each of our own lives without each other,” I said as I opened again the door for him.

“Please, leave now.”

Finally, he moved and walked slowly towards the doorway.

“Is our one month of not staying in the same room not enough for you to get rid of the hatred you have for me?” he asked before he went out of my room.

“A million months won’t even be enough,” I replied, appearing strong, as I stood in front of him.

He sucked in a deep breath when he heard my statement.

“Then, I guess, I have to endure your hatred.”

“You will never endure it. You will give up soon. You will never make it to the finish line,” I reminded him.

“I will make it,” he said as if he was certain of it.

“I will make it because I love you. I love you, Daniella.”

Three words.

They were like daggers flying to my chest.

First time.

Yes, it was the very first time that I heard that statement from him.

Was he mocking me this time?

Not knowing what to do, I slammed the door right before his face.

“You can leave. I will tell the driver to take you to your parents house. I will give you your freedom. I will rectify all my mistakes. I will be the perfect gentleman that you desire….” I heard him said all that.

Is he really letting me go?

Like he will let me go back to my parents?

I will go back to my normal life?

There will be no more marriage?

No more Damien?

No more?

Please someone tell me I am dreaming.



  1. It's not dream but I don't think he can leave you forever due to the love he has for you. You too may not be able to leave without him in your life. Let wait and see

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