Mafia Queen – Chapter 64



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 64

Daniella p.o.v

Like in dream, I heard a light knock on my door but I deceived my ears that it wasn’t a knock but my ears assured me when a heard it for the second time this time a little bit hard.

I took a view at the wall clock it was fifteen minutes to eleven .

I walked slowly to the door because I felt like my organs are tied.

I opened the door and found his full length standing in front of me, so I moved aside my hands still on the door handle he walked in majestically with a tray in his hands he carefully kept it on the bedside drawer before he sat on the couch I was laying minutes ago.

“Here is some noodles and chicken, I don’t know what to get you for dinner”. He said pointing at the tray while I was still holding the door handle.

“Ok thank you” I said before closing the door since I saw he wasn’t ready to go.

I walked to the bedside and found two bowls of noodles and one plate of smoked chicken. I took the first bowl and walked to the mirror I kept it on the vanity table before I decided to get water which I guessed he forget about.

I turned the door hand when I heard his voice.

” Where are you heading to?”

I turned my view to his position but found him scrolling through his phone.

” We need some water, so I’m going to get it”.

He nodded his head as an answer and without wasting much of my time I got to the kitchen.

I grabbed two cans of cocktail and a bottle of water. I rinsed two cups before setting everything on a medium tray.

“Here it is.” I said while marching into the room.

“Thank you.” he answered between forkful of noodles.

I kept the tray carefully on the floor next to his legs.

I took a can and cup and I was about to walk when he grabbed my wrist.

Our eyes locked and in no time the butterflies in my stomach hurts.

“Keep it” He said which his phrases made me flummoxed.

He raised one of his eyebrows as I stood there blankly thinking.

“Give me”. He said moving his view to my hands.

Without uttering a word I handed him the can which I clearly understand that was what he demanded.

“Is not good for your health, you know it. I don’t need to explain. Hurry up and take your food it’s too late already.”

I sat slowly on the vanity stool before I grabbed the fork. I took the first fork which the test was unbelievable. The word ‘Yummy’ can’t testified the test, I took the second fork which in no time I emptied the bowl.

Damien is a good chef.

I raised my head and caught him staring at me through the mirror, the very moment I wished I was a fairytale so that I can disappear in seconds.

“Take the next plate”. He said pretending to act weird.

I enjoyed my chicken alone, taking a pity glance at him, he miss a lot, that salty saliva of chicken or beef that flow down to someone’s throat he never taste it.

I ate 1/4 and there was no any other space in my belly so I decided to wash my hands first before packing the dishes to the kitchen.

“Are you done? “.

“Yes, I’m full , I was starving before. thanks for the food”. I replied with a smile on my face and continuing marching to the bathroom.

I washed my hands before brushing my teeth.

I was too lazy to take my bath, so I headed back to the room and found an empty clean room.

I converted into my pajamas and about to lock the room when the door flung open.

” Don’t go to sleep now, stay for like ten minutes more”.

For real.

I need to sleep.

I want to sleep.

But Damien……

I was not able to complete my mental thoughts which can only be on my head but don’t have the courage to say it out loud.

” Did you hear what I said?”.

“Yes” . I said with a pout .

“Good night”

“Good night”. I replied sitting on the vanity stool .

I ended up staring at my face for almost thirty minutes before my head kissed the pillow as I left to the world of dreams which was difficult to recall in the morning.


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