Mafia Queen – Chapter 63



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 63

Daniella p.o.v

“Daniella wait—” he called out as I was still going nowhere.

All throughout, he was following me.

“Quit following me, okay?” I yelled at him and continued with my fast steps.

“You’re so annoying Damien.!”

Unconsciously, my feet already brought me to the rugged pathway going to the lagoon.

I stopped for a while when I realized where I was heading.

I was not going there with him following me!

No, no!

That place was just too special that I couldn’t allow to be there with the most hateful man in the world.

Just when he was about to catch up with me, I resumed walking, this time, almost running with my slippers on because I was afraid of what he was capable of doing if he would indeed catch me.

Suddenly, due to my excessive desire to run as fast as I could, my left foot accidentally tripped on a stone and I lost my balance.

My right knee was the first thing pulled by the gravitational magnet, hence, hurting it and even bruising it with a cut when it reached the ground.

Blood immediately flowed out from it and I gasped in both surprise and hurt.

Why had I worn a sundress again today?

I should have worn something like pants so my knee wouldn’t get hurt like this!

What was the matter with me always wearing dresses while this irritating man was around the place?

I was attempting to stand up when Damien caught my arms.

He pulled me up but I couldn’t stand.

“Ouch!” My knee hurt. I didn’t want to move it or else it would just smear the blood.

I sat there on a rock on the ground.

Damien bent down his knees to examine my knee.

“Oh, my God, there is blood!” he exclaimed.

“Don’t touch me!” I yelled at him, wanting him to stay away from me.

“Don’t be stubborn, okay?” he demanded.

“Does it hurt so much?” he asked, holding my chin.

Who told him to touch me there?

I rattled at his touch so I struggled.

“How dare you touch me!”

He cast me an accusing stare.

“You’re still a brat, do you know that? I told you to wait for me but you still ran away. Look what has just happened.”

“Stop. Stop pretending that you care about me.” I said, firmly pushing his hand away.

Much to my surprise, Damien placed his right arm under my knees, his left arm at my back and with a full swing, he carried my body up speedily like… like he was some kind of a superhero!


A superhero?

Oh, what are you thinking, Daniella?

“Put me down!”

Not minding my violent complaint, he carried me in his arms and headed off to the way going back to the house.

“I said put me down!”

He looked at me and said in a husky voice,

“Say something again and I will kiss you!”

Of course, I shut the hell up.

As much as I wanted to shout all negative words to him, I just shut my mouth up!

Would you still say something if he’d kiss you?

Oh, geez! I’d rather d!e…


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