Diary of the Watterson � Episode 56

Loveswept Yo You


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel





“Like I don’t really know who k�lled that Chloe girl?” Monica muttered with a pout on her face.

“Me too, they say it was an accident but I don’t believe it” Jackson said.

“Yeah, me too” Monica said, wiggling her toes which were buried in the sand.

“Thanks for inviting me over here… After a long stressful day at work, it’s relaxing to be here” Monica said.

“Anytime” Jackson smiled..

“Never knew that modeling will be this hard…” Monica said.

Jackson chuckled.

“You’re still an apprentice. What will happen when you really become a model” Jackson said.

Monica just shrugged. What followed was silence as they watched the sunset together.

“I feel like swimming, come let’s go…” Jackson said standing up.

“With our school uniform on?” Monica asked.

“You’re silly…” Jackson smirked and began stripping himself.

“What are you doing?” Monica turned away, her cheeks hitting up.

“You’re shy now? Remember when we kids, we used to bath together” Jackson said.

“That was back then Jack…” Monica said.

Jackson chuckled and dived in the water in his boxers. Monica finally looked front and smiled as she watched him swim.

Jackson smiled back at her and gestured her to come closer. Monica stood and walked to him but didn’t enter the water.

“Since you don’t wanna join me….” Jackson smirked and splashed water on her.

“Ahh!! Jackson!!” Monica frowned.

He kept splashing water on her till she was completely drenched. Monica also began throwing water at him.

Laughters and giggles were heard as they both both played in water. Jackson grabbed Monica’s hand and pulled her to him.

A gasp escaped her lips as she landed on Jackson chest. Her heart raced crazily as they stared at each other.

Jackson raised his hands to her face and tucked her wet hair behind her ear.

“For 4 years Monica… 3 years I’ve been feeling this way for you, sometimes I wonder if-”

Monica stood on her toe and pressed her lips on his for a brief while. She looked awar afterwards, blushing shyly…

“Monica…” Jackson breathed out, feeling speechless.

“I feel the same way Jack… I love you too” Monica said and bit her lips.

Jackson smiled and turned her face to him. He gently raised her chin up and then kissed her gently. Monica closed her eyes, kissing him back too..

A drop of tear fell from Skye’s eyes. He has been here all this while, watching them. He immediately sped off the area.

Skye drove crazily back home, his gaze was misty due to the tears in his eyes but luckily he got back home.

He got down his car and rushed in his own apartment but stopped when he saw Ursula sitting in his living room.

She immediately stood when she saw him.

“Uhm Skye! Sorry for intruding… I actually saw the key under the carpet in front of your porch and…” She paused when she saw tears in his eyes.

“What’s happening? Why are you in tears?” Ursula asked, coming to him. She touched his cheek.

Skye just stared at her in tears. Without thinking he roughly grabbed her hand which was on his cheek, slamming her back on the wall nearby. He immediately captured her lips…

Ursula’s eyes widened in shock but she immediately closed them, kissing him back. Skye’s hand roamed all over hee body and she couldn’t help but release soft moans.

He lifted her up by her hips and went upstairs, still kissing.

? ? ? ? ?

Morning, Donovan’s mansion**

Scarlett smiled when she finished adding the last ingredient to her cooking. She was putting on a huge red shirt, obviously Raymond’s.

Well she woke up early and decided to man breakfast for Raymond.

She was still cooking when she felt arms round her tummy. Scarlett smiled, knowing who it was.

“Good morning wifey…” Raymond kissed her neck.

“Wifey? We’re no longer married” Scarlett chuckled.

Raymond turned her to face him.

“That doesn’t change the fact that you’ll still be the mother of my kids.” Raymond said and Scarlett blushed.

“Blush Queen” Raymond smiled.

Scarlett smiled too and hugged him tightly..

“I love you”

“Same pinch here my love…” Raymond hugged her back.

He broke the hug and checked her out..

“I can see you’re back on your feet” Raymond smirked.


“Cool” Raymond muttered and lifted her up.

“Let’s continue some unfinished business.” Raymond whispered.

“But… But.. I’m cooking” Scarlett said.

Raymond turned off the gas cooker with one hand.

“Not anymore” Raymond said.

“Won’t you eat?” Scarlett asked.

“Sometimes you need to eat before you eat” Raymond said and claimed her lips.

Scarlett chuckled and dipped her hands in his hair.

And like that Raymond left with her, heading to their room.

? ? ? ? ?

Ingrid’s Hospital**

Nathan was busy pressing his phone while entering the hospital. As usual the nurses couldn’t help but drool over him but he didn’t even pay attention.

He went straight to his mother’s ward and strangely he was hearing noise coming from the ward as he approached.

He hastened his footstep and opened the door. To his surprise, he met his mother awake discussing with… Stephanie.

“Babe?” Nathan said, looking surprised.

“Oh son, you’re here…” Priscilla smiled and gestured for Nathan to come closer.

“When did you wake up?” Nathan asked, com in closer.

“Not too long ago. I met this pretty lady here, watching over me. She said she’s your girlfriend, is that true?” Priscilla asked and Nathan nodded.

“Oh my!! How did you do it? How come you’re having this beauty as a girlfriend. Are you sure you didn’t threaten her?” Priscilla asked.

“Mom…” Nathan drawled her name.

Stephanie laughed lightly.

“I already feed your mom and also I already settled the hospital bills” Stephanie said.

“Babe you-”

“Shh!, no whining. I did it already…” Stephanie said.

“You’re stubborn.. Thanks” Nathan smiled.

“I love you” Stephanie said.

Nathan and Stephanie began staring at each other affectionately. Priscilla who was sitting on the bed looking at them cleared her throat loudly.

Stephanie and Nathan immediately turned their attention to her

? ? ? ? ?

Skye’s Apartment**

Skye slowly opened his eyes and squinted them. He sat up on the bed, feeling weird.

Sadness and pain was he through him as he remembered that kissing scene between Jackson and Monica.

“Why him?” He wondered.

He looked to his side and was shocked to the bones when he saw Ursula staring at him while smiling. She was stark naked..

Regret washed through him like a wave she he remembered what happened last night.

“Don’t tell me I did it… F*ck!!” Skye shouted inwardly..


“How are you feeling Skye?” Ursula cupped his cheek.

Skye slowly removed her hand from his face..

“Ursula, I’m sorry.. About last night-”

“Yeah I know, it was magical.. Was actually my first time” Ursula giggled and blushed.

Skye felt himself drowning in regrets…

“Ursula,,, I didnt mean to do it… I’m sorry, I was out of my senses” Skye slowly said.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Ursula asked.

Skye just looked away. He stood up and picked his shirt to wear.

“What do you mean?” Ursula asked carefully.

“You were out of your senses? You don’t like me?” Ursula stuttered, already trembling.

Skye looked at her and then looked away in guilt. Tears slowly filled Ursula’s eyes as she stared at him.

“Why? Don’t you see Monica doesn’t like you? Why can’t you just give me a chance” Ursula said, tears escaping her eyes.

“I’m sorry…” Was all Skye said.

“I h�te you!!” Ursula said.

She stood up with the sheet wrapped on her body before picking her clothes, rushing out of the room.

Skye just laid back on the bed and ran his hands through his hair.

“I can’t take this anymore” He muttered and stood up from his bed, heading outside.

? ? ? ? ?


“Like I promised…” Ash said and handed a box to Sophia.

“Wow!, thanks!!” Sophia collected it and quickly opened it.

“Awwn…” She gushed when she brought out a huge white teddy bear.

“There’s more…” Ash said.

Sophia looked at him before dipping her hands in box. She brought out a smaller box which she opened.

“A necklace?” Sophia said, and blushed at what she saw. The necklace was in the form of a heart and on it was written ‘ASPHIA’

“ASPHIA? That’s a combination of our name? What does it mean?” Sophia asked, expecting to hear something from him.

“Well it means I’ll always be there for you… Just like you are there for me?” Ash smiled.

“Oh..” Sophia muttered, feeling slightly disappointed.

Ash noticed her change of mood. He suddenly pecked her cheek

“Why the face?” He asked.

“Nothing.. I love the gifts, thank you” Sophia smiled.

Ash smiled back too. He opened his mouth to speak but his phone suddenly began ringing. He had a surprised looked on his face when he saw who it was…

“Her?” He thought and carefully picked..

“Ursula?” Ash said. Sophia’s heart skipped a beat..

All what Ash heard was cries and sobs, he began to worry.

“Ash… Can you come to our hideout? I badly want to speak to someone and Monica isn’t picking” Ursula said admist tears.

“What’s happening? Why are you crying?” Ash asked.

“Just come…please?” Was all she said before hanging up.

Ash kept his phone with a confused look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Sophia asked.

“It’s Ursula, I think she’s not okay. Need to go check up on her” Ash said and stood.

“But what of our date?” Sophia said, standing too.

“I’m sorry, that will be another time” Ash said and made to leave but Sophia hugged him from behind.

“Please stay with me…” Sophia said.

Ash slowly removed her hand from his tummy and turned to her.

“I’m sorry” He said and left.

Sophia slowly sat back down on the bench, looking sad..



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